Canon Pixma Vs. Hp Envy Comparison

by Karen Jones

The Canon Pixma Vs. Hp Envy debate is a never-ending one. Canon and HP are both great brands, but they each have their own upsides and downsides. However, it can be hard to determine which printer will work best for your needs. Whether you’re looking to print photos or documents on high-quality paper, this article has the information you need!

In the printer world, Canon and HP are two of the most renowned names. They are the brands that users can rely on upon without a single essence of doubt. Their design and efficiency meet the new generation’s tastes and demands, respectively. Gone are the days when someone had to wait for several minutes to get one page printed. Additionally, not everyone could afford to have printers in their home for their massive price.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Canon and HP have brought affordability with efficiency in their new-gen smart printers. You get to enjoy other extraordinary features besides printing with them. Plus, the smart and compact design will amp up your workspace like never before.

Here for a quick face-off, we will compare two unique models of both brands- Canon Pixma vs. HP Envy. You must read till the end to know which one to choose between both.

Canon Pixma Vs. HP Envy

Canon Vs Hp Printer
Canon Vs Hp Printer

From the families of Canon and HP, Canon Pixma and HP Envy are the popular family members amongst both working professionals and students for their incredible printing speed that saves a lot of time, and other useful features, such as scanning, copying, faxing that saves the cost of buying other devices of the high cost.

Also, their print quality is commendable. You will end up getting sharp, crisp, and effortless prints in no time. Both the models come as inkjet and laser printer types with wireless compatibility. That is why they are called ‘smart printers,’ which means you can control them from your mobile/ tab/ desktop devices.

As far as their physical build is concerned, they are not those bulky, huge printers that consume half of your working space. Canon and HP thought about users’ convenience and made such compact and lightweight printers. Hence, you can easily transfer them from your home to a college dorm/ office, vice-versa. The wireless cloud makes the printer hassle-free to use without requiring a bunch of wires to carry.

In some PIXMA and Envy models, there are convenient USB ports from where you can connect the printer with your device to directly print/ scan/ copy from there. The printers are equipped with an LCD to command the device and access its menu for convenient usage. Some consist of touchscreen displays, whereas others push buttons with a display.

You can undoubtedly induce affordable home printing solutions through the Canon PIXMA or HP Envy. They work effectively and quietly with the least effort. One printer will last you for years without any technical issues.

Canon Pixma vs. hp envy: A quick comparison

Canon PIXMA HP Envy
Print Speed (Color) 10 PPM 9 PPM
Functions Print, scan, copy, fax (not all models of the series) Print, scan, copy fax
Max. input capacity 300 sheets 150 sheets
Wi-fi/ Blue-tooth connectivity Yes Yes
Auto dual-side print Not every PIXMA model Yes
Mobile printing Yes Yes
Paper input type Cassette/ Paper tray Paper tray

Canon Pixma Vs. HP Envy: The Breakdown

Hp Vs Canon
Hp Vs Canon

Let us break down their features to have a direct show-off between the Canon Pixma vs. HP Envy.


Canon PIXMA printers are expensive compared to HP Envy printers, mainly because of their ink. Canon inks are made with top-notch quality to print amazing graphics, photos on every kind of paper, which HP lags. Even though HP ENVY printer models cost less upfront, in the long run, they tend to require more ink to produce nearly equal prints as the PIXMA.

Here, the Canon PIXMA wins if the upfront cost does not matter to you in long-term costs.


For text printing, the PIXMA inkjet printers can produce up to 10 pages of color prints every minute, whereas the ENVY inkjet produces an average of 9 ppm. On the other hand, PIXMA can print up to 2.4 pages per minute for graphics print, and ENVY prints 2.1 pages every minute. It was an average calculation of the models. Nonetheless, PIXMA wins here again.


For text printing, laser printers are always preferable over inkjet printers. Because they obtain sharp prints of even the smallest of fonts, here, the Canon PIXMA laser printers perform excellently with an output of an average of 21 ppm monochrome prints. HP printers also produce sharp texts with laser-jet printers but with lesser output.

When it comes to graphic prints, no doubt that HP Envy performs well than Canon PIXMA; both PIXMA and ENVY can print sharp and bold PDF texts, so here is a draw.

If you want to print on glossy photo paper, then choose PIXMA over Envy because PIXMA’s prints on glossy papers are way more natural-looking and turn out borderless in contrast to Envy. Canon PIXMA inkjet printers have a higher resolution that makes colored prints turn out to look extraordinary.

Multi-tasking Efficacy

Both PIXMA and Envy are pros at multitasking. Apart from printing, you can scan, copy and fax (with some models) on these printers. As far as efficiency is concerned, Canon PIXMA can print, scan and copy a single plain page in 13.5 seconds, coloring pages in 23.3 seconds, Monochrome PDF 8.9 seconds, and Colored UHD scanning 42.2 seconds.

