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A T Shirt Printing Machine is an important part of any T-shirt printing business and without a suitable machine; your business will continue to struggle to put out high-quality products. Relying on reputable t shirt printing machine will put you a step closer to acquiring you good t shirts for your business.

You certainly cannot afford to gamble away your clothing business on low-quality recommendations that will only rob and frustrate you. Ready for the top selections from our T Shirt Printing Machine Reviews?

Here are 10 Top Rated Best T Shirt Printing Machine Review:

1. PowerPress Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation

Our review begins with this versatile machine which also saves on space. Measuring 15-by-15-inch, this high-performance digital printer is an upgrade from the older model. This recommended best T-shirt press includes Teflon coating on its heat platen so you don’t need to worry about burning your fabrics.

It is attractive too. This easy to use sublimation machine opens upward so you can use it in small spaces. You can use this sublimation machine to transfer almost anything on any surface.

It is great for transferring numbers, letters, and images on garments, t-shirts, mouse pads, bags, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges, ceramic tiles, and other items. Check out some of the highlighted features you can enjoy with this best sublimation printer for vinyl.

Highlighted Features:

  •  List Eleme Temperature and time controls that are digitally displayed on its LCD control boarding
  •  Thick aluminum heating plate that allows an even and stable temperature
  •  Fuse that can be replaced to protect the heating press from electrical shorts and to overheat
  •  An audible signal that beeps when the transfer is completed
  •  A silicone pad that is capable of enduring a maximum temperature of 350 degrees without warping
  •  Integrated electric controls that are easy to adjust and maintain.

2. Fancierstudio Power Industrial Quality Digital Sublimation Printer

An upgrade from previous models, this Fancierstudio Power Press industrial Quality Digital sublimation T-Shirt machine is sure to please you. Measuring 15-by-15-inch, this high-quality sublimation machine comes with silicon Gel base that you can easily adjust any way you want.

The Fancierstudio DG Digital Sublimation is best for small business. Operators open upward so you can use it in limited spaces. You can use this versatile machine for transferring images, numbers, and letters on almost any surface and material including bags, ID badges, ceramic tiles, fabrics, and of course T-shirts. It’s so easy to operate, just pull the handle down until you hear it click and that’s it! You’re right to go.

A Teflon sheet is provided with your purchase, and the setup instructions are easy to follow. You may also like these features:

Highlighted Features:

  •  Brand new Teflon coated heat platen
  •  Use with 110 Voltage outlets and has a power capacity of 1800 Watts
  •  Accurate time settings with electronic time and heat control
  •  Board that is silicon gel based
  •  Includes a free Teflon sheet

3. F2C® Pro 5 in 1 Digital Transfer Sublimation

OK, you are more inclined toward an all in one sublimation system that can handle a number of tasks. The F2C Pro 5 in 1 Digital Transfer Sublimation Machine fits the bill. With this multi-purpose unit, you can work with ceramics, textiles, glass, and other materials

You’ll also be able to transfer images and other graphics onto mugs, coasters, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, ceramic tiles and plates, and, most naturally, to T-shirts. It’s a swing away model that comes with the attachments needed to make transfers on surfaces that are not flat. Controls and components in the best multifunction machine are convenient and easy to use. These include a pressure adjustment knob that is full range, a silicone pad and a cotton pad you can remove.

This machine is also built with safety in mind. A built-in fuse that allows safe use, an audible alarm, and a comfortable rubber grip handle are among its user-friendly features. You won’t be disappointed with these highlighted features.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Large enough surface (12 by 15 inches) that allows for custom T-shirt design transfers
  •  LED time and temperature controller
  •  Heating board that is 4/5″ thick
  •  Swing-away design that allows a complete 360-degree rotation
  •  Capable of temperatures between 32 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 – 250 degrees Celsius
  •  Power capacity of 900 Watts using 110 voltage

4. F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Digital Sublimation Machine

Your choice of digital sublimation machine includes this six in one offer – the F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Machine. This popular machine allows more versatility where working with different materials is concerned. You can interchange the heat platens and other components of this machine to get your job done.

Easily transfer sublimating and dissolved printing ink onto any material such as glass, ceramics, and fabric. If you are in your own T-shirt business, this is a great asset. This best sublimation printer machine for small business users is easy to set up and use. You can set the temperature and timer quickly, and the pressure is adjustable.

