Best Photo Scanners with Auto Feeders: Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

by Anthony Clark

Want your photos as a soft copy so you can use them anytime you want online? You're in luck.

Photo scanning is an incredibly stressful process. More because you have to scan each photo into a soft copy manually. The good news is that there are lots of tech gadgets that make life nice and easier. One such gadget is a photo scanner.

Photo scanners are pretty much scanning machines. However, some scanning machines function primarily to scan photos rather than your everyday office document. This does not mean you can't use just about any scanning machine. Some other office machines come with scanning functionalities.

Editors' Picks for Top Photo Scanners With Auto Feeders and Buying 2021

A good example of such a machine is a modern multi-functional all-in-one printer. Such printers not only allow you to print documents whenever you need to. They also have functions that let you fax and scan. Some even act as copiers so you can duplicate important documents when you do not necessarily have the soft copy.

As good as the prospect of having a scanner that lets you upload photos and colored documents to your website sounds, there are so many factors one has to consider. For one, different brands are producing the scanners. And to make decision-making difficult, they all come with unique features that you can't but want to use.

Now, of course, one can simply decide to get a Photo scanner just because they need it. However, if you are looking to make an informed decision, we got the best guide to buying a photo scanner right here.

Factors to consider when buying a scanner

Factors to consider when buying a scanner
Factors to consider when buying a scanner

As earlier stated, a scanner is different from a photo scanner. Photo scanner comes with a bunch of features that set them apart. Here are the most important ones to consider:

Auto feeder

The utility and functionality of a scanner is the first thing to consider. Most photo scanners have auto feeders that automatically scan photos. They work pretty much the same way most business printers work.

You place a stack of photos into the feeder tray and the scanner automatically pulls them in one after the other for scanning. The scanned image is then stored in its memory even when the photo is removed.

While this sounds like a minor factor, you will be surprised at how important it is. A good reason is that it removes human error. There is no danger of you mixing up the photos or important colored documents because you lost concentration or had to run an errand while scanning. This inadvertently also means it saves time. You simply don't have to say with the scanner all day and scan each picture one image at a time.

Ease of Use

This is intuitive. How easy it is to use a photo scanner can help determine whether it is worth the money. All photo scanners come with software and varying optics and receptor sensors that dictate how they operate. These sensors and accompanying software indicate the difference between the scanning speed and the final resolution the scanned work takes.


Well, this needs no extra explanation. Regardless of how premium a tech gadget is, it all comes with varying features that may or may not influence its overall price. The same goes for photo scanners. The scanning speed, resolution, and storage capabilities of a scanner need to be taken into account when comparing scanner prices.


Photo scanners with auto feeders come in different sizes. Some are made for portable handing while others are not. You have to consider how you want to use the scanner. Whether you want to take it with you on trips to easily scan colored documents and photos. Whether you intend it to be a fixed office gadget for your business.

TIP: The size of a photo scanner with an auto feeder does not necessarily determine the capacity of the tray. In other words, you need to do your complete research without assuming big size equals large tray capacity. More often than not, most auto feeder scanner models can only hold 50 documents or photos on their trays.

Scanning Speed

Scanning documents does not always require haste in an office. I mean, it is not printing! However, a respectable speed is never bad to have in an ideal office photo scanner. The good news is that you do not have to put too much consideration into it. Most of the popular scanning machines available to buy on the market today have decent scanning speed.

Of course, some can simply scan as fast as one photo each second. You still have to consider the capacity of work you intend to scan during each session to help determine whether speed or scanning capacity is best to consider.

Resolution and Network connectivity options

All scanners turn out a different quality of scans. The resolution of the scanned image you get from your ideal scanner must fit what you want. Most scanners offer 600 good dpi resolution. However, for office work that involves pictures, you will need to look for a lot more than that.

Also, photo scanners have varying network connectivity options. Some come with Wi-Fi support, others come with only USB support. A few rare ones support Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth connectivity options.


