Silhouette vs Cricut

by Karen Jones

Anyone proficient in die cutting machine work always chooses between Cricut or Silhouette. Both are top cutting machines. Novice and pro alike love both brands.

Here is a question: Which is better, Silhouette or Cricut? This question comes to everyone's mind. Silhouette and Cricut are popular cutting machines in the crafting community. The selection of the cutting machine depends on your needs. Each of them consists of features, measurements that serve different needs and skill levels. Whichever you like, you must keep one cutting machine in your house.

Silhouette vs Cricut : The Basics

You will learn the differences between Silhouette vs Cricut in a while. Before that, you must know the essentials of both machines.

Overview of Silhouette Cameo

Overview of Silhouette Cameo
Overview of Silhouette Cameo

Released in 2016, the Cameo is the latest silhouette model in the market. Before cameo 3, crafters had to use two machines. One machine was for cutting large amounts of materials or creating designs. Another was for cutting hard and thick materials. Silhouette Cameo has reduced the workload of crafters. This version allows you to cut most materials for crafting, including vinyl and standard fabrics. The maximum size mat available for use is "12 x 24". You can print anything with a dual cartridge without stopping the machine.

PixScan technology comes with Cameo. With PixScan, you can use images captured from a smartphone or camera. You can send pictures to Silhouette Cameo.

Take the benefit from the ''Scan and Cut'' feature that allows you to send pictures to a printer. Once your images are ready for print, send them for print to the Cameo. You can then cut printed images according to your customized settings.

You can also buy an Auto blade accessory. It will remove adjustment settings, and you won't have to use regular blades on a cutter.

The best part of this version is it includes Studio Designer software. Now you can create your designs or import existing designs. The software is incredible and detailed. You may spend some time getting used to it if you haven't used Silhouette before. No need to worry if you struggle at first. There are plenty of tutorials available on the internet that will help you.

The cutting speed of Cameo is 10. The weight of the machine is 6 pounds. It has a dual Cartridge is gear-driven

Cutting power was the standing issue in Silhouette machines. Many crafters were longing for high cutting power. Finally, Silhouette has introduced the feature in Cameo 4. The Silhouette Cameo has 5kg cutting power. Cameo allows you to cut thick material.

If you work with vinyl, you will love the built-in cutter and roll feeder. After a cut, you can shorten the leftover pieces of vinyl. You can hold 140 feet, long roll feeder.


  1. Fast and accurate cutting
  2. Built-in cross-cutter and roll feeder
  3. New interface
  4. Silhouette has kept the price down


  1. Old Silhouette tools are not compatible with this model.
  2. You can't import SVGs in the basic version of Silhouette Studio for free.

Overview of Cricut Maker

Overview of Cricut Maker
Overview of Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker is a powerful and professional cutting machine. It came into the market in 2017. Still, its standards are incomparable. No cutting machines have managed to replace the Cricut maker.

The technical efficiency and power of machines play vital roles in crafting. Likewise, tools are as essentials as the skills of a crafter. The outcome of a project depends on the quality of the cutting tools. With Cricut Maker tools, you will do incredible work.

Let's discuss the tools. The adaptive tools system is an incredible addition to Cricut Maker. It adjusts and controls your cut pressure with gentle force. They have also released new tools in the Maker:

  1. Knife blade
  2. Rotary blade
  3. Perforation blade
  4. Wavy blade
  5. Unique pens

You can work with hard materials like balsa wood or leather with the Cricut Maker. The best thing is, you don't have to make any cuts by hand. The Maker has cut as hard as wood to as soft as silk.

That said, Maker has also simplified gliding and rolling action. Thanks to its cutting features. Cricut Maker has opened many business opportunities for crafters. Now, you can have more customers.

Cricut maker works the same as other cutting machines. In Design Space software, you can cut, load and draw patterns. This software allows you to select and arrange the tools and materials of your project.

Design Space is easy-to-use software. You can import designs from Adobe Illustrator.


  1. Cricut Maker has incredible tools that allow you to create any virtual project.
  2. It produces detailed cut at 2x speed
  3. Sewing Pattern Library mark and cut your fabric. You don't have to cut by hand
  4. IOS app in Design Space allows you to place and charges any mobile phone


  1. Cricut Maker is expensive.
  2. It has limited space.
  3. Design Space software is web-based and requires an internet connection. Without access to the internet, you can't use the machine.

What Is the Difference Between a Cricut and Silhouette Machine?

What Is the Difference Between a Cricut and Silhouette Machine?
What Is the Difference Between a Cricut and Silhouette Machine?

Now you are aware of the basics of both machines. You have an idea of the differences between Cricut and Silhouette. Here are the few features that differentiate Silhouette from Cricut

Strength of Blade

When it comes to blade strength, Cricut is powerful than Silhouette. A heavy-duty machine in Cricut Maker allows you to cut thicker material.

German blade of Cricut Maker lasts longer than the blade of Silhouette Cameo 3. Whereas in Cameo 3, you can't work with leather, aluminum or cork.


Silhouette Design Studio has diverse and sturdy features. It gives freedom to create projects. You can start from a blank sheet to create an image. These images will be professional as compared to others available online.

You must know that it requires more time to learn Silhouette software than Cricut. But, it will be beneficial for you. You can avail basic version of Design Studio. It is free. Basic version allows you to use.bmp.png, and.jpg files. The professional edition allows you to work with.svg files.

In alternative to design studio software, Cricut Design Space is popular among crafters. It is user-friendly software. If you are looking for a simple design, Design Space is perfect for you. Keep in mind that limited options are available in Cricut. You can't use the software offline. You will need an internet connection to work on Design Space.

Other than that, you can use DXF and GXF files in Cricut Design Space. Other files are also available in Design Space. These files are also usable in Silhouette Design Studio's professional version.

Silhouette vs. Cameo: Which Machine Should You Choose for Crafting?

To answer this question, you should know your needs and requirements. You must choose the one which suits you better. If you are a novice crafter, Cricut Maker is best for you. It is simple, easy to use and don't have redundant features.

Cricut maker is not suitable for professional crafters. It contains potential material. However, professionals look for a device that is compatible with other materials. Another issue with Cricut Maker is the internet connection. Without access to the internet, you can't work on Maker.

Silhouette Cameo 3 is a versatile software. The strength of the blade in Cameo 3 keeps the project smooth. The blade allows the crafter from cutting material to making a design. It is easy to clean.

The problem with Cameo 3 is you have to upgrade the software to unlock file extensions.

Where to Buy Each Machine?

Now you know the differences between Silhouette Vs. Cameo. You have decided to buy a cutting machine. Still, you must ensure that you are buying an authentic cutting machine. Some sellers sell dark-market products. They don't offer you a US warranty.

The ideal place to buy a cutting machine is an online store. You will find affordable prices on websites like Amazon. Free shipping is available for Prime members. If you're not a Prime member, don't forget to calculate the shipping cost.

You can visit a brick-and-mortar store. Michaels might have cutting machines in stock. Visit their online store to check if the local store has cutting machines in stock.

If all the above options fail, go to Staples. They keep the prices of their product a bit high. It is better to visit all local stores before you visit Staples.

Final Verdict on Silhouette vs. Cricut

So, which do you think is better, the Cricut Maker or Silhouette Cameo 3?

As you decide which one is better, you must consider the amount of work you expect from your die cutter.

Do you want to use this as a hobby? Do you want to start your business?

You must answer these questions before purchasing any machine. Your desire to learn software will help you in forming an opinion.

Apart from your research, ask the opinions of your crafting friends. Their opinion will help you in decision-making.

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