Best T-Shirt Printing Machines: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2022

by Anthony Clark

Is it your intention to get one of the finest t-shirt printing machines in order to create beautiful imprints on items such as tee-shirts, hats, caps, plates, bags, and mouse mats? You have arrived to the correct website. We've compiled a list of the finest printing machines to support the work of finding the right equipment simple and pleasant. Which is the greatest t-shirt printing machine, and which is the finest machine for making t-shirts? Which is the most efficient t-shirt printing machine? Inside the realm of t-shirt printing, it is among the most hotly discussed subjects. This post will undoubtedly decrease the amount of time you spend searching for the finest t-shirt printer that could suit your specific company needs.

We spent countless hours researching online and putting up a database that included all of the characteristics of much more than Thirty t-shirt printing machines. In addition, we have thoroughly tested all of the gadgets and gathered feedback from consumers. As a result of extensive study and testing over a period of many months, we have compiled this list of the "Best T-shirt Printing Machines so far." we have also provided links for you to make your purchase easier and faster.

Items Size Price check
F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 12" x 15"
Cricut 2 RASPBERRY EasyPress, 12" x 10" 12" x 10"
PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press 15" x 15"
SURPCOS 5 In 1 Tshirt Printing Press Machine 12" x 15"

First and foremost, you must decide on the kind of printing method you will use. Direct printing (which is the costliest but effective method), heat press (which is the most common and inexpensive method), and screen printing are all options (cheap but fascinating process). Suitable models are available for all of these techniques, which may be found in the following list: Furthermore, you must choose the proper plate dimension that you require for your tees and shirts.

Top 4 Best T-Shirt Printing Machines

Top 4 Best T-Shirt Printing Machines
Top 4 Best T-Shirt Printing Machines

F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine - Link

F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 12x15 Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away for Hat Mug Plate Cap T-Shirt 360-degree Rotation Multifunction Combo Kit Black 110V
F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 12x15 Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away for Hat Mug Plate Cap T-Shirt 360-degree Rotation Multifunction Combo Kit Black 110V

In the event that you are looking for the finest all-around t-shirt printing machine, we strongly suggest that you have a look at this particular model. The above heat press is equipped with everything that you need to create high-quality t-shirts as well as other items. For starters, this machine makes it extremely simple to change the pressure, heat, and time settings, all of which are critical for achieving a successful heat transfer result. It is also very huge, and this will enable you to create larger patterns on your shirt due to the size of the plate.

Another feature that distinguishes this model from its rivals is the fact that it may be utilized for a variety of different purposes. It is intended to be used in five various ways, including on t-shirts, mugs, bags, caps, and plates, among other products. Because of its flexibility, it is an excellent option for anybody wanting to extend their company beyond t-shirt production to advertise their company or to operate as a stand-alone enterprise. The reason machine is capable of producing so many various things is due to the numerous attachments that have been included in the purchase price. You may also spin the machine in case of applying heat in a variety of various patterns. Because of its flexibility, using this machine is very easy.

The only major disadvantage of this equipment is that it does not come with any kind of instruction manual in any form whatsoever. If you are unfamiliar to the heating press, it is possible that you may have difficulty finding out how to utilize it successfully.

Thanks to some experience and debugging, you ought to be able to get one to function for you as well as being able to create a variety of various goods for your clients as a result of your efforts.

Numerous creators and professionals prefer the F2C Pro 5 machine, which is available in five different configurations. This machine is simple to operate, and it decreases the likelihood of burn injuries. F2C combination can be used to create an array of goods.

The F2C Pro 5 in 1 printing machine is an extremely versatile and simple-to-use piece of equipment. This machine produces results that are of excellent quality and of professional caliber. The machine is constructed of steel and equipped with a variety of attachments that allow it to imprint on platens of different shapes and sizes. In addition, the device's 360-degree spinning swing reduces the possibility of accidents.

Product description

The swing arm rotates 360 degrees around its axis of rotation. There is a lower chance of injury throughout this procedure. It can produce a wide range of high temperature transfer-printed goods, such as T-shirts, handbags, glasses, trays, cowboy hats, headgear, mousepads, jigsaws, and other similar products. It consists of heat platen with a teflon coating and constructed entirely of solid aluminum. The functioning of a compact design with tiny footprints necessitates the use of less area. It includes a hat, a cup, and plate attachments. Because the different types of heating components are simple to take off and put back on, you can quickly switch between printing jobs with little effort. When contrasted to certain swing-away heat press equipment, this one is very cheap.


  • Swing away is a fashion statement.
  • Plate Dimensions: 12 x 15 inches
  • Rotation in a circle of 360 degrees
  • Kob with customizable pressure
  • LED control system with digital inputs and outputs
  • 1 cured hat/cap attachment measuring 6 x 3 inches (built-in)
  • Temperature range: 1 to 250 degrees Celsius
  • Type: 5-in-1 multipurpose device

There is room for improvement.

Because the heating elements appear to be taking a long time to heat up, this could cause a slight lag in productivity. It is not possible to perform a specific task that needs a heat of greater than 400 ° f.

