Heat Press Vs Screen Printing: Two Best Methods for Printing T-Shirts and Promotional Items

by Anthony Clark

Fashion is vital when it comes to appearance and attraction. Most people choose to print their clothes. Promotional items also come with different logos, styles, and arts. These arts may include pictures of images of prominent people and celebrities. Other people prefer printing images of different m-aps of different countries of the world.

Interestingly, some individuals go as far as printing pictures of flags. I have a t-shirt with the printing of my name. It is fantastic to be stylish and outstanding, so you can choose which style you want for your clothing wear.

This blog post will unfold for you the two best methods you can use to print any cloth, mainly t-shirts. As you continue reading- it, you will discover even the importance of each technique.

Again, we will put the advantages and disadvantages of each method clear for you. The post will also explain the step-by-step guidelines and practices you can use to achieve your suitable styles and designs.

Before looking at these two methods, it is worth explaining their significance and what printing is.

What you need to know about printing

What you need to know about printing
What you need to know about printing
  • Printing is creating new images on a surface. The surface, in this case, may include anything from clear paper to even a clean cloth.
  • To add more, allow me to explain it from the approach of computer service centers, that is, places where you mostly go to find help when you need a computer service such as photocopying, branding, and even typesetting.
  • The service providers in these places use a machine called a printer to engrave writings on a transparent sheet of paper.
  • The reports sometimes have different colors, different shapes, and different sizes.
  • This article will, however, focus on the printing of t-shirts and promotional items.
  • You may be wondering what their promotional items are. Do not worry because that is what this blog post is all about, and after this, you shall know what the hell they are.

Below are some descriptions of t-shirts and promotional items.


  • A t-shirt is a type of gadget that we wear as a cloth.
  • They have different designs depending on the gender of the owner.
  • Male t-shirts have a shape like that of a cross and hence the name t-shirt.
  • Most t-shirts for ladies have short sleeves. The sleeves do not go far much beyond the armpits.

Promotional items

  • Another term for promotional items is promo items.
  • The short form sounds simple and easy to master for most people.
  • Promo items are available in business places and online business sites.
  • Most businesses use these items for advertising their goods and services to their customers.
  • A good example is that of Safaricom Company. Most vehicles of the company have a specific color of painting and a specific logo.
  • They can only achieve these paintings and pictures by printing. The online promotional items come in online ads, which pop up as you surf through the internet. In these items, you will see t-shirts with unique printings on them.

Now that you already know what we are talking about, let us move to all the methods and discuss them.

The two methods include:

a) Using heat press machine

b) The screen printing method

Factors to consider before choosing the right method

It would be best to be keen before deciding on the method you want to use for printing operations. So it is essential to consider the following factors before you start printing using any of the two methods.

a) Quality:

  • Ensure that you pay attention to the quality of the outcome you are craving.
  • The two methods deliver results of different quality.
  • One of them will tend to result in an image that will fade away faster than the other. Another one will produce a printout of a very brilliant and brighter color than the other.

b) Cost:

  • This is a significant factor to consider.
  • Remember to go for the method that will suit your pocket; that is, use a technique that you will afford depending on the number of t-shirts you will have in place for the printing.

c) The number of colors you want:

  • The two methods are different in terms of the number of colors you can apply during the process. Heat press, for instance, will allow you to use as many colors as you want.

Heat Press Method

  • It is the most recent advancements in the shirt print plan. In layman language, it includes squeezing your schedule into the material utilizing a warmth move machine.
  • Then, at that point, you can apply a critical factor of between 50 to 90 pascals and a temperature of around 390 degrees Fahrenheit to implant the plan into the textures.
  • Before utilizing heat press machine surveys to do the hard work, you need to plan the fine art first on a piece of paper. Then, at that point, move that part to your texture utilizing a warmth press machine.

