Best Label Printer for Shopify

The best Label Printer for Shopify can simplify your life by helping you operating shopify business from home. I should let you know — I asked for my first label maker as a birthday gift when I was only eight years old. While my childhood organizing obsession has grown and matured over the years, the necessity of a label printer machine has remained constant. In fact, Good Housekeeping agrees. They list the label maker as the number one organizational tool of all time.

Even so, finding the best label printer for your home organizing needs can be complicated. There are dozens of models available from the simplest label printer to sophisticated models that sync with your smartphone. Discover what it is you should look for in the best label maker, and you’ll be on your way to organizational success in no time.

Top Picks: 5 Shopify Label Printer

Top 10 Best Label Printer for Shopify

Below is our list of the best label maker options. Each has numerous satisfied customer reviews as well as many quality features. Which will be the right choice for your home organizational needs?

1. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers, Multi-Line Print, 6 to 40 Point Font

This model from Brady is designed for an industrial work setting but can make a great label maker for the at-home labeling fanatic. The tough exterior and molded rubber bumpers are ideal for anyone who knows they will be hard on their machine. The ABC keyboard creates multi-line labels for clear identification. There are six font sizes to choose from.

Perhaps the best feature of this label maker is that the label tape is incredibly durable. With tape options such as 10-year outdoor vinyl, heat-shrink wire ID, chemical resistant, and outdoor reflective, there is nothing you cannot stick a label to. Users found this label maker to be perfect for every job, even outdoor or wire labeling.

They also appreciated that there are not wide margins on the finished labels that waste label tape (a common complaint with Brother products). If you are looking for a label maker to tackle even the toughest labeling jobs, this one from Brady will not let you down.

2. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Printer

DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer, Fast Printing, Great for Labeling, Filing, Shipping, Mailing, Barcodes and More, Home & Office Organization

With this DYMO model, you can create and print four-line labels for addresses, shipping, file folders, name badges, and more. The thermal printing eliminates the cost of ink and toner. This machine easily customizes and prints labels using Microsoft Suite or Google Contacts. Just connect directly to your PC or Mac and print personalized labels with your own unique graphics. You can print incredibly fast with this label printer — up to 71 labels in a minute.

Users found the labels print quickly and clearly without any smudging. People also love that you can print straight from your PC without needing the ink of a traditional printer. If you are looking for a label maker that is perfect for high volume yet highly customized labels, this is the ideal choice.

3. DYMO LetraTag 100H Plus

DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker for Office or Home (21455)

DYMO is another popular label maker brand, preferred by many for its affordable replacement tape. The LetraTag 100H Plus is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for labeling anything just about anywhere. With this label maker, you can choose from five font sizes, seven print styles, and eight frames. This model also includes an ABC keyboard, date stamp, and 195 symbols. The internal memory stores up to nine labels.

The screen allows you to preview your labels before printing. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the auto-off function saves power when you are not using it. As a bonus, every Amazon order comes with three bonus rolls of label tape.

Users love this label maker because it is easy for everyone to use. Though some miss the accessibility of the QWERTY keyboard, others noted it is easier to make labels in different languages with this model. If you are a die-hard DYMO fan and want a basic label maker option, this is the right choice for you.

4. Brother PT-D600 PC-Connectable Label Maker with Color Display

Brother P-touch Label Maker, PC-Connectable Labeler, PTD600, Color Display, High-Resolution PC Printing, Black, Black/gray

The PT-D600 is the Cadillac of label makers. Not only is it compact and lightweight for maximum portability, but it also has a wide range of features accessible through your PC or Mac. Used on its own, this label maker has an easy-type QWERTY keyboard with large keys. It prints quickly and has an automatic tape cutter perfect for large organizing jobs. This model also offers a full-color graphic display so you can see exactly what your finished label will look like.

The Editor Label Design software allows you to connect to your computer and create custom labels with the fonts, symbols, and graphics stored on your computer. You can even create labels with logos or bar codes.

Create labels with 14 fonts, 11 font styles, 99 frames, and over 600 symbols. You can save up to 99 of your most commonly used labels and reprint them with ease. Power this label maker with either AA batteries or an AC adapter. Users were impressed with just how much such a small machine can do.

They love the color screen and easy-to-use features. Many people found the ability to connect to a computer to be very useful, especially for small home business. If you are looking for a label maker to connect to your PC, this option from Brother is perfect.

5. Brother PT-D210 Easy-to-Use Label Maker

Brother P-touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker, One-Touch Keys, Multiple Font Styles, 27 User-Friendly Templates, White

Brother is a brand many people think of when it comes to label makers. Their PT-D210 model is an excellent mix of easy-to-use features with lots of variety. With the large, easy-to-read screen, you can preview how your label will look even before it prints.

The one-touch keys give you quick access to all of the extra features such as fonts, labels, frames, and symbols. The 27 quick and easy templates make designing beautiful labels a no-brainer. There is also an easy access memory that stores up to 30 labels for fast, easy printing. This label maker works with both an AC adapter and AAA batteries, so you can easily use it on the go or at your desk.

