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Graph papers are mostly designed for engineers, students, architects, and artists. You need to have the right product for the best results. The problem is the many products available in the market or not knowing what factors to consider when purchasing a graph book.

With so many graph papers to choose from, narrowing it down can be challenging. No need to go through stress anymore; check the reviews below to help you purchase a product that suits your needs and preferences. In this article, you will get the best graph papers and factors to look out for when purchasing one.

Our Favorite Graph Paper

Here are the 10 Best Graph Papers

1. Mr. Pen- Graph Paper, Grid Paper Pad

Mr. Pen- Graph Paper, Grid Paper Pad, 4x4 (4 Squares per inch), 8.5'x11', 55 Sheets, 3-Hole Punched, Grid Paper, Graph Paper Pad, Graphing Paper, Computation Pads, Drafting Paper, Blueprint Paper

Are you looking for a multipurpose graph paper for note-taking, technical, and engineering drawing; then you need Mr. Pen- Graph Paper. The paper pad is great for using with ¼ in scaled rulers and templates. The graph paper is suitable for drafting technicians, engineers, and architects for drawing graphs, diagrams, and statistical data.

The pad has thick papers to prevent bleeding and it is double-sided. The graph paper features hard cardboard at the back for support. The paper pad comes with top cardboard for comfortable and easy tearing while the three-hole punched to ensure the paper fits into standard ring binders. The pad contains 55 sheet quadrille papers 4 square/inch each. It measures 11 x 8.5 inch making it portable.


  • It is easy to tear
  • Ideal for technical, engineering drawing, and note-taking
  • It is double-sided
  • It has 55 sheets of paper.
  • It comes with hard and sturdy cardboard back for writing support


  • The cardboard at the back is not as sturdy as the others.


2. Koala Tools | Room Grid Large Sketch Pad

Koala Tools | Room Grid (1-Point) Large Sketch Pad | 9' x 12', 40 pp. - Perspective Grid Graph Paper for Interior Room Design, Industrial, Architectural and 3D Design

Koala Tools | Room Grid Large Sketch Pad is made from high-quality material to accept high pressure drafting with pens, pencils, and colored pencils. Besides, the sketch pad is tear resistant—the 1-point perspective grid ideal for drawing anime or manga interior scenes. The sketch pad is ideal for product designers, architects, graphic designers, woodworkers, artists, and interior designers.

The room grid 1-Point is designed to draw large structures such as buildings, cityscapes, cars, and interior fun and easy. The 9* 12 inches sketchpad has teal colored lines that are non-reproducible. The pad is also tape-bound for easy tearing of papers. It contains 40 double-sided sheets and a soft kraft cover.


  • Easy tearing of sheets
  • Teal colored line
  • Tear resistance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfect for drawing comics
  • It contains 40 double-sided sheets


  • The grids are smaller.


3. School Smart Double Sided Graph Paper

School Smart Double Sided Graph Paper, 8-1/2 x 11 Inches, 1/2 Inch Rule, White, Pack of 500 - 085279

The School Smart Double Sided Graph Paper features white bond paper ruled into small squares of equal size for accurately drawing graphs, charts, and diagrams. Amazingly, the graph paper is double-sided to offer extra working spacing for practice.  The 1-inch graph paper accommodated both pen and ink media with no bleed-through to the opposite side and provides an easy eraser for pencil marks.

The graph paper has perfect squares to help keep kids’ numbers lined up when writing down long steps and calculations. The precision lines of the graph paper are even and consistent for accurate measurements. The graph paper provides value for science and math class lessons, drafting, and room measurements. It contains 500 sheets of paper per pack.


  • The graph paper is double-sided.
  • Accepts pen and ink media
  • It contains 500 sheets per pack.
  • Provide clean eraser for pen mark
  • Even and consistent lines for accurate measurements.
  • Ideal for math and science class lessons, drafting, and room measurements.


  • The graph paper is thin compared to others.


4. Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper

Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper - Sarasara - A4 - 5 mm Graph - 30 Holes - 50 S...

Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper has a smoother touch than the Shikkari paper, making it perfect for people who enjoy writing with minimal pressure. The loose-leaf paper features holes to fit the Kukuyo binder system, famous in Japan and the USA. The graph paper is fountain-pen friendly.