This is short for Optical Character Recognition. This feature is not common in all scanners. The feature lets you copy text present in an image and convert it into text. Even some of the scanners that have it do not guarantee high accuracy when converting images to text. If you are in the market for a photo scanner, knowing whether a scanner supports OCR can be crucial.

Scanning capacity

Scanning Capacity or Duplexing is the ability of a scanner to scan a large number of photos or documents at a time.

Top 10 Best Photo Scanners with Auto Feeders - Review 2021

We are sure that you now prefer a feeder photo scanner over the orthodox one to save time and money while getting high-resolution photographs.

Let's tell you about the best photo scanners with a feeder.

NOTE: This list is simply a compilation of the best photo scanners. There is no order of buying preference. It is all up to you to consider the features discussed under each scanner and decide whether or not it suits your needs.

1. Plustek ephoto Z300 Scanner - Link

Plustek Photo Scanner - ephoto Z300, Scan 4x6 Photo in 2sec, Auto Crop and Deskew with CCD Sensor. Support Mac and PC
Plustek Photo Scanner - ephoto Z300, Scan 4x6 Photo in 2sec, Auto Crop and Deskew with CCD Sensor. Support Mac and PC


  • Insanely fast scanning speed
  • Auto editing software
  • Provides tons of file editing options

The Plustek ephoto Z300 scanner is becoming increasingly popular as an affordable, reliable and efficient business scanner that gets the job done - anywhere, anytime!

Right off the bat, it seems only right to say the Plustek ephoto Z300 scanner is portable and light to handle. But don't let the weight fool you! The scanner packs some impressive features that make it such a fantastic machine well worth its price.

The Plustek ephoto Z300 scanner comes with a simple auto feeder and can scan a regular-sized photo within 2 seconds. It then converts the scanned photos or documents into an editable pdf. During the scanning process, the scanner gives you the option to crop each scanned image before it is converted into a PDF.

For fragile photos and documents, the Plustek ephoto Z300 scanner has a light roller that ensures no damage is done to your photos.

The compact design and stunning technology the scanner holds not only make it a good office scanner. It also makes it a fantastic gifting option since it is so portable!

The only drawback we have with this scanner is its lack of certain important scanning sensors. For instance, the Plustek ephoto Z300 scanner does not have a blank page or photo auto detection sensor. This means that if you mistakenly load a blank paper in between other documents it would scan it. The implication is that the blank page would also appear in the finished PDF file of the scanned documents.

With a 600 resolution, the Plustek Photo Scanner is the best for large photos. It supports sizes from 3x5, 4x6, and 5x7 to as big as 8x10. Additionally, you can also use A4 size paper or letterheads in this scanner. Besides the 600 resolution, you can also set it to 300 if you don't want a high-quality picture. The Plustek Photo Scanner is not only best in what it does, but also speedy as compared to other variants. You can scan a 4x6 photo in less than 2 seconds and an 8x10 photo in 5 seconds. It enables you to convert 1000 pictures into digital copies within a few hours only.


  • 600 resolution
  • Fast
  • Up to 8x10 picture scanning
  • Efficient
  • Mac and Windows compatible

What we love about this scanner

  1. It can be called the simplest device to scan documents and photos.
  2. It is more efficient than a flatbed scanner and gives instant results.
  3. You can restore old and damaged photos through this scanner's advanced technology.
  4. You can download the latest version on the Plustek website.
  5. The Plustek Photo Scanner is Mac and Windows compatible.