This model works with many of the label tapes Brother has to offer. They are available in 4 different widths, 10 different colors, and 4 specialty designs such as iron-on and extra strength. Just keep in mind that the fancier the tape, the more money you’ll end up spending.. They love how user-friendly it is and that it has such a variety of fonts and frames.

Many people also mentioned how helpful the AC adapter is. If you are looking for a user-friendly label maker with plenty of variety, this model from Brother is a perfect choice.

6. DYMO LetraTag 100T Plus

DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact, Portable Label Maker with QWERTY Keyboard (1733013),Silver/Blue

This DYMO label maker is the quintessential handheld device. It has two-line printing, five font sizes, seven print styles, eight box styles, and three language options. The complete QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to type quickly and conveniently. The LCD screen lets you see the text, font, and effects on-screen before printing. This label maker prints on plastic, metallic, magnetic, and iron-on label varieties.

The auto-off power saver feature preserves the battery. You can also use an AC adapter. This machine also has a nine-label memory so you can recall all your most-used labels for re-printing. Customers are pleased with this product. They found the labels printed neatly and were easier to see than many other labels. If you are looking for a standard label maker that prints neat, easy-to-read labels this is the perfect selection.

7. Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Multiple Templates Available for Apple & Android Compatible – White

Label makers enter the new millennium with this nifty little PTP300BT cube. You can design and print labels from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth using the free P-touch Design and Print app. There’s a mixture of templates to choose from as well as 450 symbols, 60 frames, and a variety of fonts. The available app works with both Android and Apple devices.

You can use the full range of available label tape from Brother with this label maker. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes for standard labels as well as acid-free, extra-strength adhesive, cable and wire, and fabric iron-on.

People are thrilled with this easy-to-use machine. Many found it to be very versatile and easy to set up. If you are looking for an app-enabled label maker, choose this one from Brother.

8. Brother PT-H110 Easy, Portable Label Maker

Brother P-Touch, PTH110, Easy Portable Label Maker, Lightweight, Qwerty Keyboard, One-Touch Keys, White

Another quality label maker from Brother, the PT-H110 is lightweight and very portable. Though it is small and easy to transport, it still has a full QWERTY keyboard and lots of extra features. With this model, you can select from 3 fonts, 14 frames, and more than 250 symbols. It is powered by AAA batteries or an AC adapter for use at home and on-the-go. You can save up to 15 labels in the memory for quick re-printing.

The PT-H110 uses Brother label tapes available in a variety of sizes, colors, and types. These include standard, acid-free, extra-strength adhesive, cable and wire, and fabric iron-on. Customers found that this no-frills label maker is an affordable option for those not looking for too many bells and whistles. It is user-friendly, and it gets the job done. If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use label maker, this one is a great selection.

What to Look for in the Best Label Maker

Label makers have come far in their technology from the old-fashioned embossing models of the past. Most of the best label maker models use thermal printing, which requires no ink or toner. You want to find a label maker that is easy and intuitive to use. It should have a full keyboard and easy-to-follow shortcuts. No one wants to be wrestling with the user manual just to access the fonts, frames, or symbols your machine has to offer.

Speaking of fonts and frames, the best label maker will have lots of them! Models today can print everything from symbols, icons, and emojis to decorative borders and dozens of fonts. Look for a model that allows you to get creative with your labeling. Many newer model label makers have built-in memory so you can save frequently used labels and phrases for easy access. That can be a real time-saver in a whole-house organizational project.

Consider the warranty on your label maker as well. Many offer a one or two-year warranty, which could be a life-saver if your machine stops functioning after just a little use.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Label Maker

Best Label Maker

Before you purchase the best label maker for your needs, you will want to consider a few things. You may want to purchase a label maker that is powered by an AC adapter. This way, if you do not use your label maker often, the batteries are not deteriorating. If you do purchase a battery-powered option, consider investing in rechargeable batteries.

Another additional expense for label makers is the label tape itself. Replacement spools for some of the more expensive models are very expensive themselves. If you plan to do a lot of labeling, you may want to look for a label maker that uses inexpensive label tape.

The portability of your label maker is also worth considering. Some of these simpler models are lightweight and easier to transport than the more complex models that require computer hook-ups. However, many of the latest models work via smartphone and give you a wide range of selection. Keep all this in mind as you look for the best label maker for all your labeling needs.

How We Reviewed for the Best Label Maker

To offer a quality unbiased opinion, we chose a variety of the most popular and highly rated label makers on Amazon. We read their descriptions and consulted verified customer reviews. You will find a sampling of a wide range of label makers, based on their accessibility, price point, and portability to give you a variety of selections from which to choose.

We also looked at a variety of professional reviews from websites such as PC Magazine, Popular Reviews, and Best Reviews Guide to give you the complete information. That helped us to narrow the list to the best label maker options for every home.

Making the Right Choice for the Best Label Maker

You cannot go wrong choosing from this list of the best label maker options. If you’re looking for the best all-around label maker, the Brother PT-D210 is an excellent choice. The best DYMO label maker is the highly-rated LetraTag 100T Plus. If you are looking for an affordable option that still gets the job done, we recommend the Brother PT-H110.

No matter which of these label makers you pick to suit your needs, your home will never be more organized. Do you have any of these top-rated label makers? Any we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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