Hanes Vs. Gildan

by Anthony Clark

When it comes to black T-shirts for a business, the two names that immediately come to our mind are Hanes and Gildan. In fact, because all of these companies are equally popular in this industry, it's often difficult to choose which is better for your purpose and business. Anyone who runs a T-shirt printing, printing, or heat transfer business has likely come to this fork in the road. If you don't know the difference between a Gildan and a Hanes T-shirt, it can be difficult to decide. We've gathered most of the sneak peeks & minor details about both brands, evaluated them, and come to a complete halt. The distinctions between Gildan and Hanes are slight in this case, causing confusion.

Hanes T-shirts

Hanes T-shirts
Hanes T-shirts

The Hanes is the forerunner brand of North Carolina in the United States. They began their journey from 2006 with t-shirts like Beefy-T, a bulky fabric blank T-shirt for men, was the beginnings of said Hanes T-shirt line. The T-shirts were thicker than other T-shirts on the market at the moment, but they were also softer. Hanes later expanded into female's blank T-shirts, socks, leggings, tops, children's clothes, and a variety of men's shirt & T-shirt selections. Hanes currently focuses on children's men's and women's underwear. Given that Hanes, a US clothing manufacturer, used to recruit American workers and manufacture their apparel in the United Kingdom, you may assume that you will receive the product from there. Most of the company's plants in the United States were closed by the company and it began hiring independent manufacturers in other regions to make its clothing. In the United States, warehouses and distribution centers are the mainstays.

That may cause you to doubt the t-shirts' quality, but they're actually rather good. The tees are really well crafted with a thick weaving. You won't notice any difference in the fabric's worth even if you wash and dry it constantly in the machine.

Gildan T-shirts

First and foremost, Gildan isn't a brand of t-shirts; rather, it's a brand that sells blank t-shirts, sportswear, hoodies and other items for commercial use. If you're curious about its origins, it's possible that it was discovered in the 1980s by two individuals named Greg and Glen, who later engaged various importers from other places and made their product in large quantities. They provide a variety of colors and designs in half-sleeved, sleeveless, and long-sleeved T-shirts for children, men and women. Gildan has attained the status of success in today's world due to its competent quality, accessibility, and comfort. When it comes to quality, the first question that comes to mind is concerning the material. Gildan is constructed of 100 percent pure cotton, which assures screen printing permanence as well as pigment absorbency. These t-shirts, on the other hand, are not just for printing for a specific purpose, but also for everyday casual use. The brand is a fantastic consideration for someone looking for a well-fitting tee. This is due to the fact that it comes in size varying from S to 5X. There are also a variety of shades to pick from.

As a result, we've put together a Gildan vs. Hanes comparison chart below so customers can see the variations and pick the best option for their project.

A comparison chart

A comparison chart of Hanes VS Gildan
Hanes Gildan
  • Hanes offers a total of 60 color options.
  • Gildan provides 178 different color combinations.
  • It is indeed made of ring-spun cotton, which differs significantly from conventional cotton-based apparel materials.
  • It's constructed entirely of cotton and Polyester is sometimes included as well.
  • Because of its inherent comfort properties, it is more expensive than Gildan.
  • Cost-effective
  • Because there are no tags on the back of these t-shirts, they are not only comfy but also easily customizable.
  • It comes with a tag that is bothersome and irritating against your neck.
  • Despite the fact that Hanes t-shirts are bulkier than Gildan, they win out because of the reinforced stitching and strong appearance.
  • Gildan t-shirts are thick and breathable.
  • Although all of these are purpose t-shirts, the upfront cost of purchasing them in bulk for screen printing can be stressful!
  • It's perfect for a business of screen printing company.
  • Hanes T-shirts are unquestionably more comfortable than Gildan or any other manufacturer of blank T-shirts.
  • In terms of comfort, they are comparable to any other brand on the market.