You don’t have to worry about uneven temperature from this product, as it keeps its temperature settings well. You might need to check whether the demand on your circuit breaker is too much. If necessary, you might need to upgrade your power supply. Take a look at these highlighted features.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Capable of temperatures between 32 -430 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 – 250 degrees Celsius
  •  Uses US standard power voltage (110v) and has a power capacity of 1000 Watts
  •  Time can be set between 0 – 999 seconds
  •  Equipped with an upgraded aluminum alloy cradle
  •  The heating board is 4/5″ thick.

5. F2C 15″ x 15″ Black Digital Clamshell T-shirt Sublimation Machine

The first thing you’ll notice about this clamshell digital sublimation machine is that it is sturdy and not lightweight. You can easily see why this F2C 15 by 15-inch Digital Clamshell sublimation is the best T-shirt press for transferring numbers, letters, and images fabrics and other material. The only restriction is that the surfaces must be flat.

You can produce gift items, ads, and other outputs for family and friends as well as for clients. You can also adjust the digital timer control up to an incredible 9999 seconds. This has a digital temperature gauge that has the capability of between 0 – 200°C (or to 430°F). You can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius whenever you like by pressing the set button for a few seconds.

You don’t have to buy a separate Teflon sheet because the top platen already has this installed around it. On top of that, you can set your temperature and the timer settings very easily and expect accurate heat every time. The handle grip is comfortably cushy and the thick silicone pad that comes with this machine is moveable. Here are some more of the F2C machine’s most prominent features.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Power capacity of 1200 Watts using standard 110 voltage
  •  Temperature ranges between 0-200 degrees Celsius or 0-400 degrees Fahrenheit
  •  The silicone pad will not warp in temperatures up to a maximum of 250 degrees Celsius
  •  Easy to set its parameters and adjust its pressure
  •  Durable heat transfer machine for long-term use
  •  Its automatic countdown and alarm signal when your transfer is complete.

6. ePhotoInc 15 x 15″ T-Shirt Sublimation

Maybe this ePhotoInc 15 by 15-inch press is more suitable for your business or personal hobbies. In that case, you won’t be distressed with the upward opening and compact model that you can use even in small spaces.

Indeed, this machine may very well be the only thing you need to transfer graphics and lettering to your T-shirts and other surfaces. This best sublimation printing machine for beginners is versatile enough for different materials including fabrics and ceramic. It is delivered with certain preset settings, so you don’t have to do any adjustments. It heats up quickly and the transfers done with this machine are long-lasting.

A Teflon sheet is provided with this product, so you don’t need to buy a separate one. See some other features you need to check out.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Provides an even and flat heating area of 15 by 15 inches (or 38 x 38 cm)
  •  It is made with a steel frame
  •  The pressure is fully adjustable
  •  The temperature ranges from 0 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  •  You can choose either 110 and 120-volt options

7. Super Deal Digital Swing Away 12″ X 10″  Clamshell Heat Transfer Machine

Another of the best swing away heat press options you could try is the Super Deal Digital Swing Away 12-inch by 10-inch Heat Press. It is ideal for transferring photos and other images as well as lettering to fiber, cotton, ceramic, metal, glass and other materials. You can produce promotional advertisements, gift items, and different outputs using this versatile machine.

In addition to the T-shirt, this machine can apply transfers to bags, garments, mouse pads, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, and other surfaces that are flat. You can rotate the swing-away upper heat platen by 360 degrees which makes it easy for you to operate unrestricted with your T-shirts and other items – without burning yourself.

Also, unlike other clamshell machines, this machine applies to heat transfer pressure directly from above. This means an even heat contact with the base surface. You can easily operate the handle manually to open and shut the machine and adjust the pressure using the knob on the back. Check out these other highlighted features which you might like.
Highlighted Features

Highlighted Features:

  •  The power capacity is 600 Watts and the voltage used is 110V / 60 Hz
  •  The timer, which is digital, can be set between 0 – 999 seconds
  •  Temperature capacity is between 0 – 399 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 – 200 degrees Celsius
  •  This is a durable industrial strength machine that can be used long-term.
  •  Has a built-in Teflon coated 12″ by 10″ heat platen and a complete range of heating coils for consistent heat distribution.

