Best Printer Stand Reviews : Top 5 Picks for 2021

by Anthony Clark

One of the most annoying office experiences is finding what you need when you need it. For instance, when owning a printer, you are bound to have reams of paper, wires, spare ink cartridges, and other items lying about. In such a case, having the best printer stand is vital to keeping your office space clutter-free. Here is further insight into the top printer stands available in the current market. 

It gets even more frustrating when you’re running late simply because of a little disorganization. The organization is more than just clearing up a mess. It is a pragmatic force that has a direct impact on your work output. 

As much as you would like to sort out the office clutter, you may lack the appropriate tools to do so. 

Our Favorite 5 Best Printer Stand

5 Best Printer Stands Reviews- 2021

1. HUANUO Under Desk Printer Stand

Printer Stand - Under Desk Printer Stand With Cable Management & Storage Drawers, Height Adjustable Printer Desk With 4 Wheels & Lock Mechanism For Mini 3D Printer By HUANUO
Printer Stand - Under Desk Printer Stand With Cable Management & Storage Drawers, Height Adjustable Printer Desk With 4 Wheels & Lock Mechanism For Mini 3D Printer By HUANUO

The under desk printer stand by HUANUO redefines convenience. It not only saves you ample office space by snugly fitting under your desk but also comes with a few nifty compartments. This glossy black printer cart measures 17.1 by 13.2 by 13.2 inches which are quite sizable when it comes to printer stands. It has a cable management holder that ensures your wires do not get entangled or jumbled up. In addition, it comes with a storage drawer that is just right for keeping your papers, extra toner, and other supplies tidy and out of sight. 


Surprisingly Sturdy: Despite being plastic, the printer stand has a loading capacity of 38.5 pounds for each tier. You thus have the option of placing a printer cart on the upper tier. This leaves you with tons of space on the lower layer for other office supplies. 

Detailed Product Measurements: The size of the printer cart panel stands at 17.2” by 13.2”, which can ideally fit most printers. In addition, its initial height of 7.5” can be easily increased to 14.1 by adding enclosed extensions. This allows you to adjust the height as you deem fit. 

Extra Easy to Assemble: This neat printer stand is straightforward to assemble and takes you a mere 5 minutes to put together. In addition, you do not need to outsource any extra tools for assembly as every required component is present. This allows you to concentrate more effort on getting your work done. 


  • It is easy to move using its wheels that swivel independently.
  • It is lightweight yet sturdy in nature.
  • It is easy to assemble.  


  • It has fewer storage shelves.


2. HUANUO Desktop Printer Stand with Anti-Skid Pads

Desktop Stand For Printer - Desktop Shelf With Anti - Skid Pads For Space Organizer As Storage Shelf, Book Shelf, Double Tier Tray With Hardware & Steel For Mini 3D Printer By HUANUO (Wood)
Desktop Stand For Printer - Desktop Shelf With Anti - Skid Pads For Space Organizer As Storage Shelf, Book Shelf, Double Tier Tray With Hardware & Steel For Mini 3D Printer By HUANUO (Wood)

The desktop printer stands with anti-skid pads and is a blend between convenience and quality. In addition, it uniquely offers multifunctionality by being built with a double-tier design. Therefore, it can serve as a bookshelf, printer stand, plant pot tray, and storage shelf, depending on what you find appealing. It is thus great for both the office and home setting in addition to its tidy and modern appearance. 


Very Durable: Huanuo went out of their way on this one by making a steel desktop printer stand with excellent durability. It can hold up to 44 pounds without having to sag under the force of this maximum weight. In addition, it has anti-skid pads that ensure your stored appliances are free from damage by improving stability. Finally, its 25.4mm thickened wood board and sturdy steel frame adds extra robustness to its shelf.  

Frees Up Ample Space: This top-notch two-tier design printer cart enables you to store your supplies in the middle compartment. This frees up the top space for your desktop or printer. This contributes a lot towards freeing office space and creating an enabling working environment.  