Cricut 2 RASPBERRY EasyPress, 12" x 10" - Link

Cricut 2 12X10 RASPBERRY EasyPress, 12
Cricut 2 12X10 RASPBERRY EasyPress, 12

The simple circuit press is perhaps the most up-to-date shirt printing equipment available on the market today, compared to other options. It is a small, user-friendly gadget that is intended to take the place of the traditional heat pressing machine. Make no mistake about the device's size; it is not as large as it seems. The Cricut simple press 12x10 can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is equipped with six keys, which allow you to manage anything that you want with ease. The Cricut heat press is significantly more heat stable and very simple to use.

Many people believe that the best way to have a decent heat press work, you must have a large machine in your business. This is not true. That is not only unworkable for a large number of businesses, but it is also untrue. This particular gadget, for example, is very tiny. As a result, it will occupy almost no more space than a normal computer, making it an excellent choice for anybody who does not want to take up a significant amount of space with their printing business. The reality that this device is small does not exclude it from being capable of attaining greater temperatures. With just 3 minutes, it can reach its maximum temperature, which is really quick considering the size of the unit itself. Due to its highest temperature of 400 °c, it is feasible to use any heat transfer technique, including sublimation, with this device. It could also be adjusted to any time of day, which makes it extremely simple to produce high-quality prints on a consistent basis.

Additionally, the plate for this equipment are constructed entirely of nonstick materials. Due to the simplicity of this design, you will have no trouble getting your shirt and printing it. This produces in high-quality images as long as the temperatures, pressure, and time settings are accurate when the printer is first set up. Its main drawback is that it is relatively small, which should be taken into consideration while purchasing this model. In spite of the fact that this may seem to be an advantage, it may really be harmful to your printing. Due to the limitations of this equipment, you will be unable to produce big prints, which will significantly restrict the kind of patterns that you may use on your t-shirts.

There are many advantages to using the Cricut simple press 12x10. Despite the fact that it is shorter than some other expert heat presses, it creates a print on the t-shirt that lasts for a long time. With this gadget, you may essentially utilize it everywhere.

Product description

Circuit easy press is a simple tool that is easy to understand and simple to utilize. Size is compact and less obtrusive. Heats rapidly in just 3 minutes, while other heat presses take about 10-15 minutes to reach the desired temperature. T-shirt printing in less than 60 seconds is possible. The automatic shut-off function minimizes the possibility of leaving the computer running. The use of a nonstick heat plate helps to prevent materials from being damaged. Highly portable and extremely light in weight. Because of its tiny size, you could use it almost wherever you choose


  • The plate area is 12x10 inches, which is ideal for high levels pictures on bigger objects.
  • Top of the heat palette that has been ceramic coated.
  • The temperature push-button control is simple to use and modify.
  • Display of time and temperature on an LCD screen.
  • An audible buzzer sound will ring to indicate that the machine has achieved its optimal temperature.
  • It is possible to adjust the temperatures up to 400 °c.
  • Once the temperature transition occurs, a loud buzzer will sound.
  • The temperature and time parameters that were previously utilized remain in the Cricut easy press specifications.

There is room for improvement.

It cannot be used on a job that needs a temperature of higher over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not suitable for use on adult-sized t-shirts. Some may consider the pricing to be a little high considering the size of the equipment. However, in light of the features it offers, we think this is a wise investment.

PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press - Link

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt, 15x15 Inch, Black
PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt, 15x15 Inch, Black

Many people think, regrettably, that in order to get a high-quality t-shirt printing machine, you must spend a significant amount of money. This is not true. Fortunately, this is not the case, particularly if you opt to buy this model. Despite its low cost, this t-shirt printer is incredibly effective in its performance. It features one of the biggest plates commercially available, which allows it to be much simpler to print bigger patterns on a broad range of t-shirt sizes than it would otherwise be. These plates have a Teflon coating, which makes them totally nonstick and simple to use. They are also dishwasher safe. Despite the fact that this is a more affordable model, it is also capable of reaching greater temperatures, making it simpler to perform any kind of heat press print you want. It is really possible to achieve temperatures of 455 degrees Celsius with this specific machine, and that is the highest temperature on our database. The timer could also be set to run for an extended period of time, thus making it extremely simple to keep track of the time spent on pressing your shirt. With this equipment, the main disadvantage is that the temperatures shown on its display are not always entirely correct. They have a tendency to be either a little too hot or a little too cold, typically within 5-10 degrees of each other. With a little experience, though, you ought to be capable of figuring out how the equipment is operating and should also be able to use it efficiently without encountering too many difficulties in the process. While this may not be the final destination, it is something to consider before making your ultimate decision.

Product description

LCD display for digital time and temperature control. Thick metal frames protect against wear and tear and provide long-term durability. Heat plates with a Teflon coating to avoid harm to your materials. Pressure that can be adjusted anytime. The comprehensive electrical distribution system is comprised of a number of subsystems. For the sake of safety, the electric system is protected on two levels. The working platform is 15 by 15 inches. It is dependable and reasonably priced.


