How To Unpause Printer

by Karen Jones

Printers are a luxury device because of their high-quality printing, high-speed operation, a wide variety of models, and low cost. However, even if the printer is excellent, it will become inoperable after a certain amount of time. This is because your printer has entered the pause mode, which is the cause of this unexpected malfunction. The article is one How To Unpause Printer.

On another side, a printer pause option is open, which allows you to interrupt printing activities so that your printer can concentrate solely on scanning tasks. You can refresh the printer pause feature and resume printing until all of your scanning tasks are done, depending on your usage.

Before learning about why a printer might get paused and before troubleshooting this problem, let’s learn more about the functions of a printer.

What Are the Functions of a Printer?

What Are the Functions of a Printer?
What Are the Functions of a Printer?

A printer’s job is to convert electronic information into printed media. This may be in the form of text or graphics. For example, the dot-matrix printer was one of the first printers to be used in personal computers.

Impact and non-impact printers are the two styles of printers. Impact printers make an imprint on paper by striking it with ink. Printers that affect the paper one line at a time are known as dot-matrix printers.

Why is the Printer Getting Paused?

When you choose the ‘Print’ choice to print a particular document and then prepare it to print, you will see that nothing has occurred. This indicates that your printing job has failed, and you are unsure why. However, when you take a closer look at the printer, you’ll see that this isn’t just happening with one sheet, but it’s happening with all of them.

If the printer is in the pause phase, it may be for a variety of reasons. Either you configured it to the pause phase, or the print spooler, printer program, paper, or ink cartridge are malfunctioning.

What are the Reasons behind the Printer Pause malfunction?

Printer spooler issues, paper jamming, printer program issues, and so forth are the reasons for the printer to get paused all of a sudden.

What are the Basic Solutions to Fix a Printer Pause Malfunction?

Reinstalling or Uninstalling the Driver

This should be your first choice. The first step is to remove the USB printer driver from your device. Remove the archive and the AIO archive from the memory card now. The USB printer driver must now be reinstalled.

Clear the Queue

If you’re using Windows on a laptop, go to Start, then Configuration, and finally Printers. It would be best if you pressed your finger on the printer icon. Pick the choice to pause printing or function remotely now. You must print the text once more. You must now set up a parallel link. It would be best if you first switched off the printer before disconnecting it from your network. You must first connect your device and then use a separate cable. Activate the printer.

Another Solution

Another option is to search the settings to see whether the pause button is enabled or disabled. Next, the control panel for your HP printer must be placed on the front. Next, the pause button must be pressed and released. This move will ensure that your printer is no longer in pause mode. Finally, if you want to keep going, you must do the following:

  1. To do so, open the menu bar on your monitor and double-click the printing button.
  2. On your phone, documents will show.
  3. You could right-click on the screen with the listing of paused status.
  4. To get your printer to work again, press the power button.

You could even troubleshoot your Mac when you can’t print. Here are some of the steps that you should follow to do it.

Checking the Dialog Box

After an unsuccessful print attempt, click Command-P again to open the Print dialog box. In the Print dialog box, you’ll probably see a badge button, such as an exclamation mark, beside the printer’s name—a message describing the cause of the problem and how to repair it can also emerge.

When you print to several printers, one of the most popular scenarios happens. It’s possible that you didn’t get the one you wanted. The quick solution is to select your targeted printer from the Printer pop-up list in the Print dropdown menu.

Resume a stopped printer: Another typical scenario is that the printer has been stopped previously. If this is the case, you will get an error message. By pressing the Resume button, you should be able to resume your work. If it doesn’t work, look into the Print Queue to find out even more.

Checking the Queue of the Printer

If a print job fails, the printer’s Print Queue button should stay in the Dock, with a warning badge. To learn more, open the Queue’s window by clicking the button. Is there nothing in the Dock that you’re looking for? Select “System Preferences” from the Apple menu. Pick your printer from the list by clicking “Print & Scan” and then press “Open Print Queue.”

Resume a stopped printer: If a print attempt fails, such as a paper tray, your waiting time can immediately delay. If you remember you’re printing the wrong text or are about to run out of documents, you should press the pause button yourself. It’s quick to forget about a halted printer till the next moment you need to print.

Remove old print jobs from the list: If it doesn’t work, search for old print jobs trapped in the queue. If a work isn’t printable (for example, since the paper is no longer available), you need to remove it from the backlog before printing anything else. Click the X beside the progress bar just below the document’s title to do so.

Check the Printer to Look for Errors

If your efforts to address the issue on your Mac are unsuccessful, it’s time to investigate the printer. First, search for document: Ensure no document jam in the printer’s auto-feed or manual-feed container (whichever you chose).

Check to see if the printer is turned on and linked. Verify that the printer is receiving power and that all of the required cables or wireless links are working in order.

Switch the printer off and on. Next, switch the printer off and on properly. After shutting off the printer, disconnect it from the wall socket. Then retrace your steps. This is particularly sure to benefit if the warning message in the Print Queue relates to a “connection” problem.

Check the ink cartridges. Certain inkjet printer models are infamous for refusing to print if either printer’s various cartridges were out of (or even short on) ink. Even if you’re printing text that only requires black ink, the printer can refuse to print if all colored inks are low. If that’s the case, it’s time to get some more refills.

Update the Printer Program

Make sure the printer program is up to date.

Nowadays, printer functionality is usually updated by OS X’s Software Update. Select Software Update from the Apple menu. If an upgrade for your printer’s brand is available, download it and install it. If not, there’s always a chance that an upgrade is available on the printer’s website. If that’s the case, go ahead and import and install it.

It’s improbable that the printer software is to blame unless your problems began right after you updated to a new version of OS X. After all, the same program was most likely running properly the day before. However, it’s worth a shot because upgrading the printing program could solve the issue if it’s been compromised.

Disable the Printer and Then Re-add It

Select Print & Scan from the Apple Menu > System Preferences. Pick your printer from the left-hand column. At the bottom of the column, select the minus-sign (-) icon. The printer would be removed from the print list as a result of this action.

Now press the plus-sign (+) key. There will be a menu. Hopefully, the recently removed printer would appear under the heading “Nearby Printers.” If this is the case, click it to restore it. If you don’t already have one, choose either the Printer or Scanner option. Hopefully, the printer will appear in the default listings once more. If so, press “Add” after selecting it from the list.

Have an IP address: Networked printers often require a little more effort. First, choose Add Printer or Scanner from the plus sign (+). Then, click IP at the top of the Add window when it appears. You will insert the device printer’s address now.

Final Words Before We Bid Farewell

Any delay in the process of scheduling paperwork, presentations, and other documents diverts the attention away from daily company activity, from brief delays in the middle of a print job to utter freezes that interrupt all production. Examine your production workflow to diagnose the problem, beginning with the paper queue in your printer management program and working your way out to triggers in your documents or the printing method itself. Hopefully, this article will help you to unpause any printer.


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