Exquisite and Modern Look: The storage stand has a unique z-shaped design along with neat edge banding. This gives the double-tier stand a more elegant façade that is ideal for the modern era office space. It can also add an exquisite touch to your study room, bedroom, and home office. 


  • It adds a modern touch to any office space.
  • It is very sturdy and thus expected to last longer. 


  • It is not straightforward to assemble.


3. The FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand

FITUEYES Wood Printer Stands With Drawer, Workspace Desk Organizers For Home & Office, Black, DO304002WB
FITUEYES Wood Printer Stands With Drawer, Workspace Desk Organizers For Home & Office, Black, DO304002WB

The FITUEYES Wood printer is a surprisingly strong and stable counter organizer. If your desk has enough space, you have the option of placing it on your work desk then proceed to set your scanner or printer on top of it. It is thus the ideal printer stand for anyone seeking to use their desk space optimally. In addition, it is built with three storage shelves that can host your printing tools within comfortable reach.

Moreover, what it lacks in wheels, it makes up for with rubber feet. These provide amazing on-desk stability as well as protecting your desktop from damage. 


Multifunctionality: Its three storage spaces are divided into one drawer along with two open storage slots. This enables the user to meet the requirements of classified storage. 

Stable and Durable: Despite being wooden, Fitueyes strived to ensure they brought a robust printer stand to the market. It is thus a strong structure and has a weight capacity that allows you to place a standard printer on top and use a stackable. 

Straightforward to Assemble: The printer stand arrives with all the accessories included and is quite simple to put together. The finished product usually stands at 15.7” by 11.8” by 8.7”. Moreover, each layer from top to bottom can hold 33 then 11 pounds respectively.


  • It is an awesome desk organizer.
  • It is ideal for home, school, and office use.
  • It has rubber feet for better stability and protection to the desk surface.


  • It is not ideal for mobility.


4. The Mind Reader Printer Cart

Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer Cart, Stand With Wheels, Drawer, Cord Management, Black
Mind Reader 3-Shelf Printer Cart, Stand With Wheels, Drawer, Cord Management, Black

If you are a minimalist looking to keep your office simple and functional, the mind reader printer cart is ideal for you. Standing at 24.8” by 17.4” by 13.4” inches, the printer stand comes in black and weighs approximately 9.25 pounds. It has a 3 tier setup that allows you to optimize storage and neatness with its multi-level cart.

In addition, despite being plastic in nature, it can hold up to 75 pounds. This is quite a decent load as it means apart from the printer, you can add reams upon reams of printing paper without fearing it might give way.


Adjustable Height: This top-tier printer cart is height adjustable, unlike other conventional rolling carts. You can go from a three-level to a two-layered cart in a few simple motions. With this, you can thus opt to place it near your desk or under it, depending on the available office space.

Multifunctionality: The printer stand can serve as a printer caddy or stand, projector cart, and AV cart. Its potential is limitless depending on the type of office equipment you have present.

Excellent Mobility: With its independently swiveling wheels, this top-quality printer stand is ready on the go. It thus keeps your printer or any other office supply on it accessible wherever you need it.


  • Its wheels provide amazing mobility.
  • It can serve a multitude of purposes.
  • It frees up ample storage space.


  • Its extra mobility makes it less stable.


5. The Fitueyes Storage Wood Printer Stand

FITUEYES Wood Printer Stands With Storage Desktop Workspace Organizers, White, FDO304005WW
FITUEYES Wood Printer Stands With Storage Desktop Workspace Organizers, White, FDO304005WW

Our second product by Fitueyes is a top-of-the-range printer stand made out of a mixture of medium-density fiberboard, plastic, and wood. The three-tier printer stand comes in ethereal pearly white and stands at 15.7” by 11.8” by 8.7” inches. It thus offers the right height and size to host a multitude of office supplies along with the printer sitting up top.


Amazing Durability: Fitueyes outdid themselves by picking a sturdy yet light-medium density fiberboard to make the desktop cart. It thus offers the right amount of resistance to hold up a printer or monitor on its top shelf.

