10 Best Fabric Paint for Denim T-Shirts

The best fabric paint is that with which you can enjoy creating all the designs you want, on different types of surfaces and textures, but that is also durable and has the ability to withstand different temperatures and washes.

Currently there are various types of paintings on canvas , with which you can let your creativity fly and give a change of style to your favorite clothes, curtains, jackets, lamps, ceramics and more, especially if you are one of those who loves manual work or You want to start this creative world as a professional.

So if you have an old or old-fashioned garment, just applying a good portion of color will be ready to continue using it and expose your style when dressing or decorating.

Top Picks : 5 Best Fabric Paint

Different Types of Fabric Paint

Transparent fabric paint

Transparent cloth paints are good for subtle effects, you should use them in light garments, because dark fabrics such as navy blue or black will not be properly distinguished. This type of fabric paints tends to spread, mostly in fine fabrics, which makes these paintings perfect for some purposes, if you want a more linear print, look for a paint that is thicker than these.

Opaque fabric paint

Generally opaque fabric paints are white or metallic, but you can also find bulk fabric paints in standard colors. This painting stands out a lot on dark fabrics and looks very pretty. You can achieve a great effect by painting with a standard color and on this one a metallic one, try it, you will see how beautiful it is.


Another way to color the fabric is through dyes, the most common is aniline. Dyes are more difficult to use than the rest of the paints, but they also have many advantages. They stick to the fabric and last a long time there, because they resist more than the paintings and also withstand more intense conditions than these. Another distinction between dyes and paints is that paints tend to change the texture of the fabric, making it feel harder than normal.

Spray Fabric Paint

Spray paint is a good way to paint large areas of fabric or to make stencils. It is a very enduring paint, almost as much as dyes and, like these, does not change the texture of the fabric. Another advantage of spray fabric paint is that the paint is distributed evenly, which sometimes does not happen with the dye, or with transparent or opaque paints.

Now that you know the different types of fabric paint, all you have to do is choose which one you prefer and use it to paint your clothes, curtains or scarves.

10 Fabric Paint Reviews and opinions

1. 3D permanent fabric paint, set of 30 colors by Arteza

Arteza 3D Fabric Paint, Set of 30, Metallic & Glitter Colors, 1oz Tubes, Glow-in-The-Dark & Vibrant Shades, Textile Paint for Clothing, Accessories, Ceramic & Glass

The lack of different colors that come in fabric paint sets can leave many underwhelmed and disappointed, especially if there is a particular color of fabric paint that you know would be very effective for what you want to create.

With Arteza’s set of fabric paint, this will likely not be an issue at all. Coming with 30 individual colors, you will never be left without a particular color that you know would make your creation perfect. There is no shortage of available colors with Arteza’s fabric paint set and this is a very good thing.

It is also easy to apply the colors in Arteza’s fabric paint set. Coming in small tubes that are easy to squeeze, you will not encounter nearly as many messes with Arteza’s set as you would with other fabric paint sets.

However, because so many different colors come in Arteza’s paint set, it means that the tubes do not have much to offer when it comes to volume. Each tube only holds one ounce, and this can easily run out. If you tend to or need to only use one particular color of paint, you’ll probably be much better off with a fabric paint set that does not have so many colors.


2. Magicfly Fabric Paint Review

3D Fabric Paint, Magicfly 40 Colors Permanent Textile Paint with 3 Brushes and Stencils, Permanent Fabric Paint with Fluorescent, Glow in The Dark, Glitter, Metallic Colors for Clothing, T-Shirt, Glas

Color variety is something that is always in high demand when it comes to fabric paint sets, and Magicfly’s “Puffy Paints” set certainly delivers when it comes to color variety.

Coming with 40 different colors, you will have no shortage of colors when using the Puffy Paints set. You will have every color that you need and will never find yourself without any given color. It is perfect for anybody who knows that they will be using all kinds of colors of paint for their projects.