2. Epson DS-320 Mobile Scanner with ADF: 25ppm, TWAIN & ISIS Drivers, 3-Year Warranty - Link

Epson DS-320 Mobile Scanner with ADF: 25ppm, TWAIN & ISIS Drivers, 3-Year Warranty
Epson DS-320 Mobile Scanner with ADF: 25ppm, TWAIN & ISIS Drivers, 3-Year Warranty

If you are looking for a scanner that scans more than just paper, the Epson DS-320 Mobile Scanner with ADF can be your go-to choice. With a 1200 resolution, the scanner offers high-quality images to be used for numerous purposes. You can connect it to the monitor conveniently with a USB cable. It is the fastest scanner in its class with 25 ppm/50 ipm and scans both sides in one pass, saving your time. It uses a USB 3.0 or AC, depending on what's available without restriction to only one cable type. It comes with both TWAIN and ISIS drivers to make scanning an easy task that you don't have to worry about. They save you from the effort of editing these documents and modifying them into a different form.


  • Paper, receipt, business card, photo
  • 1200 resolution
  • 25 ppm/50 ipm scan speeds
  • 3-year warranty
  • Windows and Mac compatible

What we love about this scanner

  1. The Epson DS-320 Mobile Scanner with ADF allows you to scan photos along with different types of paper.
  2. It comes with a three-year warranty and free replacement on the next business day.
  3. It is among the most efficient models from its class, with incredible speed and easy software integration.
  4. The scanner works perfectly with Windows and Mac PC.
  5. The size makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

3. Epson Workforce ES-865 High-Speed Color Duplex Document Scanner with Twain Driver - Link

Epson Workforce ES-865 High Speed Color Duplex Document Scanner with Twain Driver
Epson Workforce ES-865 High Speed Color Duplex Document Scanner with Twain Driver

The Epson Workforce ES-865 High-Speed Color Duplex Document Scanner with Twain Driver is the right choice for regular office use as it is suitable for paper, business cards, and receipts. It connects to your monitor through a USB cable and provides a document-type scan on the screen. This scanner is a piece of art and made with the best technology as it scans both sides of the document in a single pass without you having to flip it over. You can easily save and review the scanned documents for later use. It has a massive feeding capacity of 100 documents, which saves you from the trouble of repeatedly feeding them or flipping the document for the other-side scan.


  • USB connection
  • 300 resolution
  • Color LCD
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Up to 7000 sheets per day

What we love about this scanner

  1. It includes the TWAIN driver to ensure easy integration with any scanning software for operation.
  2. The scanner is Mac and Windows compatible so that you can visualize your documents on your PC easily without any interruption.
  3. You can scan your documents and save them automatically to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.
  4. This scanner can manage various papers, including ID cards, receipts, business cards, delicate sheets, and many more.
  5. The Epson Workforce ES-865 High-Speed Color Duplex Document Scanner comes with double-feed detection and Skew correction to avoid any mistakes in scanning.
  6. It is incredibly easy to use with the LED and convenient-use buttons.
  7. The built-in Nuance OCR helps create editable documents and PDFs to be forwarded directly.

4. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Scanner - Link

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 Deluxe Versatile Cloud Enabled Document Scanner with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac or PC, Black
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 Deluxe Versatile Cloud Enabled Document Scanner with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac or PC, Black


  • Instant and fast scanning.
  • Easy to use thanks to its intuitive software.
  • Auto color detection sensors that guarantee quality scanning.
  • Optical sensors for optimal photo scanning.

Fujitsu is one of the most popular and respected brands to buy from when it comes to office equipment. From laptops to printers to copiers to scanners, the brand pretty much produces quality machines.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 scanner is a wireless photo scanner with an auto feeder that lets you scan documents or photos to your computer within seconds. It supports both 2.4 as well as 4GHz Wi-Fi networks.

It comes with amazing software that allows it auto-detect and scans documents or photos quickly. The scanner can scan about 40 pages per minute. Even better, the software can easily organize the different documents it scans provided you provide a specific tag to differentiate them.

The auto feeder can hold 50 sheets of A4 paper. It can also hold up to 45 photos at once. It has auto color detection sensors, sensors that detect rotation and size as well as a blank page detector sensor. In all honestly, you don't have to worry once you load the documents or photos you intend to scan into the scanner.

