Heat Press vs. Iron: Which is better?

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Heat press vs. iron: Which is better? Which is better for your t-shirt printing business, the heat press or the ordinary iron? It might be a no-brainer to say that the heat press is better since it is a piece of equipment developed especially for businesses like t-shirt printing. The household iron, on the other … Read more

How To Start A Heat Transfer Business

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Are you thinking of starting a heat transfer business that specializes in using heat press? If you do, you only need to secure some things to get you started in running and making money from your business. Start with the research process. Research The research process entails knowing more about your market, which is a … Read more

How To Choose The Right Heat Press

Did you ever wonder how that graphic was put on that Tee shirt your friend was wearing?  Or how that cartoon appeared on that inexpensive mug?  Or how that picture was applied to that puzzle on which your child was working? Welcome to the introduction of the mighty heat transfer press. Chances are you would … Read more

7 Ideas to Use Your Scrapbooking Stamps

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The silicone seals are one of the most used products in scrapbooking. Discover in this post how to use your scrapbooking stamps in  7 different ways . Hello girls! How is everything? I hope that well . Today we are going with a post that surely many of you will be interested in: What do we mean by stamps for scrapbooking? How to use silicone stamps … Read more

How to Properly Use Rubber Stamps

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You would think it would be obvious, the best way to use a rubber stamp. But have you had your stamped impressions turn out grainy and gray? Have you ever, like me, had to decide whether to chuck that envelope you just stamped? Or tried to decide whether the person you’re sending it to would … Read more