If you are new to fabric paints or just need some additional supplies, the Puffy Paints set contains three different basic brushes and stencils in case you need some practice or in case you need some additional supplies.
Most fabric paints only work on one surface: Fabric. The paint colors in the Puffy Paints set go beyond this, as they work on harder surfaces such as wood and even glass. This makes it perfect for any other DIY project where you know you would find fabric paints useful.

Because 40 different colors come in the Puffy Paints set, do not expect the colors to hold a lot of paint. Each tube of paint only holds one ounce of paint, so if you use only a handful of colors in your fabric paint, you will find yourself running out very quickly.


3. 8 pack textile color fabric paint by Jacquard

Jacquard Products JAC1000 Textile Color Fabric Paint (8 Pack), 2.25 oz, Primary & Secondary Colors, Assorted

A major problem that fabric paints face is that when they are used on fabric or any other softer surfaces, it will make the surface rough, compromising the soft texture.

Jacquard’s fabric paint set solves this problem as their paint dries in such a way that leaves any kind of fabric that it encounters softer than other fabric paints. If you use them on a shirt or other piece of clothing, you will not need to worry about the shirt turning rough or anything like that if you create a design on it with Jacquard’s paint.

If you are the type to only use one or two different colors when using fabric paint, you will enjoy Jacquard’s fabric paint set. It may only contain 8 colors, but each jar contains at least 2 ounces of paint, which is very useful for anybody who is very particular about the colors that they want to use in their fabric paint sets.

However, you need to keep in mind that only 8 different colors come in Jacquard’s fabric paint set. This set is not for you if you know that you need to use many different colors for your fabric paint projects.

Jacquard’s fabric paint set is also not for you if you are the type who is used to squeezing your fabric paint from a plastic bottle onto the surface you are painting. Jacquard’s fabric paint comes in glass jars, meaning that you will need brushes and other supplies in order to apply it properly. You will also need to handle them carefully, as glass can break.


4. 8 pack UV fluorescent paint set by Neon Nights

Fabric & Textile UV Paint Set | Set of 8 Neon Black Light Glow Paints | Fluorescent Clothing Colors | Glowing Fabric Tie Dye Paints | 8 x 20 ml / 0.7 fl oz 

Paint that both glows in the dark and stays on and does not run or fade is very hard to come by. If it does not fade, it probably does not glow in the dark. If it glows in the dark, it probably fades easily.

Fortunately, Neon Nights’ fabric paint set has accomplished the goal of glowing in the dark as well as not fading like a lot of fabric paint that does glow in the dark. If you use it on fabric based surfaces, you will not need to worry about them fading from washing or ironing. Their glow in the dark properties will also be retained after washing or ironing.

Another nice thing about Neon Nights’ fabric paint set is that its glow in the dark properties will retain on any surface no matter what even if they do fade a little bit.

Only 8 different colors come in Neon Nights’ set. Unfortunately, this does limit you to only certain colors and you might struggle with finding the right colors for any of your glow in the dark projects.

Additionally, only about half an ounce of paint comes with each bottle in Neon Nights’ fabric paint set. This does not give you much of an opportunity to create a lot of projects either.


5. “Dye-na-flow” 9 color fabric paint set by Jacquard

Jacquard JAC9908 Dye-Na-Flow Exciter 9-Colors

Using paint related tools such as brushes and other tools can be troublesome and difficult, especially when you are attempting to create designs on clothing where you need to be very precise.

Combining dye and paint, Jacquard’s Dye-na-flow fabric paint set is free-flowing and concentrated, which frees you from needing to be so precise with paint related tools where you may not have the ability or the time to be so precise. The free-flowing properties really help with saving time and energy on creating designs.

The colors of the Dye-na-flow’s paint set do not fade at all, either. Once you apply the paint on the fabric that you apply it on, the paint will stay there for a very long time no matter how much it gets washed or ironed. This is ideal fabric paint for clothes or fabric that gets wet constantly, such as swimsuits.

Only 9 colors come in the Dye-na-flow set. This can limit your options significantly when it comes to your projects and you might find yourself needing a color that you just will not have. Additionally, only half an ounce of paint is in each bottle of paint, so you need to be very careful where you are using this paint.