Multifunctionality: You can tick off saving office space and keeping everything tidy once you own this office furniture. It offers enough space to store your files, documents, magazines, books, and letters, thereby avoiding clutter.

Safety: The printer stand has several protective features that ensure items stored are kept safe. A few of them include having a frosted surface, a plastic cover, and slip-proof stands that also protect the desktop surface from wear and scratching.


  • It is easy to assemble and maintain.
  • It lasts longer since it is made out of durable material.


  • It is tasking to clean.


Buying Guide of Best Printer Stand

Buying Guide of Best Printer Stand
Buying Guide of Best Printer Stand

Storage Space

Storage space comes in handy when you have extra things to store in your office. It could be extra papers, ink supplies, or even files that can be conveniently stored next to your printer. If you are looking for this extra space, then go for the classic type of printer stand. It has an upper surface for the printer and two shelves on the bottom for the mentioned items.

Another option is going for a stand with drawers for added security. You can securely lock this version of the printer stand if you want to keep some items hidden. Therefore, a printer stand that offers extra space is more functional and more versatile to work with than a boring no extra space stand.

Cable Management and Connectivity

Your printer will obviously need to be connected to a power outlet. Even though most printers are now being designed to be wireless, some models need a cable connection to the PC. Therefore, when looking for a printer stand, check out if it has a hole design feature. This is where cables can be passed in and out without causing an unsightly mess. Further, is a lowered risk of someone tripping over unorganized cables on the ground. This feature will thus conveniently hide your cables like magic.  

Type of Room Configuration

Consider the space in which you intend to place the printer stand. It sucks when you discover the new piece of furniture bought cannot fit in it also if the printer stand is preventing you from easily accessing certain points in your office or home. Thus, include at least ½ an inch of space on each side as the margin error. This will at least provide some freedom for a comfy fit.

Open Vs. Closed Printer Stand

An open printer stand allows easy access to your printer. This is great for users who tend to operate it at least once every two days. However, it offers no protection for your printer against the elements or unrestricted access. These features you get only from a closed-door printer stand. It will reduce the cost of maintenance that would have resulted from elemental damage were it not protected. It will also prevent spillage and dust from harming your printer, thus prolonging its life.

How to Make a Printer Stand?

A bulky printer just sitting around doesn’t sound like the ideal situation. Your options are to either purchase a printer stand or make one by yourself. However, if you are on a tight budget, making one is the better option. It is more fun if you are a DIY kind of person. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Build The Form

On the plywood, drill 3/4″ pocket holes on the undersurface of the bottom board. Then join the two sides with 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws. This forms the basic structure of the printer stands.

  • Install The Drawer Slides

Align the drawer slides with the front edge of the cleat drawer. Uses the screws included in the purchase package. Then attach the drawer member slide to the drawer. Make sure to measure the opening first for precision and a snug fit. This achieves a square drawer.

  • Drawer Installation

Next, attach the drawer face to glue and some brad nails. Then, install the drawer knob. The nail used on the knob should be long enough to reach both sides for increased stability.

  • Attach The Bun Feet

Your printer stand must have feet. Thus using tee nuts and a wood bun, you can fix them at the bottom of the printer table. First, drill a pilot hole into the top of each foot. Then thread hanger bolts into the pre-drilled bun feet holes. Next, do the same for the bottom of the printer tables while yapping the tee nuts using a hammer. Lastly, screw the feet into the tee nuts, and voila, your printer stand has feet.

  • Paint

This you can do to match your surrounding furniture. Just remember to let it air dry for a while to remove the paint smell and avoid a messy disaster on your carpet or linen.


The printer stands that you’ll finally be the best fit for your home. Base your choice on a certain list of criteria. Emphasize the printer size, design, surrounding furnishing, and storage space. It should, at the very least, compliment or match your home or office style. You don’t want something to stick out like a sore thumb and to get these awkward glances from your guests or friends on why you have the stand there.

Further, make a wise choice and go for the best that will serve you for a lifetime. Of course, it will have to be sturdy and well-built to survive the test of time and stress put on it by the printer.

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