Best Fabric Paint Reviews

The best fabric paint is that with which you can enjoy creating all the designs you want, on different types of surfaces and textures, but that is also durable and has the ability to withstand different temperatures and washes.

Currently there are various types of paintings on canvas , with which you can let your creativity fly and give a change of style to your favorite clothes, curtains, jackets, lamps, ceramics and more, especially if you are one of those who loves manual work or You want to start this creative world as a professional.

So if you have an old or old-fashioned garment, just applying a good portion of color will be ready to continue using it and expose your style when dressing or decorating.

Types of fabric paint

Transparent fabric paint

Transparent cloth paints are good for subtle effects, you should use them in light garments, because dark fabrics such as navy blue or black will not be properly distinguished. This type of fabric paints tends to spread, mostly in fine fabrics, which makes these paintings perfect for some purposes, if you want a more linear print, look for a paint that is thicker than these.

Opaque fabric paint

Generally opaque fabric paints are white or metallic, but you can also find fabric paints in standard colors. This painting stands out a lot on dark fabrics and looks very pretty. You can achieve a great effect by painting with a standard color and on this one a metallic one, try it, you will see how beautiful it is.


Another way to color the fabric is through dyes, the most common is aniline. Dyes are more difficult to use than the rest of the paints, but they also have many advantages. They stick to the fabric and last a long time there, because they resist more than the paintings and also withstand more intense conditions than these. Another distinction between dyes and paints is that paints tend to change the texture of the fabric, making it feel harder than normal.

Spray Fabric Paint

Spray paint is a good way to paint large areas of fabric or to make stencils. It is a very enduring paint, almost as much as dyes and, like these, does not change the texture of the fabric. Another advantage of spray fabric paint is that the paint is distributed evenly, which sometimes does not happen with the dye, or with transparent or opaque paints.

Now that you know the different types of fabric paint, all you have to do is choose which one you prefer and use it to paint your clothes, curtains or scarves.

5 Fabric Paint Reviews and opinions

Arteza – Color to paint fabric

This set consists of 30 bottles of paint with 3D effect , which come in a presentation of 29 ml, with flexible textures, tipped out and comfortable to hold to carry out paint work with good precision. All shades are bright, with a variety of metallic, fluorescent and dark.

It also brings a series of three templates with different letter molds to print on all types of fabric and surface, such as canvas, wood, glass or ceramic, not forgetting the two support brushes to help you create all the designs you want.

Its beautiful metal suitcase style box will allow you to take all these tools wherever you go, keeping them always in optimal conditions.

Crafts 4 All – 3D textile dyes

The 24 tones of this punctuation game with 2D and 3D effect, including black and gold colors , will help you develop your artistic talent with paintings with a high pigmentation power and long lasting.

It also comes with 12 markers to paint on canvas of various colors that are used to make shapes and textured as cracks or to perform any type of artwork.

The presentation in which these paintings come will allow you to make different drawings, flowers , animals, lines and even simple writings, for use on plain textures, paper or glass; These paints do not come with smell, it is free of toxic components and mixed with water to blur colors.

Scola – Paint for clothes

Bring six colors that will help you color a wide variety of fabrics, also to make color combinations and create new shades to design everything you want; This presentation helps you pour into smaller containers and continue using.

The colors that are included in this selection are black, yellow, red, green, white and blue; It can be used by both children and adults, has a high penetration power and endures washed after washed since they are of pasty texture.

Marabu – Spray Paint

With this set of three spray paints you will have the facility in your hands to create all the drawings, designs and arts you want, it is absorbed on different types of surfaces.

Although it takes a few minutes to dry its penetration into the materials it is so high and of quality that the colors remain intact without modifying the design.

These spray can be used with templates to create gradients with the colors in your drawings and obtain a variety of shades that will allow you to get your creativity to the ring.

It also comes with a single color eyeliner to line the silhouettes of your creations; If you are going to use it with children, it is best to be older than three years.

Paint making designs on all types of fabric

It is a set of eight paint jars for cloth, which come in different colors, all in bright tones and with permanent effect since it has a high fixation in the tissues.

It is used for cloth for children and adults ; They are a good option to also customize home accessories, fabrics, any type of accessory and all kinds of garments that you want to identify.

This type of paints can be mixed with other colors to create different shades, water can also be added to achieve a blur in each art you make; Best of all, they are waterproof, keeping intact when washing by hand or in the washing machine.DISCOUNT

Textile paint to draw and paint on canvas

It comes with six paintings of different colors of rapid absorption, a palette to mix and a brush, with which you can give your designs a professional and delicate finish, it serves for different fabrics, both light fabrics, such as cotton or textiles even with the 100% synthetic fibers.

With these paintings you can let your creativity fly, decorating pants, jackets, shoes and even for t-shirts , you can also give a change of style to your curtains, cushions, lamps and bedspreads or to spend a different time with your family.

It is a toxic-free product, fast drying and achieving lasting results after ironing to adhere the product even more than being one of the cheapest on the list.

5 tips for painting on canvas

Paint on canvas with a brush, in principle it does not have great mystery, but we want to give you some brief tips that will help you take the first steps in a professional way doing a clean and careful work.

  1. Brushes : it is important to have a varied cast of brushes. Not many are necessary, but as different as possible. We recommend at least three initials, until you find out which ones are best suited to your way of painting: 
    – Flat, of medium width for the wider sections. 
    – Fat round, style nº12 for the sections in which you have to cover with a larger layer of paint. 
    – Fine round, to be able to make all the details you need.
  2. Frame  and cat or tweezers. It is important to have a good frame that allows you to have the fabric taut and fixed. If we do not stretch the fabric, wrinkles may arise that cause our brush to not slide properly.
  3. Make the drawing. To make the drawing you can raise it freehand with a pencil, trying not to mark the fabric much or trace a previously made drawing. In a few fabrics you can directly trace the drawing, for most it will be necessary to use a tracing paper. Another option is to make a template of paper, cardboard or plastic and color its outline.
  4. Upgrade! 

How to remove fabric paint?

Now that you know the characteristics of the different types of fabric paints, then it is very important to know some techniques to remove it, this can be done if you have made a mistake at the time of creating the art or if you simply want to erase everything completely .

To do this, follow this step by step that will help you leave your painted clothes as new:

  • The first thing you should do is recognize the type of fabric, delicate or not and also the type of paint you want to clean, whether it’s latex paint, oil.
  • As a second step, you must remove the excess paint that falls on the fabric, in the case of latex paint you can place a napkin over the area and let it absorb, with the oil paint scrape the area with a knife to remove excess.
  • Now choose the detergent you want to use and pour a few drops on the stain, for the latex paint you can use a regular soap detergent, but for oil painting the ideal is to use a chemical detergent.
  • After this step, let the detergent stand for a few minutes on the stain, preferably 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After this time and with a little warm water rinse the detergent under the tap or leaving the garment submerged in a container with water.
  • Finally, the garment tends to the sun or dries it in the dryer, the effect of heat will cause the pigment to leave even more of the fibers of the fabric.

By way of dimensioning, the case of some delicate types of fabric, fabrics or others, it is good that you pay close attention when performing this step by step and know well identify what is the appropriate way to remove the stain, in this way You will be guaranteed success.

Nothing like having the best knowledge about the products we want to start using or to experience new practices and fabric paints come in that top favorite by many, so make the decision and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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