While it does spread easily and it does not fade, you do not get much paint per bottle in the Dye-na-flow set.


6. “Slick” dimensional fabric paint by Tulip

TULIP 41401 Dimensional Fabric Paint 4oz Slick Black

A major issue with most fabric paint is that even if they do not come in many colors, not much paint comes in any given bottle or jar. You get at most one ounce and you will run out of paint very quickly.

The “Slick” dimensional fabric paint by Tulip changes the game in fabric paints completely, with only one bottle containing four ounces of true red paint. If you need exactly one color of fabric paint for your projects, you will not go wrong at all with the Slick.

The Slick fabric paint bottle is also very easy to use. Coming in a plastic squeeze bottle, you will be able to apply it to any surface with ease. You will not need to worry about using paintbrushes or any other kind of paint related tools if you do not want to use them for your projects.

The major drawback of the Slick is obvious. If you are not using true red for your projects, you will unfortunately get nothing out of the Slick. It is available in different colors, but you will need to acquire them all separately, which can be a little more troublesome than it should be.

You might have a tough time using the slick for surfaces other than fabric, as it tends to fade when used on surfaces other than fabric. You might need to use a little more paint for these surfaces.


7. Textile color fabric paint by Jacquard

Jacquard Products Textile Color Fabric Paint, 2.25-Ounce, White (TEXTILE-1123)

Very few fabric paints can be used for surfaces other than fabric. While it may be possible for some fabric paints to be used for surfaces other than fabric, their colors will fade often and this can lead to a less than satisfying experience.

Fortunately, Jacquard’s textile paint solves this issue by being semi-opaque. This makes it possible to use on natural and synthetic fibers. The colors will not fade at all, even when used on surfaces other than fabric. If you have struggled with fabric paint that has a history of fading often, you will get a lot out of Jacquard’s textile paint.

There are two things that you need to know about Jacquard’s textile paint. First, they are not part of a set. You will need to buy each jar for every color separately if you need more than one color for your project.

Also, Jacquard’s textile paint comes in a 2 ounce glass jar that cannot be applied directly. If you are not experienced with painting tools, you will likely need to look elsewhere. Glass can also break, so you will need to handle this jar with care, especially because it is small and compact.


8. “Americana” mediums fabric painting by DecoArt

DecoArt DAS10-3 Americana Mediums Fabric Painting, 2-Ounce

It can be difficult to create a good finish for any given fabric painting, and there are not many fabric paints that can detail and blend colors without causing the colors to fade or dilute.

The Americana, by DecoArt, is your solution for fabric painting finish. If you combine it with acrylic paints, it will improve the adhesive qualities of said acrylic paints. This is very useful if most of your fabric painting related projects involve acrylic paints, which can often not only fade, but sometimes even fall off the surface that it is applied to.

The Americana finish will prevent all of these issues, even with standard fabric paints that are not acrylic. If applied on top of a fabric paint perfectly, it will not flake, peel, crack, or fade. This is very useful for anybody who is taking on long term fabric painting projects.

Do not forget that you need to combine the Americana medium finish with acrylic or fabric paint that you already own. You also need to know how to apply it to the acrylic or fabric paint. If you are not experienced in doing this kind of thing, it will be very difficult to use the Americana medium finish.


9. “Scribbles” Bulk Buy 20 pack fabric paint by Tulip

Bulk Buy: Scribbles Shiny 3D Paint - Pack of 20 Ultra Bright, Nontoxic & Permanent Dimensional Paints for Fabrics, T-shirts, Backpacks, Posters, Glass, Wood and More

When fabric paints come in packs of 20 or more, they tend to feature either different variations of the same color that may as well be the same color. While this is nice for anyone who wants to practice subtle variety in their projects, it can be frustrating for those who want decisive variety in their fabric paint packs.

Tulip’s Scribbles fabric paint pack contains 20 very diverse colors, and it is very easy to tell the difference between them all. This is very nice for anybody who is either new to fabric painting and wants clear differences between the colors in their packs.

