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One of the most frustrating things about owning anything made of leather is that the color of the leather fades. When this color fades, you are tasked to do one of two things: Either replace the leather item or find a way to restore the color.

Using leather paint is the only real way to restore the color of your leather items, and in order for you to do this, you’ll need to be familiar with leather paints that can get the job done effectively. Not all leather paints are the same, and it helps to explore different kinds of leather paints are right for you.

Our Favorite Leather Paint

Top 9 Best Leather Paints

1. 12 color leather paint set by Angelus

Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12 1 oz

The most common issue that surrounds most leather paint sets is that they simply do not come in enough colors. Dealing with this is very frustrating, especially if you own leather items of a different color. Fortunately, you will not need to deal with this when using Angelus’ set of leather paint. It contains 12 common colors that you will be able to use on almost any leather item you own.

You might need to choose a different paint set if you need to paint large leather items, such as purses or jackets. This is because each jar in the set has a capacity of only 1 ounce a piece. While this kind of capacity is fine for footwear or other small leather items, it will struggle with leather items that are a little bigger.

2. 4 ounce black leather paint by Angelus

Angelus Leather Paint 4 oz Black

It can take a lot of paint to bring the color back to a leather item that is black in color. Even a black pair of leather boots will take a lot of paint to restore. Fortunately, Angelus’ black leather paint comes in a 4 ounce jar, which gives you all the paint you need to make your black leather items look like new.

Of course, because Angelus’ black leather paint comes in just one solitary jar, this severely limits its versatility. You will need to look for another color of paint or a set of assorted colors of leather paint if you need to restore leather items that are not black in color.

3. Leather paint basics kit by Angelus

Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit, Contains 1 Ounce Bottles of Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Preparer, Plus a 5-Piece Angelus Brush Set (799-01-KIT)

Applying leather paint is a very intimidating task if you are not experienced and do not have the right tools for the job. You will get a lot out of Angelus’ leather basics kit if you are working with leather paint for the first time. The kit comes with 6 different colors and 5 different brushes. This gives you all the tools you need to start restoring leather items.

Because it only contains 6 very common colors of paint that only have a capacity of 1 ounce a piece, you will need to look for a different leather paint set if you are faced with a more complicated restoration project that entails leather items that aren’t so common.

4. 12 neon leather paint set by Angelus

Angelus Neon Leather Paint 1oz 12 Color Set

Sometimes you might want to get creative with the leather items that you possess. Unfortunately, most leather paint sets come in boring colors that do nothing more than just restore the original colors of your leather items. You’ll enjoy Angelus’ neon leather paint set if you want to take a creative approach with your leather items.

However, none of the jars in Angelus’ neon paint set contain common colors, so you will need a completely different set if you want to simply restore your leather items. Also, you may not be able to completely change the color of your leather items, as the limited capacity of the jars don’t allow for large scale designs.

5. Acrylic leather paint starter kit by Angelus

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit by Angelus

Anyone who is new to leather paint can be very intimidated with how to use it. You never know if you are using too much, too little, or how to apply it properly. You will not be intimidated by Angelus’ starter kit of leather paints. With the paint itself being acrylic, you will be able to wash it away very easily if you happen to make mistakes.

Each jar in Angelus’ starter kit only yields 1 ounce of paint. While this is standard for most leather paints, this holds the paint in Angelus’ starter kit back because it takes a little more paint than usual to finish a design when compared to other leather paints.

6. Acrylic leather paint starter kit with alternate colors by Angelus

Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint Starter Kit 12 1oz Leather Vinyl Sneaker

As useful as starter leather paint kits are, most of them contain common colors that can be boring. This can force you to choose leather paint kits that are a little more difficult to use even though they contain the colors you need. Angelus has solved this with its starter kit. It contains different colors than most other leather paint starter kits do which allows you to use different colors but still be able to use a starter kit.

Angelus’ leather paint starter kit suffers from the same drawbacks as any other starter kit does in that it takes a lot of paint to finish a proper design. This means that you’ll either need to stock up on it or switch to paint that is not as easy to use as the paint in this particular starter kit.

7. 18 color, 2 ounce acrylic paint set by Artecho

Artecho Acrylic Paint, Set for Art Painting, Decorate, 18 Colors 2 Ounce/59ml Basic Acrylic Paint Set, Supplies for Wood, Fabric, Crafts, Canvas, Leather&Stone

Most leather paint sets are not designed for long term projects. If the set is not diverse enough in its colors, the bottles or jars in the set simply do not contain enough paint. All of this changes with Artecho’s leather paint set. It contains 18 colors with each bottle containing 2 ounces of paint. There is no project that is too big for Artecho’s set.

The paint in Artecho’s set is not easy to use. You need to have a decent amount of experience in order to use it properly. They do not wash easily, meaning you will not be able to get away with making too many mistakes. This is because even though the paint is acrylic, it is a little more thick than most acrylic leather paint.

8. 4 ounce high gloss leather paint finisher by Angelus

Angelus Brand Acrylic Leather Paint High Gloss Finisher No. 610 - 4oz, Packaging may vary

Leather paint is designed to create a lasting design on any surface that resembles or is related to leather. While these designs do last, most of this paint can look very rough, resulting in a design that may not be as impressive as you may want it to be. 

You will want Angelus’ high gloss leather paint finisher if you are looking for leather paint that can create this lasting impression that you want. It creates a smooth and shiny finish to what you have already applied leather paint on.

Something that you do need to be aware of is that Angelus’ leather paint finisher is not a leather paint itself. It simply compliments leather paint. You will have already needed to apply leather paint on a surface in order to use it properly.

9. Acrylic leather paint matte finisher by Angelus

Angelus Brand Acrylic Leather Paint Matte Finisher No. 620 - 4oz

One of the biggest issues that any leather paint faces is that the finished design is either too shiny and glossy looking or it is too rough looking. You will want Angelus’ leather paint matte finisher if the designs that you create with any given leather paint. It will considerably lower the amount of gloss that often accompanies most leather paint finishes.

Don’t forget that Angelus’ matte finisher isn’t leather paint in and of itself. It is something that you apply to something that you have already painted. You also will need a little more of it than you might want to use in order to completely remove the shine from some leather paints.


Don’t think of leather paints as just paint that you can use on leather. You can use leather paint for almost any kind of surface, not just leather. Leather paint gives you dozens of design options as well as restoration options.

Whether you need to restore furniture or clothing back to its original color or create a sign or any other kind of design on any given tough surface, leather paint can get the job done.

Take some time to see what you can use leather paint for. You’ll be surprised at what kinds of uses it actually has.

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