The only drawback is it is more suitable for small and medium-sized offices than large industrial offices.

5. Epson WorkForce ES-400 - Link

Epson Workforce ES-400 II Color Duplex Desktop Document Scanner for PC and Mac, with Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and Image Adjustment Tools
Epson Workforce ES-400 II Color Duplex Desktop Document Scanner for PC and Mac, with Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and Image Adjustment Tools


  • Fully compatible with TWAIN software
  • Can scan any size of paper up to A3
  • ScanSmart software

Just like Fujitsu, Epson is another one of those brands you tend to expect quality products. The Epson WorkForce ES-400 does not disappoint in the least bit. It can be used to scan anything as small as a business card to long A3-sized paper.

It has incredible scanning speed and intuitive, user-friendly software. It comes with dynamic features that let you edit the scanned document or photos. The ScanSmart software installed on the canner also lets it automatically edit the scanned documents if you want. You can then decide to print out the scanned photos or documents. It also lets you create an editable word, excel, and PDF files from the scanned documents or photos.

The Epson ES-400 only has a scanning speed of 35 pages or photos per minute. All scanned documents are captured in maximum dpi resolutions you do not have to spend time editing the scanned photos. The scanner is also capable of scanning both sides of a page in one run.

You will be happy to know that the Epson workforce ES-400 comes with full support for TWAIN drivers. It also has a USB 3.0 port that makes it possible to connect both Windows and macOS computers without difficulty.

6. Xerox DocuMate 3125 Scanner - Link

Xerox DocuMate 3125 Duplex Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
Xerox DocuMate 3125 Duplex Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)


  • Can simultaneously scan both sides of a paper at the same time
  • Provides value for money due to its multi-functionality
  • Blank page auto detection sensor

Honestly, there are only a few scanners that can handle the kind of work capacity the Xerox DocuMate 3125 scanner can.

It is not only one of the fastest photo duplex scanners on the market, but it is also one of the most affordable. It can scan about 25 photos every minute at high dpi resolution. It can scan even more pages of normal documents within a minute. It also has varying scanning speeds depending on the color mode the photo or document is in. This varying speed is thanks to Xerox DocuMate 3125's auto color detection sensor.

The scanner supports TWAIN drivers and Mac users will be glad they can use the scanner. It has a storage system where you can store photos and documents with a single touch. It also has software that provides image enhancement. The software also guarantees a high OCR accuracy.

NOTE: It is not advisable to use the scanner as a photo to text scanner. There are better office machines that can do that more efficiently. However, for casual OCR translation, this scanner won't do a terrible job compared to others.

One big downside is that it only scans at a resolution of 200 dpi - which is low compared to most scanners in its price range.

7. Epson FastFoto FF-680 Wireless Scanner - Link

Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High-Speed Photo and Document Scanning System, Black
Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High-Speed Photo and Document Scanning System, Black
  • Jaw-dropping scanning speed. Can scan one photo every second
  • Comes with software suitable for improving the resolution of old photos
  • Specially designed rollers that won't cause hidden damage to photos.
  • Allows easy grouping of scanned images.

The Epson FastFoto FF-680 scanner as its name implies is a dedicated photo scanner. It scans photos at very high dpi resolution. It also comes with Wi-FI connectivity options to quickly send scanned documents to your computer or smartphone.

The scanner has an auto feeder that can take about eighty (80) A4-sized papers. The equivalent of that in normal-sized photos (5inch by 7 inches) is thirty (30). The scanner also has the capabilities to scan photos or files larger than the usual A4 size. However, for such files, you will have to manually feed them into the machine.

The design of the scanner ensures there is no unruly bending of photos or documents while scanning which helps minimize the damage of the photos. It also comes with special rollers that do not leave marks or exert unnecessary pressure on documents.