8. ZENY Digital 12″x10″ Swing Away Sublimation Machine

The best sublimation printer for T-shirt printing may very well be the Zeny Digital 12″ x 10″ Swing Away Sublimation Machine. The swing away design improves on the clamshell model as you can apply pressure straight down and more evenly for better quality transfers.

It is ideal for heat transfers on T-shirts, although you can also use this machine on other materials like glass, ceramic, wood and metal. The swing away design also allows you to work quite unrestricted in your space and at the same time avoid burning yourself in the process. Produce awesome heat transfers on tote bags, mouse pads, ceramic tiles, fabrics and other fun items. Also, You can use these products as gift items for your family and friends as well as to promote your business.

You would need to assemble the plastic foot to keep the machine steady. Read the instruction manual entirely and carefully. You may find these highlighted features useful as well.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Temperature on this unit goes from 0 to 200 degrees Celsius or up to 399 degrees Fahrenheit
  •  Equipped with a digital LCD temperature control
  •  Its LCD time control can be adjusted between 0 to 999 seconds.
  •  It also allows an audible alarm to signal when the transfer is completed
  •  The upper platen rotates 360 degrees to make it safe to work with your materials.

9. ZENY  Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Machine Review

Another great option from Zeny is its digital 15 by 15-inch sublimation machine. It is quite an efficient machine which comes with a coated heat plate that makes it fun and easy to press your designs on any flat surface.

You’ll find this machine quite easy to set up and use. The digital time and temperature controls are also easy to use, and the pressure is also easy to adjust. Heat distribution is even and stable, so you won’t need to worry about the quality of your heat transfers.

The results from this best heat press machine for vinyl are professional quality and long-lasting. Just ensure that your temperature settings are the right ones for the vinyl you are pressing.

Highlighted Features:

  •  It has an audio alarm that signals when a transfer is completed
  •  The silicone pad does not distort under temperatures up to 250º C
  •  Transfer parameters are easy to set
  •  The heating plate opens to 70 degrees making this machine convenient to operate
  •  It is safe to operate because of the protection of its dual electrical system.

10. Promo Heat 15 careful. x 15 in. Sublimation

Our final pick is the Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine. This clamshell model is versatile and with its large heating area, offers greater flexibility in the types of materials you can use.

Any item with a flat surface can be used on this machine including metal, fabric, ceramic, wood, and glass. You don’t have many restrictions on the type of items you can produce using this effective machine. Mouse pads, license plates, tote bags, and of course the T-shirt are ideal for this machine. The Promo’s machine is effortless to operate because it arrives completely assembled.

You’ll appreciate its weight, which is heavy enough to provide stability whenever you use it. It also comes with a Teflon sheet which you can use in your heat transfers.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Timer control is digital LCD – Set the time you need, and an alarm will sound at the end of your transfer
  •  Temperature control is also digital LCD – Set the temperature you need (in Degrees F), heating ends as the preset temperature is reached
  •  Pressure-adjustment knob that is full range – This control is also easy to reach and you can adjust pressure to match the material you’re working with
  •  Ergonomic handle with foam grip – Reduces the tendency for the handle to twist whenever you open or close the machine, comfortable to use
  •  Heating elements are Teflon-coated – This feature sets this machine apart from other heat presses that use exposed metal heating surfaces.

How to use your T Shirt Printing Machine

Now that you have chosen your best sublimation printer and have brought it home, you may wish to review certain tips on how to use it. Certainly, once you know how to use and care for your t shirt sublimation machine, you’ll get the most out of it for a long time. No matter what kind of t shirt sublimation machine you purchase, there are a few common similarities in how they operate.

Turning the unit on is as simple as flipping an on/off switch. Next, you set your thermostat by adjusting the knob until you see the red heating light. As soon as the thermometer shows you the temperature you have set for the transfer, return the knob to the original position. The heating light will flick on and off to regulate the desired temperature.

Raise the handle to open the heating press and lay out your material and transfer paper. Be sure to place the transfer paper face down on your material. Lower the handle to lock it in place. Set your timer to the instructions on the transfer paper. For machines equipped with a digital timer, select the timer to set the time until you hear the alarm. Stop it from resetting. Once completed, lift the handle and open the press. Remove the transfer paper from your material. Wait at minimum 24 hours to allow the transfer to “lock” before you can put it in water.

