Best Iron on Transfer Paper Reviews

Ironing on a design on fabric can be pretty troublesome no matter how prepared you are.
Even if you have all the right materials and have planned things out perfectly, if you don’t have high quality transfer paper, it will be quite the chore to iron on the design that you want.

Fortunately, you have not only options but also a lot of choices in quality when it comes to transfer paper, more than ever before.

The technology surrounding iron on designs have evolved, better and better chemicals are being used, and transfer paper is becoming more and more accessible as well.

If you need to make designs on fabric, consider this list of iron on transfer paper sets and packs.

Top Picks : 5 Best Iron on Transfer Paper

The Following are 5 of the best Heat Transfer Paper

1) 12 pack 8 and ½ x 11 inch iron-on light fabric transfers by Avery

Avery Printable Heat Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics, 8.5' x 11', Inkjet Printer, 12 Iron On Transfers (3275)

If you need transfer sheets for a t-shirt or any kind of fabric that has a similar frame to a t-shirt, look no further than Avery’s pack of transfer sheets.

The thing about iron on transfers on fabrics is that because fabrics are washed a lot, the colors can run. This is a common problem with the transfer from most iron on transfer sheets: They do not take into consideration what happens to fabrics after being washed.

Fortunately, Avery has taken this into consideration with their transfer sheets. Containing a special formula called ColorShield, you will not need to worry about ironed on designs fading when they are ironed on with Avery’s transfer sheets. This is very useful is you are using Avery’s transfer sheets to create designs on fabrics that are washed constantly, such as towels or t-shirts.

If you don’t want to take the time to create designs, that’s no problem. Avery’s website has dozens of templates that you can save. If you are interested in creating designs and want to make use of a die cutting machine, that is also possible with Avery’s transfer sheets.

There are two things that you need to watch out for with Avery’s transfer sheets, however. The first is that only 12 come in a pack. If you intend to iron on designs for a lot of fabrics, you’ll need to stock up. Also, their common 8 and ½ by 11 inch size does not really lend itself to much creativity.


2) 4 pack glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl sheets by Kenteer

Glow in The Green HTV Vinyl by Kenteer, 4 Sheets 10'' x 12'' Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirt, Noctilucent & Heat Pres

There are a few things that set Kenteer’s transfer sheets apart from others. 

First, any colors that are transferred onto a fabric with them are guaranteed not to fade and will last 40 washings without fading. This is very impressive, and beats nearly every other brand of transfer sheets by leaps and bounds.

The second thing has to do with the material of the sheets themselves. Kenteer’s transfer sheets are made of vinyl, which lends themselves to a number of things, glow in the dark designs being one of them. Yes, it is possible to create glow in the dark designs on fabrics with Kenteer’s transfer sheets. This is another thing that many other brands do not possess.

The size of the sheets is the final thing. While most transfer sheets follow the industry standard of 8 and ½ by 11 inch size, Kenteer’s sheets are 10 by 12 inches. This allows for a little more freedom in whatever designs you want to iron on.

Only four sheets come in Kenteer’s pack. This can be very frustrating if you intend to make a lot of designs on a lot of different fabrics, and you’ll be required to stock up if you want to use Kenteer’s transfer sheets.

It can also be a challenge to work with Kenteer’s transfer sheets because of the different materials involved. This is especially true if you want to create glow in the dark designs with them.


3) 40 pack 8 and ½ by 11 inch inkjet light t-shirt transfer paper by PPD

PPD Inkjet Premium Iron-On Light T Shirt Transfers Paper LTR 8.5x11” Pack of 40 Sheets (PPD001-40)

If you need to make a lot of the same design for t-shirts, towels, or any other fabric that is light in color, you’ll get a lot out of PPD’s pack of transfer paper.

Coming in a pack of 40, you won’t need to stock up if you need to make a lot of designs. This is perfect for making team uniforms or printing lettering or designs on other kinds of fabrics. You won’t worry about running out of anything and this is very convenient.

PPD’s transfer paper is very easy to use as well. Just load the paper into a printer, come up with your design, and print it. PPD’s transfer paper is compatible with nearly all printers and that is what makes it so easy to use. Some of the more complicated transfer paper brands are not like this, as they require certain printers.

Other than the fact that you get a lot of paper with PPD’s pack as well as it being compatible with nearly any printer, nothing much else can be said. They can only be used with bright colored fabrics, and that can be a major inconvenience. What if you need to print designs on darker colored fabrics? You’ll need to look elsewhere for that.

8 and ½ by 11 inch paper can only accomplish so much when it comes to making fabric designs as well. If you are using PPD’s transfer paper for team or work uniforms, prepare for them to look very plain. You don’t have a lot of room on an 8 and ½ by 11 inch canvas.


4) 12×15 inch easyweed heat transfer 12 color starter bundle by Siser

Siser EasyWeed HTV Sheets 12 inch by 15 inch - 12 Pack Starter Bundle

A major issue with the standard 8 and ½ by 11 inch sheet of paper is that it does not typically allow for any real impressive designs when ironed onto fabric. This leads to very simplistic designs.

Siser’s transfer paper has solved this issue. Being an impressive 12 by 15 inches in size, it will allow you to create way more complicated designs for any kind of fabric.

And “any kind of fabric” is no lie, as Siser’s pack of transfer paper contains one sheet of different kinds of colors. This will grant you a world of endless possibilities when designing. If you need to create a specific design for fabrics, you will want Siser’s pack of transfer paper.

However, exactly one of every color is not really convenient when it comes to transfer paper. Indeed, Siser’s pack of transfer paper is designed for those who need to make specific designs for fabrics. If you need to make the same design multiple times, you will want a different pack of transfer paper.

The larger size of Siser’s transfer paper means you may not be able to use certain printers. When you use this paper for fabric designs, you will need to be sure that you possess a printer that is compatible with 12 by 15 inch size paper.


5) 12 x 10 inch 20 pack of assorted color vinyl transfer sheets by Fame Crafts

Fame Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle 12'x10'- 20 Pack of Assorted Color DIY T-Shirt Vinyl Transfer Sheets -Best Iron On HTV Vinyl for Silhouette Cameo, Cricut - or Use with Heat Press Machine Tool

Sometimes you need something better than just 20 sheets of white transfer paper that you can just print a team or company name on. There are some times where you also want to create a larger design as well.

For situations like these, you’ll get a lot out of Fame Crafts’ transfer sheets. Coming in one of every popular color, the possibilities are endless. There won’t be a design that you won’t be able to create when you have Fame Crafts’ bundle in your possession.

You will not need to worry about the designs fading when washed, either. Fame Crafts’ transfer paper contains easy to weed polyurethane, which allows any fabric that it gets ironed on to stay on the fabric after dozens or even hundreds of washings.

Again, Fame Crafts’ transfer paper is meant for specific designs, not multiples of the same design. And one thing that could have made this pack of transfer paper much better is if they had more than one of every color sheet in the pack.

You will also need a printer that can work specifically with Fame Crafts’ transfer paper not only because of its unusual size, but also because of the vinyl material. Check to see if the printer you own is compatible.



  • There are many uses for transfer paper, and different packs of transfer paper can solve different situations.
  • As you have just discovered, there are different colors and combinations, each one being ideal and optimal for certain situations.
  • If you need to create multiple simple fabric designs, there are packs of transfer paper that address that very need.
  • If you are interested in creating specific designs for specific fabrics, there exists transfer paper that solves that issue as well.
  • Determine what you need transfer paper for, then go from there. You have plenty of options, so explore them and see which option is best for you.

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