Best Aftermarket Toner Cartridges Reviews

Are you searching for the best and cheap remanufactured toner cartridges for your printer? Your printer running out at the time of need can be a frustrating experience. Choosing the best and high-quality toner is not easy. It ensures that you are delivering top quality work.

However, It can be one of the hard decisions you need to take to select the best toner that fits you. It is paramount to have the right toner and other accessories for your printer. This is essential for you because a high-quality remanufactured toner cartridge ensures your prints are excellent.

The decision to get the best toner is vital. It is possible to get the best-remanufactured toner cartridges. To make the work easy for you, we have reviewed the top 5 best-remanufactured toner cartridges in the market.

Our Favorite Toner Cartridges

Top 5 Best Featured Toner Cartridges

1. Remanufactured Canon 131 toner cartridges

Top Tech Toners Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Replacement Canon 131 use for Canon LBP-7110, MF8280 CMY- (3 Pack)

Canon 131 toner is one of the top-rated cartridges that are ideal for Canon imageCLASS LBP-7110cw and imageCLASS MF8280cw multifunction color printers.  This toner provides you with high-quality printing results for all laser devices and other devices also.

The work from the cartridge can be both for home-office use or professional presentation. When compared to others, the printing ink provides a high-yield before it exhausts. With three colors of 1 yellow, one cyan, and one magenta, you can get a page yield of up to 1500.

The colors from it are acceptable with most remanufactured cartridges. The font colors are clear and also easy to read, even if they are of small sizes. The good thing with this remanufactured toner cartridge is that it is compatible with a variety of printers. You only need to enter the model number to determine if it will match your toner cartridge.


  • Compatible with a range of printers
  • It is stable and persistent in ink releasing.
  • The colors can yield up to 1500 pages.
  • High and reliable performance
  • Prints high-quality prints


  • Requires occasional reinstall to maintain the high printing performance


2. Aztech Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement

Aztech Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement for HP 131A 131X HP Laserjet Pro 200 Color M251nw M251n MFP M276nw M276n CF210X CF211A CF212A CF213A (Black/Cyan/Yellow/Magenta, 4-Pack)

Aztech Compatible toner cartridge is a top device in 4 packs of Black, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan toner cartridges for HP LaserJet Pro 200 color. The toner cartridge provides a high-quality product and in a fantastic way.

It is designed in a way that ensures there is excellent compatibility with the printer. The toner is clean for it to deliver an exceptional print. The black color cartridge can yield up to 2400 pages with HP 131X and 1800 pages with other colors with HP 131A Toner Cartridge.

The background color ensures that you are getting the best quality documents that are ideal for office and professional work. With the super performance, the toner is ideal for documentation.

The good thing with this toner is that it is compatible with many printers like HP LaserJet Pro 200 color M25nw, HP LaserJet Pro 200 color MFP M276nw, Canon imageClass MF8280Cw, HP LaserJet Pro 200 color M251n M251 and many others.


  • Has high performance
  • It is easy to install
  • Has a high page yield
  • Compatible with many printers


  • It lacks a spring mechanism.


3. 7 Magic Compatible Toner Replacement

7Magic Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement for HP 131X CF210X 131A CF210A HP Laserjet Pro 200 Color MFP M276nw M251nw M251n M276n Printer CF211A CF212A CF213A (Black Cyan Yellow Magenta, 4-Pack)

Do you need a remanufactured toner that is compatible with HP 131A 131X Canon 131 131H 116 CF210A CF210X CF211A CF212A CF213A HP Laserjet Pro 200 Color M251nw M251n and that comes with four packs? If yes, worry not then, the solution is here for you.

7Magic compatible toner is a top-quality cartridge that features one black toner, one magenta, one cyan, one yellow cartridge, each compatible with 131A. It also features a user guide that helps you to use the cartridges with your printer safely.

The cartridge toner has a high page yield of 2400 pages with black and 1800 pages for cyan/yellow/magenta per every cartridge. As we have highlighted, the toner is compatible with various printers like Canon MF8280CW, among other printers.

Every toner has got high-quality outcomes that make your work look more professional. This is because every cartridge is made with innovative technologies that have been thoroughly tested evaluated to eliminate anything that may affect your work. The quality is unquestionable. 


  • Has a high-quality outcome
  • There is a high yield in every cartridge.
  • Compatible with many printers
  • Has quality printing performance
  • Has clean printing


  • Somehow costly


4. HaloFox Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement

HaloFox Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement for Canon 131 imageClass MF624Cw MF628Cw MF8230Cn MF8280Cw LBP7100Cn for HP 131A 131X (Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, 4-Pack)

If you are looking for a smarter replacement and a cheap one compatible with various printers, look no more. HaloFox comes with all the solutions you may need in your printing requirement without any strain. The toner features four packs of Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta.