The company claims the machine is the fastest photo scanning machine in the world. It is capable of scanning a photo every second so maybe there aren't many reasons to doubt the company's claims. Even with the incredible scanning speed, the scanned images still retain high resolution. It supports both Mac OS and Windows computers.

One other important feature that is not common among scanners is dedicated software to fix old photos. This type of feature is mostly only found in dedicated photo scanners of which the Epson FastFoto FF-680 is one. The software helps simulate compatible grains to help refresh the resolution of old photos.

Conclusively, this amazing photo scanner with an auto feeder gets the job done! Whether it is in the office or at home. The only downside is its expensive market value.

8. Vupoint ST470 scanning Magic Wand - Link

Vupoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner w/Auto-Feed Docking Station (Rose Gold) (Renewed)
Vupoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner w/Auto-Feed Docking Station (Rose Gold) (Renewed)


  • Despite its posh and modern build, the scanner is not expensive.
  • Capable of scanning at high resolution
  • Although it does not have dedicated software, it still seamlessly connects to your computer as a digital camera.

As you probably already guessed from the name, this is not your usual scanning machine. It is not even in the traditional square or rectangular box-shaped design you are probably used to. It is even safe to say the Vupoint ST470 Scanning Magic Wand might be the lightest scanner on the market.

So what does a thin-shaped scanner offers you? Well, a lot!

To start with, the manufacturers somehow managed to fit an auto feeder mechanism on the scanner. This means you can leave your "magic wand" portable scanner to do some other assignments.

On purchase, you receive a protective carry case that makes handling the scanner easier especially if you are on the road. It comes with a dedicated OCR software capable of capturing words from scanned documents. The scanner comes with an SD card slot as well as an 8GB micro SD card to get you started. It does not have standalone storage of its own.

Asides from taking less space in your office, on your desk, in your car on wherever you decide to use it, it is also very attractive. This is of course due to its modern yet unusual design.

It had a small LED screen where you get to see a preview image of the scan that you just made. Not just that, the scanner has buttons that you can use to zoom in on the small preview image (up to 8x zoom). While the printer does not have incredible scanning speed, it is still capable of scanning at high resolution (1200 dpi).

The biggest drawback when using the scanner is holding it steady while scanning. A small disruption can easily ruin how the scanned image turns out. To make up for this, the Vupoint ST470 Scanning Magic Wand works both on direct electricity as well as on battery. It has a rechargeable battery (lithium battery) that lets you scan even when you do not have access to a power socket.

One last important thing to note about the scanner is that it comes with a docking station. This mount has both its disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantage is that while the Vupoint ST470 Scanning Magic Wand is mounted, you have to manually feed it documents or photos to scan. When it is not mounted, the auto feeder mechanics quickly click into place.

9. Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Scanner - Link

Doxie Go SE - The Intuitive Portable Scanner with Rechargeable Battery and Amazing Software
Doxie Go SE - The Intuitive Portable Scanner with Rechargeable Battery and Amazing Software


  • Comes with Wi-Fi connectivity options
  • Can function with or without a computer
  • Decent scanned image resolution
  • Portable build and capable of scanning fast

The Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Scanner is the last on our guide to the best scanners for photos and colored documents.

It is pretty small in size and comes with a lithium rechargeable battery. This means you can use it anywhere you want as long as you have the battery fully charged.

You do not have to connect it to your computer for it to scan. It can do this on its own and save the scanned images on its storage. It is capable of scanning only in 300 and 600 dpi resolution. While this is not the best resolution in the world, the price of the machine makes it a budget scanner. It has an SD card slot although it has an inbuilt 2GB of storage.

It has software that automatically crops your scanned images before proceeding to the next scan. As good as this is, it does limit the machine's scanning speed.

As you could probably infer from its name, the scanner supports Wi-Fi. This means you can connect the scanner to your Mac or Windows Computer. There is even a Doxie scanner companion app for iPhone users!

Lastly, the scanner has an OCR feature, though not advanced. It would also come off as a bit expensive to some people.