They include:

a. Vinyl heat move

  • Heat move vinyl audits include cutting little bits of shapes or plans then, at that point, moving them into a shirt.
  • For everything to fall into place, you will utilize a warmth press machine. It will permit you to print on-off plans or even produce them in mass numbers.
  • Unlike the screen printing technique, the vinyl heat move permits you to print various shadings. It is most appropriate to print pullovers of athletic apparel, trademarks, or little multicolor illustrations.
  • Article of clothing printed from the vinyl heat move are tough and stay longer.

b. Computerized print heat move:

  • The ideal print is the first plan and afterward imprinted on uncommon exchange paper utilizing a dissolvable ink if you have visited a site called t spring, which is what they use to make their shirt.
  • To begin with, you plan the work of art utilizing a PC, then, at that point, the organization change that craftsmanship into an exceptional paper using dissolvable ink.
  • Assuming you need to mass-produce shirts of the comparative plan, the advanced print heat move is financially savvy.
  • Most organizations that are into the printing business are embracing the advanced print heat move strategy.
  • Pieces of clothing printed through heat move strategies are excellent, and they will, in general, have high goal pictures. Warmth press techniques can take you 4 to 5 minutes to print solitary textures.
  • If you manage complex shading height, heat press will be better for you than screen printing strategy.


Read through to discover the key advantages of this method.

  1. Unlike the screen printing strategy, the heat press is perfect and naturally well organized. Screen printing strategies include loads of synthetic mixes that might be hazardous if you are a conscious individual's well-being
  2. You have ensured a great article of clothing because the warmth press technique utilizes strength ink with cutting-edge graphical programming bundles; this makes work more straightforward and gives you adaptability.
  3. Dissimilar to the screen printing technique that uses one tone, you can utilize a variety of shadings with a heat press strategy.
  4. Warmth press is reasonable and straightforward to set up. It is a printing strategy that you can do at home. Screen printing is costly, and you will require gear and synthetic substances that costs.


  1. The following are the main disadvantages of using this method.
  2. For large-scale manufacturing of pieces of clothing, the cycle will be tedious.
  3. The more significant part of the pieces of clothing created will not keep going long. You will not have the option to lay numerous shadings since your shirt will feel cumbersome.

Screen Printing Method

In screen printing, also called silk screening, you use actual screens.

  • These screens have slices to create stencils for the plan.
  • The ink spreads over the screens. The ink goes through the screens directly down to the site.
  • You can apply one tone with each screen, so whatever number of shadings your plan will have, that is the number of screens you'll require.

Heat move or warmth squeezing, then again, includes pressing factor and heat to apply handcrafts to objects.

  • There are a few manners by which this should be possible.
  • You can either warm press vinyl (frequently shaded) onto pieces of clothing or warmth compress an advanced print onto the clothes.
  • Aside from that, there are two principal classes of warmth presses - a few people utilize the iron, which is the less expensive technique, and some utilization the warmth press machine, which is more costly yet more successful.
  • On the off chance that you're doing warm exchange utilizing vinyl, you'll need a machine to make the patterns. You'll then, at that point, use a warmth press to move the hued vinyl pieces onto the thing you're printing.
  • If you're making a computerized heat move, you'll initially print the realistic on an exceptional paper, known as warmth move paper, utilizing an uncommon ink called dissolvable ink.
  • This fantastic link will permit you to move the plan using a blend of warmth and crucial factor. By and by, you can utilize an iron or a warmth press machine, yet we'd prescribe the last as it's simpler to set the right warmth and pressure and frequently creates better plans.

Duration of the Process

With screen printing, individual screens need to be ready for each tone.

  • The issue is that preparing each screen requires some investment, and the printing happens effectively.
  • If you're printing a couple of shirts, you'll figure out screen printing is amazingly tedious, mainly producing many tones.
  • Yet, if you're imprinting in mass, say at least 600 shirts, screen-printing will be very time-effective, exceptionally where one or only a few shadings results.

The time you will take to so each warmth move will continue as before, particularly if you're utilizing shaded vinyl.

  • On the occasion that you're just printing a couple of pieces of clothing, you will figure out this strategy additional time-effective than screen-printing.
  • Yet, if you're imprinting in mass, say at least 100 pieces of clothing, you will see it also tedious.


Here has it all that you needed. Consider following the factors above before choosing a method to use in printing t shirts to come up with- a fantastic design and appealing images.

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