The toner cartridge is compatible with Canon 131 imageClass MF624Cw MF628Cw MF8230Cn MF8280Cw LBP7100Cn for HP 131A 131X. It can yield up to 2400 pages with canon 131 black and 1800 pages per other color toner cartridge.

The device delivers top-quality professional prints that are clear and crisp printing that meets your needs. The color is accurate and sharp, making it reliable in printing all professional works. As opposed to other toners, the different color cartridge makes it easy to fulfill your needs.


  • Has multiple colors
  • Compatible with many printers
  • Have high-quality prints
  • High yield per color cartridge
  • It is durable


  • Expensive


5. Remanufactured Toner Cartridge Replacement

Remanufactured Toner Cartridge Replacement for HP 35A CB435A, LaserJet P1005, P1006, Black

Whenever you have your printing machine with the best cartridge, it becomes easy to maximize the document’s efficiency and processing meant. This toner cartridge is compatible with various printers like HP 35A CB435A, LaserJet P1005, P1006, etc.

The toner comes in a black color that can yield up to 1800 black pages of high-quality. It is designed in a way that ensures there is a perfect fit for your printer. The installation procedure is straightforward and hence can be done by anyone as it doesn’t require professional help.

The cartridge has a high-density of carbon powder that enables it to deliver quality prints. This powder is environmentally friendly. The toner is clean and reliable in printing high-quality prints for professional purposes.


  • Easy to install
  • Has a reliable and consistent printing
  • High yield
  • Compatible with various prints


  • Has a limited compatibility
  • It comes in only one color.


Buying guide

So, if you need a remanufactured toner cartridge, several options are available in the market. However, you do not go for whatever you get at the market. You need to scrutinize the features of each of them to come up with the best one. To help you, we have highlighted the top factors to consider;

The brand value

As we have mentioned, there are hundreds of producers of toner cartridges that await you to buy their products. However, before you go for any product, it is good to know more about the brand and its value.  Is the cartridge worth being used, and does it have quality outcomes?

A good brand is that gives explicit information about their cartridge. They will provide some manufacturing process on their product and advertisement to show you how safe their product it is. From here, you get a clear idea of the value of the brand you are about to buy.


Remanufactured cartridges have different compatibility. Most of the brands mention the printers that the toner is compatible with and the model it can support. So it is good to ensure that the toner cartridge you are about to buy is compatible with your printer.

The best way to know this is to read the description more, especially on the advertisement page. On this page, you will find the number of models that the cartridge can support. To be on the safe side, always choose those cartridges that support many printers. That will be the ideal model. 


The quality of your cartridge is essential. We all prefer to have a cartridge whose quality is top-class. So it is good to find a toner cartridge that provides a high-quality result that can stand out. The one that will make your work to be professional as opposed to your competitor.

To achieve this, you need to check on the manufacturer’s information to get the whole idea of the quality you are going to get from the product. The strict checking and testing before buying should retain the quality that is required.

The page yield

We all aim to get the maximum points from every toner cartridge. From this, it is essential to check the number of pages that the toner cartridge can yield. If you are working in an area that requires a lot of document printing, you need to go for a high yield.

The primary purpose of using a remanufactured toner cartridge is to cut the cost of printing. The more you print more pages, the better. Ensure that you have chosen the toner cartridge that has a higher output rate. This will help to offset the additional cost that you may incur if the quality is lower.


We are made different, and therefore we need a different type of printing. Some require black printed documents, while others require different colors. However, color printing is ideal more especially when you are dealing with pictures and graphics.

Before you decide on a given toner cartridge, understand the type of work you have. The type of printer you have also can determine the colors you will buy. However, cartridges that come in different color packs are ideal as compared to a single pack.  Always consider the one with many colors.


The ability to get top-class prints depends on the toner cartridges you choose on your printers. There are so many toner cartridges available in the market, and resorting to the best toner cartridge is one of the wisest decisions you can make.

However, determining which of the remanufactured toner cartridge is best is tricky. With so many options available, you need to equip yourself with the best features to look at the cartridge. With our reviews, we have helped you with what to check to have the best-remanufactured toner.

By reading our reviews am sure you will choose the best option that fits your work. The lists of our products have been tested and have proved to be of high-quality in printing various documents. We hope you get it helpful.  

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