The pack contains 50 sheets. The 5 mm graph paper has 30 holes spaced approximately 9.7 mm apart from center to center. Two of the holes are large for use with European –style 2 ring binders. With this loose-leaf paper, it is easy to line up your notes or draw triangles and cubes correctly. Its pH is neutral, archival, and resistant to feathering and bleeds through.

 The graph paper was designed by watching Tokyo University students doing their college work and preparing a notebook around their needs. This paper is for you if you want note-taking perfection.


  •  It is smoother than Shikkari paper.
  •  It makes it easy to line up notes or to draw cubes and triangles.
  •  It contains 50 sheets.
  •  It is fountain-pen friendly.
  •  Perfect for people who enjoy writing with minimal pressure


  •  The holes expand the paper when used frequently as a binder.


5. Engineering Paper 200 sheet – Spiral Notebook

Engineering Paper 200 sheet - Spiral Notebook (Blue Cover)

With an Engineering Paper 200 sheet, you don’t need to pile loose engineering papers crammed into binders, notepads, and backpacks. Both front and back pages are designed with a low capacity 5×5 grid so that you can use all the 200 sheets. The notebook features a pocket that stores papers and pages.

The spiral notebook contains 200 pages and features a GhostGrid™ page design.  The micro-perforated paper has 3-hole punch allowing easy tearing from the notebook and stored in your binder. It comes with twin spiral binding to ensure it holds the papers firmly. Thanks to the premium weight “buff” color which provides easy reading.


  • The notebook is double-sided.
  •  It includes a pocket to store the spiral notebook.
  •  The color ensures easy reading.
  •  Nice heavyweight
  •  It is made from thick material.


  •  Expensive
  •   Smaller sheets compared to other engineering papers.


6. 1InTheOffice Graph Composition Book

1InTheOffice Graph Composition Book, 9.75' x 7.5' Graph Paper Notebook, 100 Sheets '2 Pack'

If you need to take notes when attending meetings or sitting at your desk, then 1InTheOffice Graph Composition Book will serve you better. The graph composition book will enable you to take down details, draw tables and graphs. It contains 2 books with 100 sheets allowing you to write a lot of content. You can also jot down while having a conversation with your client, boss, or colleagues.

The book measures 5 squares per inch making it great for taking details on the brand’s finance and other information. Thanks to its sleek and slim design, it is easy to carry to your worksite or any other place you wish.

The quadrille-ruled booklet is suitable for jotting down points or ideas. It is ideal for plotting graphs as it comes with many squares. It can help you create visuals to give you clarity, such as budget and inventory numbers.


  • It contains 2 books with 100 sheets.
  • Ideal for taking notes and plot graphs
  • It has a class program and mathematical information.
  • The hardcover is sturdy with heavyweight boards.


  •  Expensive


7. Five Star Loose Leaf Paper

Five Star Loose Leaf Paper, 3 Hole Punched, Reinforced Filler Paper, Graph Ruled, 11 x 8-1/2 inches, 100 Sheets/Pack, 1 Pack (17012)

Five Star Paper features reinforcement at the edge of the paper to protect the holes from tearing off. The reinforcement can also help the papers appear neater even after much use. The paper weighs 20lbs, making it heavyweight and resistant to ink bleed.  The paper offers high-quality writing surfaces for note-taking and assignments.

Thanks to the triangular holes, which ensure a safe and secure stay in the binder. The holes also enable you to turn the pages quickly. It comes in one pack of 100 sheets, and the sheets are loose-leafed, Graph ruled, and double-sided.  The front sheet is 4 inches, while the back is 5 inches.

The paper is white and accommodates writing materials like pencils, highlighters, gel pens, ball pens, and paint pens.


  • It is sturdy
  • It is resistant to ink bleed.
  • It contains 100 sheets, which are loose-leafed, Graph ruled, and double-sided.
  • It can accommodate different writing materials.
  • It features reinforcement edges.


  •  It is heavy
  •  Features different measurement on the front and backside


8. Roaring Spring Wide College Ruled Landscape Legal Pad

Roaring Spring Wide College Ruled Landscape Legal Pad, 1 Case (18 Total Two Packs), 11' x 9.5' 40 Sheets, Canary

You can keep your notes and ideas organized in this Roaring Spring Wide College Ruled Landscape Legal Pad. The pad contains 40 sheets for use in landscape format. The heavy paper creates a more pleasant writing experience. The re-sized legal pads are ideal for universities, offices, and classrooms.