10. Xerox XD-COMBO Duplex Combo Flatbed Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) - Link

Xerox XD-COMBO Duplex Combo Flatbed Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
Xerox XD-COMBO Duplex Combo Flatbed Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

The Xerox XD-COMBO Duplex Combo Flatbed Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) by Visioneer is perfect for ID card photos and scanning documents and receipts. It comes with a 300 resolution, and you can connect it to a visual device through a USB. It is easy to use and gets your work done quickly. You can scan your documents with a single touch and get the desired digital form of the document or the photo.


  • Documents, receipts, photos,
  • 300 resolution
  • Fast scanning
  • One-touch operation
  • 1500 pages/day
  • Greyscale


  1. It allows scanning photos such as ID card photos in color.
  2. You can convert the scanned documents conveniently into PDF files for our ease.
  3. The automatic document feeder enables you to insert 35 pages at once to avoid frequently adding documents or photographs.
  4. The Xerox XD-COMBO Duplex Combo improves the visual clarity of the pictures to give you perfect results.
  5. You can scan the document directly to the destination with a single touch without multiple steps.

Benefits of a Photo Scanner

Photo scanners are a handy device that makes your life immensely easy at work and home. They are usually used in offices where document and photo printing and scanning are part of the daily processes. Nowadays, it also comes in handy in art and craft businesses that offer customization services. It is important to find the right photo scanner for your utilization, so you don't have to replace it more often.

You can find photo scanners in a variety of types as per your need. The different brands and models differ based on resolution and speed. The better the resolution, the clearer the picture is, and the device will also be expensive. However, if you are looking for a long-term investment, you must choose the best photo scanners with a feeder. One-time investment on the higher end will save you from frequent maintenance and buying a new one soon after the first.

If you are unsure about buying a photo scanner with a feeder and think of reasons to buy one, here are a few reasons that will make you buy one instantly.

Multiple Photographs

When we talk about a regular photo scanner that scans one photo at one time, it means that the efficiency of the machine is dependent on human working. However, photo scanners with a feeder automatically print as many photos at once as you want, eventually saving time and effort.

Easy to Use

The best part about this scanner is its ease of use. You do not have to be adept at using it as it has no rocket science. You can get your pictures scanned and printed at just a single touch.


If you have not seen a feed photo scanner and thinking of it to be massive (according to the functions it offers), let's surprise you. Photo scanners with feeders are among the smallest kind of scanners that you can take anywhere with you.


You may say it is cost-effective, or you may not - depending on your budget. You can get a feed photo scanner for as little as $35. The prices increase with the number and type of specifications you want.

FAQs for Photo Scanners with a Feeder

What is the ideal resolution for photo scanning?

Some photo scanners have as high as 1200 resolution, but you do not do that much for normal use. If you are scanning photos to print them late, go for at least 300 resolution. But, if they are going to go on the web only, 96 DPI would be good as well.

Which scanner is the best for bulk photos?

If you need to scan multiple photos simultaneously, investing in a sheet photo scanner with a feeder is the best idea. They are not highly expensive but easy to use. You can buy one like the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix1500 to scan professional-quality photos.

Should you save the scanned documents as PDFs?

Depending on your need, you can save the document as a PDF or editable file. You should save pictures in JPEG or TIFF for better image quality.

Final Word

So there you have it. Of course, there are many more photo scanners out there. This is why we included a guide on how to choose the right scanning machine for yourself. And for people like me who don't have much time to access all the features a scanner might have, we have handpicked some amazing photo scanners for you!

Having a good-quality photo scanner with a feeder makes your life easy instantly. If you have loads of documents to scan at work or set up a professional photo studio, they can be your best friend. Go for a photo scanner that is not very expensive if it's your first one. Eventually, upgrade to your favorite as your needs arise. Consider all the elements like resolution, speed, capacity, connection, compatibility, and others when you decide on buying one.

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