Here are some other recommendations on how to use your purchase from the best sublimation printer for T-shirt on the market:

  • Find a suitable location to place it. You can put it somewhere that you can easily access it from all sides. This will make your work much more efficient and smoother. Whether your best sublimation printer machine is a clamshell or a swing-away design avoid areas that restrict your workflow using it. The less cluttered and restrictive the workspace is, the better. Another consideration in choosing is stability. As much as possible avoid uneven floor surfaces. If this cannot be avoided, find a way to adjust it to compensate for the uneven surface.
  • Before you apply any transfer to your fabric material, stretch or press it out first. Pressing your material first will remove any moisture that may be caught in the item during storage or transit. Once you press the material you’ll find it much easier to make your transfers to it. Unsightly cracks and wrinkles will also be avoided when you do this step.
  • To avoid unintentionally burning your material, test different heat and time settings on an old shirt first. This way you will find the best settings for the material you’ll be using. Of course, if you already know the appropriate time and heat settings, you may skip this step. To be on the safe side, however, it’s a good idea to test your settings anyway, just in case your heat press acts up.
  • You may also need to select the most appropriate vinyl for the transfer you will be doing. While there are so many vinyl options to choose from, carefully consider which one you will be using for your project so that you may buy the right one. Not all vinyl work well with the time and heat settings you are comfortable with, so careful review of your vinyl options is necessary. You may find that certain vinyl is recommended for use with your particular machine and materials.
  • Another thing you may want to check for is the heating surface – to make sure that when you place your item it is flat and evenly distributed. While the fault is not necessarily with the machine’s heating surface itself, you will need to ensure that the material you will be transferring to is flat, straight, and smoothly laid out. Avoid lumps and seams when making your transfers. One trick you can use to make sure your T-shirt is straight is to align the tag. The best operation is when the top and the bottom heating surfaces are perfectly aligned and closed.
  • A step most first-time users might not have considered is testing the print before applying it on the T-shirt. The need to test your print is more pertinent when you consider how expensive transfer paper is. Testing the design on regular paper first to check for errors, misalignments, and other goofs will save you valuable transfer paper for the real job. Also, to be absolutely sure of the final results, first test your transfer on a piece of material or old shirt that you will discard.

How To Take Care of Your T Shirt Printing Machine

  1. Your work area should be free of dust for your sublimation machine to work more effectively. Clean your work area frequently. Every few months you may also use an air duster to clean the electrical areas of your sublimation machine.
  2. Keep your upper platen clean of excess residues or inks. This you can do with a moist, soft flannel or cloth once or twice per month. You can clean off the melted ink while the press is still hot. Don’t burn yourself! If that is not possible, or it doesn’t work, turn off the machine and wait for it to cool down before using a household surface cleaner or recommended solvent to wipe the ink off. Never use metal scrapers or abrasive scrubs to clean the heating elements on your machine. To avoid ink and another residue in the first place, use a cover sheet or a flexible pad to protect the upper platen.
  3. Prevent wear and tear on your sublimation printing machine by using a lower platen cover. You can follow the instructions on how to use these covers effectively. But, how would you know when your machine is wearing out? Apart from the obvious signs of wear on the high-temperature silicone rubber pad – the low patches on the edges or in the center – you can periodically check for other signs of wear. One simple check is to put paper strips at each corner of the pad and lock your heat platen. Pull out each paper strip. If you can easily pull these strips with the press locked, it’s a sign that your pad is becoming worn. A worn pad will not allow pressure to be applied evenly. To solve this problem, purchase replacement pad kits from your manufacturer.
  4. Apply grease to rods at the pivot or hinge that are exposed on your t shirt machine at least twice per year. Grease the pressure adjustment spindles and units as well. Lubricating these components with recommended high-temperature lithium grease will keep your machine operating efficiently and rust free. Be careful, however, to apply the grease lightly to avoid soiling the garments and materials you will be transferring to.
  5. It is important to always use the power cord that is supplied with your t shirt machine and avoid using a substitute. Your t shirt sublimation machine is a high demand unit which relies on a stable supply of power so voltage and other safety issues must be carefully observed. To avoid fires, do not place your power cord on or near hot surfaces. Keep your power cord in good condition.
  6. Examine your printing sublimation machine at least once per year to check for cold spots. The ability to distribute heat evenly is vital for the effective operation.
  7. Keep spare parts around. Of course, this may sound like a no-brainer, but for some brands, it is normal to expect wear and tear on certain parts, especially if the press is heavily used. You certainly cannot afford to wait for a replacement part to arrive at your shop to continue your production. Common parts that may go bad from time to time include circuit breakers, switches (on/off), gas springs, and even control boards.