Other Features

  • Even though both weigh the same, Hanes T-shirts are somewhat denser than Gildan T-shirts. Hanes Beefy Tees are thicker and appear more solid even in white and light toned T-shirts.
  • When opposed to Hanes blank T-shirts, Gildan T-shirts are slightly see-through; the designs on the back of the T-shirt can be seen from the rear.
  • Gildan T-shirts have a lighter, softer feel to them, as if they've been washed a few times. Although Gildan T-shirts are comfortable to wear, they may not hold up to repeated washings.
  • Hanes T-shirts have a thicker, better sewed collar that can survive more washing than Gildan T-shirts; Gildan T-shirts have lighter stitching.
  • Hanes T-shirts may need a few washes (at least five) to become as soft as a new Gildan T-shirt straight from the package.
  • When it comes to price, Gildan T-shirts are at least 60 cents less expensive than Hanes T-shirts. This may not seem like a significant difference per shirt, but if you operate a business and order blank T-shirts in quantity, the difference can be significant (in the hundreds of dollars). T-shirts from Gildan are significantly less expensive than T-shirts from Hanes.
  • As a result of the overall comparison, Hanes T-shirts appear to be a better choice than Gildan T-shirts, despite being somehow more expensive. Despite the fact that both T-shirt brands weigh the same as each other and have similar features, Hanes T-shirts are simply superior in terms of quality.

Putting It All Together

As this Hanes vs. Gildan comparison comes to an end, lastly putting the things all together with a hope that you found the information useful. I believe you've noticed the differences in the two t-shirt brands. If you're purchasing in a bulk and saving money is a top priority, Gildan is unquestionably the best option. However, if you want to choose solely on quality, Hanes is the way to go. Hanes tees are thick, long-lasting, and comfy.

Some frequently asked questions:

Although all the information related to Hanes vs. Gildan is explained above but still there are some frequently asked questions which are needed to be answered

1. Is there a difference between Gildan and Hanes?

Hanes Men's Tagless Cotton V-Neck Undershirt - Multiple Packs and Colors
Hanes Men's Tagless Cotton V-Neck Undershirt - Multiple Packs and Colors

Answer: Gildan t-shirts are made entirely of cotton in the great majority of cases. Cotton is used in Hanes t-shirts as well, but it isn't conventional cotton. It's constructed of ring-spun cotton, which is more durable than the cotton used in most Gildan tees. Hanes t-shirts seem to be more comfortable to wear as a result of this.

2. Is Hanes a deplorable business?

3 Cotton Hanes® T-shirts White, M
3 Cotton Hanes® T-shirts White, M

Answer: In the past, Hanes has been criticized for unethical labor practices, but it has taken steps to confront and rectify these problems. The company is currently a leader in environmental sustainability and is a member of the Fair Labor Association.

3. What exactly does Gildan 5000 stand for?

Gildan 5000 - Heavy Cotton T-Shirt - Texas Orange - Large
Gildan 5000 - Heavy Cotton T-Shirt - Texas Orange - Large

Answer: Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton: The Heavy Cotton is about midway between the Extra and the Soft style in weight, making it the ideal compromise between people who desire a thick shirt and those who prefer lighter, more fashionable clothes.

4. Gildan is used by which brand?

Answer: Gildan owns well-known brands such as Anvil, Comfort Colors, and American Apparel. Apart from owning well-reputed brands that can be found in any mall, their items also power a large number of custom garment businesses. The company's rapid rise to the top of the apparel sector is not a fluke.

5. Is Hanes made in the United States?

Hanes Ultimate Men's Control Crew Neck Undershirt-Multiple Packs Available, White-6 Pack, X-Large
Hanes Ultimate Men's Control Crew Neck Undershirt-Multiple Packs Available, White-6 Pack, X-Large

There are currently no Hanes items made in the United States. El Salvador, Thailand, and Vietnam all have Hanes factories. Hanes' headquarters are still in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the company has a number of distribution sites there as well.

6. What are the brands that Hanes owns?

Champion Men's Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie, Script Logo, Black-Y06794, Medium
Champion Men's Powerblend Fleece Pullover Hoodie, Script Logo, Black-Y06794, Medium

Answer: Champion, Bras N Things, DIM, JMS/Just My Size, Gear for Sports, Lovable, Berlei and Playtex, Bali, Bonds, Nur Die/Nur Der and Maidenform are some of the company's well-known brands. Sportswear, hosiery, Underwear, intimates and socks from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Honduras are also included.

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