How To Print On Cardstock Canon Printer

canon printer cardstock

Printing on cardstock tends to be a challenging task if you don’t have experience. It can be more complicated if you don’t have the right printer. Since you can customize invitation cards, business cards, greeting cards, and many other items, it is vital to research if your printer can handle them before attempting to print. … Read more

How Long Do Printers Last

how long do laser printers last

Are you buying a printing machine for the first time or already clinging onto one? Well, knowing about how long printers last will help you find out your machine’s value for money. Also, the information will place you in a better position to know when next to splurge. On average, printers last around 3-5 years. … Read more

Laser Vs Inkjet Printer

inkjet vs laser

When you are purchasing a printer, there are many factors you need to consider to get what suits you; either an inkjet printer or laser printer. You will get confused about whether to buy a laser or inkjet printer. The main difference between inkjet and laser printers is that inkjet uses ink, ideal for home … Read more

How Does An Inkjet Printer Work

how does a printer work

You will find inkjet printers in almost all homes and offices to print photos, homework, invoices, newsletters, quotes, color business documents for business. But have you ever asked yourself how these printers work? The inkjet printers have been around since the early 1980s. They become popular because of cost and reliability. Plus, they are light … Read more

Direct Thermal Vs Thermal Transfer

direct thermal vs thermal transfer

If you are looking for a barcode or label printer, you may have come across these printing technologies: direct thermal and thermal transfer. The two kinds of printing can easily confuse you if you don’t understand the differences between them. These technologies produce high-quality printing barcodes, images, and text. Direct thermal printing uses a chemically … Read more

How To Safely Burn Paper

safely burn paper

Even if you don’t have a paper shredder, there are other ways to eliminate sensitive documents with personal information like bank statements and social security cards. People used to burn documents in the past before paper shredders were invented. Interestingly, it is considered one of the best methods of getting rid of papers. However, burning … Read more

Can You Laminate Your Social Security Card


Laminating documents tend to be a great way to protect them as well as preventing tear and wear. However, lamination prevents access to the original document. The lamination makes it challenging to examine the SS card’s security features, hence becoming hard to tell if the card is legit. The card is made from hard plastic; … Read more

How To Laminate At Home

how to laminate photos

Lamination protects documents from some elements like moisture and wear and tear. Laminated documents always look new and professional. However, most people wonder whether you must have a laminator to laminate your documents. The good news is that it is not a must to have a laminator to laminate document. Don’t worry if you urgently … Read more

How To Shrink Polyester Shirt

does cotton and polyester shrink

You might have gone to a store and bought a polyester shirt only to realize it is baggy for you.  You don’t need to worry since you can shrink it without going to the store to ask for a smaller one. It is very hard to fit correctly on a garment made from polyester fabric, … Read more

How to Seal Vinyl on Glass

permanent vinyl for glass

When it comes to obtaining various decorative pieces of glassware, most people resort to simply purchasing it from whatever source they have locally or perhaps somewhere on the Internet. Now, while there’s nothing wrong in doing that if you like personalized cups and glasses, the truth is that you can make some of your own … Read more