5 Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Heat Printed T-Shirt

Mistakes sometimes happen during heat printing. While some errors are unavoidable many are errors you could have prevented.

Indeed, the last thing you need in your t-shirt printing business is a spoilt order caused by the mistakes you or your employees made.

One thing is sure, no customer will be happy to pay for your mistakes, so for the sake of your business and long-lasting relationship with your customers, pay attention to the following five mistakes so that you can avoid them.

  1. Not maintaining your heat press: Any good business operator knows that one of the keys to a successful business is efficiently functioning tools. Optimally performing heat presses are vital to your t-shirt printing business. If you do not maintain your heat press, you run the risk of losing orders, suffering downtime while you wait on repair s, and increased expenses.  By all indications, not maintaining your heat press is a costly mistake that must be avoided. To get the most out of your heat press and to keep your t-shirt printing operation going, examine your heat press every six months to confirm its accuracy in pressure and temperature. A quick and easy pressure check is to place pieces of paper on your platen, lock it, then try to pull the papers out.  If you pull the papers out, it means your heat press does not have consistent pressure. To check the accuracy of the temperature in your heat press, use a temperature gun. Carry out regular maintenance of your heat presses to address operational issues.
  2. Not following instructions: You have a large t-shirt order and are eager and raring to go. You think with your experience in t-shirt printing nothing could go wrong. Instructions are for idiots! Not following guidelines, however, is a common mistake people make. In the t-shirt printing business, failure to follow specific instructions will inevitably cost you big time. Each transfer type has its set of instructions which you need to follow.       Carefully follow instructions on the timing, pressure, temperature, and peel of the heat printing process. Get any of these factors wrong, and your t-shirt printing job is ruined!  To avoid this mistake, follow the instructions given for each transfer type, the fabric you are working with, and the operating instructions for your heat press or other equipment. Accurate application of instructions will result in successful heat printing jobs.
  3. Not pressing the apparel beforehand: This is a step that is often skipped. The results are usually shown in a heat transfer that bubbles or lifts after only a short time. Pressing the t-shirt or garment beforehand is a necessary step to remove moisture. You might not feel it necessary since your garment feels dry, but when you press it, you will be surprised at the moisture you can remove.   To do so, close your heat press on a blank t-shirt and apply heat for around three to five seconds. You may need extra time for heavier fabrics. Watch the steam rise as the moisture is removed.
  4. Damaging the fabrics: This is a mistake that is quite obvious when it occurs. Your fabric is scorched, burnt, melted, or otherwise damaged. Of course, such damage to your customer’s order can be quite costly. You would not want to experience this. It is important to remember that each type of fabric melts at different points. Specific materials require lower temperatures for heat transfer to work. With this knowledge, you can avoid the mistake of placing a low-temperature fabric under high-temperature settings. For example, polypropylene and nylon melt at a lower temperature and 100% polyester will scorch and become shiny because it is quite heat sensitive. It is, therefore, a good practice to test the fabric before you        produce the large order heat printing job.
  5. Being distracted: Another disastrous mistake to avoid is being distracted while you are heat printing. You might be distracted by a customer, a phone call, or any other interruption to your heat printing process. If you lose your focus while doing the heat transfer operation, you are bound to make a few mistakes. Reduce the distractions so that they do not affect your progress.  To reduce distractions, you need to set aside dedicated time for heat printing. Get someone to assist you with the other tasks so that you can concentrate on your t-shirt printing.

So, there you are! These five mistakes can affect your t-shirt printing business, but you can avoid or fix them. Of course, other mistakes not included in this list can affect your business as well. The good news is, mistakes can be avoided or minimized. Use these tips to avoid making these mistakes to complete your t-shirt printing orders.

Final Verdict

Our reviews have taken you through our recommendations for T Shirt Printing that will suit your personal or commercial purposes. We have also shown you a few tips on how to use and care for your new T Shirt Printing sublimation Machine. By now you would have identified the best T Shirt Printing Machine for your purposes and are now ready to launch your next project. There are so many things you can do with the right heat press machine, and you will be satisfied with the heat press options we have presented to you.

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