Best Screen Printing inks Reviews

It is essential for any t-shirt printing business to source ink from reputable sellers of high-quality products. While you can find a few good suppliers, you would need to do your research to see the best screen printing ink that matches your needs. We have taken the guesswork from your search with this list of recommended screen printing inks.

Our review presents five inks from which you may select. Not only can you compare them, but you may also check out the characteristics that make them the right choice for your business.

In seeking the right screen printing ink, you would need to ask yourself a few questions.  These include:

    •  “What do I need the ink to do?”
    • “Do I want ink that is easy and safe to work with (being non-toxic, non-flammable?”
    • “Does it provide a durable finish – that will last for a long time?”
    • These and other questions are bound to be asked so, depending on the answers you will be in a better position to make the right choice.

Editor’s Picks : 5 Best Screen Printing inks

So, are you ready?

List of 5 Best screen printing inks Reviews

1. Speedball 8-Ounce Fabric Screen Printing Ink

Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Black
2,568 Reviews
Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Black

  • Ink is water-soluble in that it dissolves in water;
  • Use ink for printing on fabrics and paper;
  • It is the best ink for t-shirts;
  • Cleans off easily with water and soap;
  • Consists of black ink in an 8-ounce jar.

Your t-shirt printing business deserves high-quality ink that can be used on fabric as well as paper. The Speedball 8-Ounce Fabric Printing Ink is your solution for professional quality t-shirt transfers your family, friends, and clients will love. This ink is non-flammable which is safe to use. It is also not toxic. You can quickly clean this ink with water and soap so that your work area is not too messy.

You ink package consists of an 8-oz jar of black ink, which should be sufficient for your t-shirt printing projects. If you need to achieve more transparency with your ink, select a colorless extender.  You will undoubtedly enjoy the ink’s consistency which is suitable for screen printing on 100% cotton t-shirts. Although this ink is a little oily, it is not   runny. Expect this ink to be very easy to absorb on the t-shirt. You can also set the ink into your apparel using a hot iron.

2. Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set

Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set
622 Reviews
Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set

  • Perfect for screen printing or painting on a range of fabrics;
  • It is flexible enough for use on cardboard and paper;
  • Can be washed without losing color after the t-shirt is heat-set;
  • Not toxic. It is compliant with ASTM D-4237 standards;
  • Does not consist of solvents and does not carry an odor.

If you need ink that works very well on dark fabrics, this Speedball Fabric Printing Ink Starter Set is the one to choose. The kit also comes with six four-ounce jars of white, red, black, blue, yellow, and green screen-printing ink. They are quite luminous and are perfect for transfer on polyester, cotton blends, rayon, linen, and various synthetic fabrics.  It can also be used on cardboard or paper but not on nylon.

These flexible inks can be painted on with brushes as well as applied during screen printing. It is quite easy to clean up as it washes easily in water. Your final artwork when transferred and heat set can be safely washed without fading and losing color.  Not only is the Speedball Ink safe to use, but it also does not carry an offensive odor. You can rest assured that this ink is not toxic nor is it flammable. It is compliant with   ASTM D-4236 standards for screen printing inks.

3. 3M Speedball 4803 Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Inks

Speedball Opaque Iridescent Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Pearly White
826 Reviews
Speedball Opaque Iridescent Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 8-Ounce, Pearly White

  • Ink is soluble in water;
  • It is an opaque ink suitable for screen printing;
  • Ink is also phosphorescent which allows different light effects when seen from various angles;
  • Final transfers must be set with the iron, Maintains its color and consistency after numerous washes;
  • Cleans up easily (within the first five minutes)
  • Safe to use – not toxic or flammable.

Another Speedball ink you can rely on is the 3M Speedball 4803 Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink. This metallic ink will add luminance and brilliance to any t-shirt printing project you carry out. This metallic ink provides the kind of luminance that offers different effects when you view it from various angles. The pearl white is your solution for the perfect metallic white elements in your artwork. When dried, the final finish has the appearance of brushed metal.

Amazingly, the ink can be dissolved in water and is neither flammable nor toxic. It is OK to use this ink on t-shirts, tablecloths, and most fabrics. You can also use it on cardboard and paper. For best results on cloth, it is necessary to heat set the artwork, even with a household iron. The ink is also easy to wash off with water and soap. To prevent the ink mess from being permanent, it is important to clean with warm soapy water within the first five minutes.

4. Jacquard Professional Screenprinting Ink – 119 Super Opaque

Jacquard, 16 oz, Super Opaque White Professional Screen Printing Ink
59 Reviews
Jacquard, 16 oz, Super Opaque White Professional Screen Printing Ink

  • Ink is water soluble, and it washes off easily from hands;
  • It is easy to use and store;
  • This paint is suitable for various materials including fabrics, leather, vinyl, plastic and other materials;
  • When cured, the screen-printed artwork remains on the t-shirt without fading or cracking.


Whether you are new to screen printing or are a seasoned professional, you will love the results produced by the Jacquard brand of screen printing ink. These inks work well with water and are specially formulated for users to spend more time with their screens. The ink does not dry too quickly, so it is possible to mix various colors on the screen print. You will also achieve greater resolutions in your printed artwork without getting the screens clogged.  You can easily save the final artwork in any form of storage you like.

Furthermore, the screen-printed designs are permanent and will not fade or crack on most surfaces such as vinyl, paper, leather, plastic, fabric, and metal. Once your pattern is set in your t-shirt or other surfaces, you can wash and dry clean your fabrics (whether natural or synthetic). Expect consistency with your ink as it is applied opaque, dries opaque and when cured, it remains opaque. With this ink also, your work will not become cracked or faded. It is easy to clean up your work area after using this ink as it washes away in water and soap.

5. Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Starter Set

Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Starter Set
383 Reviews
Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing Ink Starter Set

  • Ink set comes with six jars of colors that are suitable for dark fabrics as well as cardboard and paper;
  • When effectively heat set, the design on the material does not fade when washed;
  • This ink is not toxic and flammable. It meets ASTM D-4239 standards;
  • Does not contain solvents and odors.

Producing fantastic t-shirt designs is more effective with the Speedball Opaque Screen Printing Ink Starter Set. These opaque inks come in a pack of six four-ounce jars of stunning colors namely -raspberry, silver, citrine, blue topaz, pearl white and pearl black.  Not only are these inks best for dark fabrics like linen, polyester, rayon, cotton, and synthetic materials, it is also usable on cardboard or paper. Note though that this ink cannot be used on nylon.

The Speedball Opaque Fabric Screen Printing ink set produces a glossy, glittery finish that is not a matte finish (like some other inks). You can paint with this ink using brushes as well as screen print with it. It is easy to wash this ink off with water so that you won’t leave a messy workspace.  Use this ink safely around the home with kids and pets – it is not toxic; it is not flammable.  Furthermore, this ink does not use solvents, and you won’t have to contend with any offensive odors.


Of the many options for screen printing ink on the market, it is gratifying to know that you can access information that will lead you to choose the best screen printing ink for your t-shirt business. Not only does this review save you time and money to make your selection, but you are also able to use the information to compare the ink options recommended based on specific criteria (such as color, size of the package, number of items in package, quality). You are saved the trouble and inconvenience of buying the wrong ink that is not compatible with your needs. So, read the review and other information carefully as you seek the best ink for screen printing your t-shirts.

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