Something else that separates Scribbles from others is that the effects of their paints is very strong. They will retain their 3D effect for long after they dry, which is something that is not seen in many fabric paint sets. You can use the paint bottles from Scribbles on most surfaces and they will not fade at all.

Do not forget that the Scribbles set contains 20 distinctive colors, all of which are significantly different. This means that it is designed specifically for anyone who is new to using fabric paint. If you are more experienced and are looking for a fabric paint set that contains subtle differences in their colors, you should look elsewhere.


10. 18 pack fabric markers by Creative Joy

Fabric Markers by Creative Joy with Permanent Brilliant Colors in Dual-Tipped Markers for Creating Washable Art and Lettering-Includes Gold and Silver-Nontoxic Fabric Paint Pens (18 piece)

Fabric paint usually comes in plastic bottles or glass jars. The former can be applied directly by squeezing the bottle and dispensing the paint onto the surface and the latter needs to be applied via a paintbrush or something else.

Painting any given surface using these methods does not yield a very high margin for error, especially if you need to use a painting related tool.

The markers in Creative Joy’s fabric paint set solves this by containing markers that are just as strong as any given kind of fabric paint. This makes it much easier to draw on any surface than squeezing fabric paint on them or using a paintbrush.

Another good thing about Creative Joy’s fabric marker set is that the markers themselves are dual tipped, which gives you solid options when it comes to drawing.

Keep in mind that Creative Joy’s fabric marker set are not completely composed of fabric paint. They come in the form of markers, and this makes them subject to fading, peeling, and other blemishes that can surface after drawing onto any surface with them, especially fabrics themselves. Creative Joy’s fabric markers just do not hold up like standard fabric paint does.


5 tips for painting on canvas

How to paint on fabric

Paint on canvas with a brush, in principle it does not have great mystery, but we want to give you some brief tips that will help you take the first steps in a professional way doing a clean and careful work.

  1. Brushes : it is important to have a varied cast of brushes. Not many are necessary, but as different as possible. We recommend at least three initials, until you find out which ones are best suited to your way of painting: 
    – Flat, of medium width for the wider sections. 
    – Fat round, style nº12 for the sections in which you have to cover with a larger layer of paint. 
    – Fine round, to be able to make all the details you need.
  2. Frame  and cat or tweezers. It is important to have a good frame that allows you to have the fabric taut and fixed. If we do not stretch the fabric, wrinkles may arise that cause our brush to not slide properly.
  3. Make the drawing. To make the drawing you can raise it freehand with a pencil, trying not to mark the fabric much or trace a previously made drawing. In a few fabrics you can directly trace the drawing, for most it will be necessary to use a tracing paper. Another option is to make a template of paper, cardboard or plastic and color its outline.
  4. Upgrade! 

How to remove fabric paint?

Now that you know the characteristics of the different types of fabric paints, then it is very important to know some techniques to remove it, this can be done if you have made a mistake at the time of creating the art or if you simply want to erase everything completely .

To do this, follow this step by step that will help you leave your painted clothes as new:

  • The first thing you should do is recognize the type of fabric, delicate or not and also the type of paint you want to clean, whether it’s latex paint, oil.
  • As a second step, you must remove the excess paint that falls on the fabric, in the case of latex paint you can place a napkin over the area and let it absorb, with the oil paint scrape the area with a knife to remove excess.
  • Now choose the detergent you want to use and pour a few drops on the stain, for the latex paint you can use a regular soap detergent, but for oil painting the ideal is to use a chemical detergent.
  • After this step, let the detergent stand for a few minutes on the stain, preferably 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After this time and with a little warm water rinse the detergent under the tap or leaving the garment submerged in a container with water.
  • Finally, the garment tends to the sun or dries it in the dryer, the effect of heat will cause the pigment to leave even more of the fibers of the fabric.

By way of dimensioning, the case of some delicate types of fabric, fabrics or others, it is good that you pay close attention when performing this step by step and know well identify what is the appropriate way to remove the stain, in this way You will be guaranteed success.

Nothing like having the best knowledge about the products we want to start using or to experience new practices and fabric paints come in that top favorite by many, so make the decision and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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