The pad features smooth and bright papers, which is environment-friendly and contains 30% post-consumer waste. It has plenty of room for legible notes. The pad is stapled and tape bound with black tape. The sheet is light to contract dark-colored ink for easy reading and writing. It has micro-perforated sheets, which ensure easy tearing. Finally, the pad fits anywhere like airline trays.


  • Environment-friendly product
  •  Smooth and bright sheets for easy reading and writing
  •  The heavy white paper is for a quality writing experience.
  •  Micro-perforated along the top edge
  •  Ideal for offices, classroom, and universities


  •  Expensive


9. Graph Grid Paper Notebook 2 Pack

Graph Grid Paper Notebook 2 Pack - RETTACY Graph Paper Notebook with 384 Pages,Hard Cover,100gsm Thick Graph Paper,''5.75 × 8.38''

Graph Grid Paper Notebook 2 Pack comes with 2 PCS Graph paper notebooks. The grid paper size is A5, measuring ”5.75 × 8.38”, with a total of 348 pages. The notebook features a sturdy leather hardcover to make it durable and comfortable when touched; it ensures the papers last long and provides a comfortable writing surface. It is suitable for school, office, and home.

The 100gms Acid-free paper offers smooth touch, and the pages are thick with no bleeding through ensuring users enjoy writing on it. Each journal has 2 bookmarks, 1 pen holder loop, elastic closure,1   back pocket, humane rounded arc corner design and back pocket. You can use it as a personal journal, business journal, math study journal, dairy, and more.


  • Durable and offer smooth touch
  • It has thick pages for a great writing experience.
  • It comes with a back pocket, 2 bookmarks, elastic closure, a humane rounded arc corner design and 1 pen holder loop.
  • No bleeding through


  • The table of the content list is short.
  • Not ink smudge resistant


10. Emraw Wide Ruled Filler Paper

Emraw Wide Ruled Filler Paper, Perfect for Normal Everyday Notetaking 8'x10.5' x 0.32' Inch, 2 Pack - 100 Sheets Per Pack (Total 200 Sheets)

If you need to write a few notes in class or attend an office meeting, then consider the Wide Ruled Filler paper. The wide-ruled filler paper is made from premium quality to meet the user’s needs. It measures 10.5‘’ X 0.32″ X 8‘’ to suit its intended purpose of use. The paper is widely used in offices, schools, colleges, and other similar places.

The filler paper comes in a pack of 2 hence being economical for the user. Each pack contains 100 sheets making it convenient for users. It is double-sided, creating more space for the user to use. Thanks to three holes punch, which makes filing easy.


  • It is double-sided, creating more space for use.
  • Made from premium quality
  • It contains 100 sheets.
  • Perfect for the office, school, college, and other places
  •  It features 3 holes punch, making filling easy.
  •  It has 2 packs which are economical for use.


  • Not durable when compared to other paper

Buying Guide

You may have many questions regarding choosing graph paper. Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing the best graph paper to suit your needs and preferences.

Size of Graph Paper

First, you need to consider the size of the graph paper. You need to look for the size which will suit your preferences and needs. If you are purchasing graph paper for sketching purposes, then choose a medium-sized paper. Others love large-sized graph papers for the work they do and also add to its appeal. It is important to focus on its functionality.


You can consider grey colored papers for writing purposes while dimmer colors bring out the designs, plots and sketch better.

Ink Resistance

Each graph paper has its unique features. The quality of the graph paper is one of the essential features to consider. Graph paper should accommodate different inks and the swiftness the pen or pencil flow on page makes it of high quality.

Ease of Use

When you are buying graph paper, check out for particular features that will ensure ease of use. Choose more detailed grids for your drawing and portraits because they maximize the terrain for work. Buy a graph book which blurs out the lines after faxing or printing. Also, check out the weight to ensure you can carry it with you anywhere you go.

Grids and Marginal Lines

If you are a carpenter, an engineer, an artist, or an architect, you can’t compromise grids and marginal lines. For statisticians or students, it is essential to check the grids to ensure the graph pages are well marked out. While for an artist, the grid helps you to segment your drawing and also arrange it well for sketching.


The article will help you make better and well-informed choices. Now you know graph books are not just papers with lines drawn on the pages. If you are an engineer, a student, an architect, a financial consultant, a statistician, a carpenter, or an artist, or you need a graph book for creating a journal or diary, taking notes. Don’t just buy a paper, consider the best graph papers.

Happy shopping for the best graph papers!

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