ENVY requires a single plain page print of 24.2 seconds, colored pages 25.3 seconds, Monochrome PDF 9.3 seconds, Colored UHD scan 1 minute 30 seconds. Therefore, in multitasking efficiency, too, Canon PIXMA wins.

Ink Cost-saving

HP printers have a low upfront cost, but they consume a lot of ink for a single paper compared to Canon Printers. Canon PIXMA’s high-yield cartridge costs 6 cents, standard cartridge 8.3 cents, colored high-yield cartridge 10.9 cents, and colored standard cartridge 21.1 cents.

Whereas, for HP Envy, high-yield cartridges cost 7.2 cents, standard 9.2 cents, colored high-yield cartridges cost 18.5 cents and colored standard cartridges 23.3 cents.

Even though the prices may vary in different stores, both online and offline, Canon PIXMA can help you save ink costs in long-term printer use. Canon also provides monthly ink subscription plans, where you can save more costs by getting discounts.    

Wireless Compatibility

Both have wireless cloud connectivity systems for commanding the printer from anywhere. Most of the PIXMA and ENVY models are compatible with IOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. From the wi-fi/ Bluetooth compatibility in the printers, you can connect it with your device and operate the printer from anywhere. HP has its smart APP, which makes wireless connectivity even more convenient. The APP is effortless to use and easily understandable.

You can directly print, scan, copy your documents from your device without requiring wires. Even if there is a power cut, you can continue as there is no electricity involved.

Here, I make HP Envy the winner for their smart APP.

Both can work on plain papers efficiently, but Canon PIXMA can work smoothly on glossy photo papers compared to warm HP envy. PIXMA’s color pay-off on gloss papers, letters, envelopes is better than HP envy.

Ease of Use

The ease of use of a printer differs from model to model. For manual use, HP printers are best because they have LCD monitors for manual command and monitoring. LCDs come both as push buttons and touchscreen displays.

Also, HP has its own smart app for easy wireless commanding; they have voice-over control with Alexa, which lets you command the printer, make a schedule, etc. However, Canon PIXMA does not have its app, and all of the models are not Alexa compatible. For beginners, canon PIXMA can be hard to start with. Therefore, HP Envy is easier to use.

Paper Handling

The last feature we have to compare is their paper handling efficiency. A printer’s way of paper handling can save you lots of time and energy. You can just let the printer do its job and get on with your other work instead of standing in front of it the entire time.

Canon PIXMA models can handle papers better in smoothness, efficiency, and consistency, starting from moving the papers towards the loading tray to getting the final prints. Canon’s paper holding tray also has a much larger capacity than HP envy which prevents frequent refills. Hence, Canon Pixma handles papers well with no jams and fewer refills.

However, for auto dual side printing, HP Envy is considered better than Canon Pixma.

It was all about the evergreen Canon PIXMA and HP Envy printers. Now to find out which one would suit whom the best, keep reading further.

Canon Pixma vs. HP envy (Pros & Cons)

Canon Pixma vs. HP envy (Pros & Cons)
Canon Pixma vs. HP envy (Pros & Cons)

On a brief note, let us see the exact advantages and disadvantages of both types of printers. Since both are from different manufacturers, it is acceptable to have different pros and cons. Each of them serves their own purpose, so they are equipped with individual positives and negatives.



  • Provides photo-quality printing on any paper, prints graphics well
  • Printing speed is relatively high, especially monochrome prints.
  • PIXMA laser printers can produce sharp and sleek texts on papers
  • Works well with gloss photo papers
  • Saves cost on long-tern ink cartridge purchase, also provides ink plan subscriptions to avail discounts on ink.
  • Provides Bluetooth, wi-fi wireless connectivity to print directly from any device
  • Can provide other services like scanning and copying. And, these efficiencies are high, too, along with printing.


  • Has high upfront cost
  • They do not include a user warranty for repair

HP Envy

Let’s see the pros cons of HP Envy printers.


  • Provides sharp and crisp texts with laser printers
  • Printing speed is decent
  • Has auto-dual side printing that helps to save paper cost and time
  • Easy to connect with HP smart app
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Easy to use with Alexa voice-over control and LCD screens
  • Has multi-tasking ability such as scan, copy, and mobile faxing.


  • Cannot print graphic and image effectively

Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

HP and Canon are both excellent printers in terms of multi-tasking, efficiency, and consistent wireless use. So, no doubt their Envy and PIXMA series would disappoint you anyway. If you consider all the aspects at once, then Canon PIXMA stands out on most features compared to HP Envy. But that does not mean the printer is not worth buying.

So, if you are looking for a professional printer whose primary concerns are higher efficiency, borderless and detailed printings, effective printing on glossy papers, in that case, you can choose the CANON PIXMA series. It will also help you save some ink costs in the long run as your ink consumption would be more due to professional reasons.

On the other hand, for students or office-working professionals who want to avail themselves of cost-friendly and ease-of-use on their printer, then HP Envy will always save your day. Even with a lower printing speed than PIXMA, this printer will still provide worthy text prints.


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