  • 15 by 15 inches in size.
  • Baseboard made of silicone gel.
  • Control the temperature and time using an LCD display board.
  • Range of temperature: 32 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Time Span: 0 to 999 seconds
  • Heating plate with a Teflon coating
  • 110 volts is the voltage.
  • Power: 1400 watts with pressure adjustment

There is room for improvement.

Within the first few usage, you may notice some strong odors. This is normal. However, this is not unheard of for heat press equipment. The odor will gradually go away over time. When using it for the first time, we suggest that you leave the windows open and use a fan to cool yourself down. There is no guarantee that this machine will be available. Some countries do not allow for the shipment of this item. It may be inconvenient to get transfer completion signals from time to time.

SURPCOS 5 In 1 Tshirt Printing Press Machine - Link

SURPCOS Heat Press Machine for T Shirts 5 in 1 Tshirt Printing Press Machine12
SURPCOS Heat Press Machine for T Shirts 5 in 1 Tshirt Printing Press Machine12

This Heat Press Machine has 5 functions in one. Digital Sublimation Print, 12" x 15". A heat press machine for t-shirts, hats, plate caps, and sports bottles with a full 360degree Swing Away Function is included. Specifications of the product Include this swing-away 15" X 12" heat press machine which can transfer pictures and phrases on a variety of fabrics and materials such as cotton, fiber, metal, and bags. It is also ideal for creating gifts, advertisements, as well as a variety of other unique and entertaining things. It is ideal for last-minute Halloween costumes and shirts as well as for creating Christmas T-shirts. You can move the top heat platen 360 degrees round thanks to the unique swing-away function of this product. A more compact and more transportable version of this famous swing-arm heat press is now available. The heating element has been moved away from the base plate, which reduces the possibility of inadvertently touching the region of heat distribution when working with your clothes and transfers also on base plate. Inside this machine, they have included a solid rod, which renders the heat source much more stable and provides equal pressure, resulting in a superior impact of the transference. It is constructed of a mold wherein the electric heating tubes and plate structure are poured together to form a single body, resulting in uniform heating and long-lasting durability.

Product description:

The Control timer is from 0-999 seconds. 900 watts of power 110 volts is the voltage. Temperature range: 0 - 480 degrees Fahrenheit (0 - 250 degrees Celsius) Dimensions of the heating board: 12" x 15" The following are the dimensions of the heating plate (small)." 6 heating plates (big) are required." mug with 11 oz. capacity for heating (3" - 3.5" diameter)


  • Adjustable pressure
  • Swing away design
  • 900W power
  • 5 in 1 functions

Buying Guide for T-Shirt Printing Machines

T-shirt printing machines are classified into many categories.

The clamshell heat press

It is better to access the top platen of this kind of machine, after which the application graphic and substrate are put on the bottom platen. Once this is accomplished, the top plate is shut and the proper pressure and temperature are established. Clamshell machines are more efficient since they operate in a single phase and can process more applications in less time.

The swing-away heat press machine

In addition to being recognized as a swinger, such devices are called swing-away heat press machines. In such swingers, the top or head heated platen glides away from the bottom heating platen and to the sides after being lifted away from the lower heated platen. The sideways swinging motion provides the user with complete access to the bottom portion of the device. It becomes quite simple to organize the design and substrate in this manner. Swing-away needs a wider workspace, but it provides the user with the assurance of working beneath a hot platen without risk of injury.

The Draw Heat Press Machine: Since you are familiar with the clamshell characteristics and want to include an amount of characteristics from the swing away model, this kind may be the best choice for you. The draw heat press is similar to a clamshell in that it opens and shuts. The bottom plate, on the other hand, is pulled out in the direction of the operator, much like a drawer. This draw heat press machine maintains your distance away from the hot platen, resulting in a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. If the automatic model is taken into consideration, that is an excellent machine for printing in large quantities.

According to Manual types they Are Divided Into Categories

Semi-Automatic heat press

To begin the heat transfer process using a semi-automatic heat press machine, you must manually shut the press once it has been opened. If you setup a timer, the transfer will be completed and the file will be unlocked and accessed automatically after the transfer is finished.


The time and temperature of an automatic heat press are precisely controlled. This procedure guarantees that printouts are flawless on every occasion. Heat press that operate automatically are very costly.

Is it better to use a heat press or better screen printing?

The following is the procedure for using a heat press: The use of a heat press machine is required for this procedure. The equipment transfers graphic pictures and patterns to surfaces by applying pressure and heat to the graphics and designs. The procedure is straightforward. Preparation for heat pressing begins with the printing of a graphic on transfer paper or the cutting of heat transfer vinyl using a vinyl cutter equipment before applying heat to the pattern.

Procedure of screen printing

A pattern is sliced into mesh screens, and the mesh screens are used as stencils throughout this method. The screens are applied to a piece of fabric - such as a T-shirt - and let to dry. After that, the ink extends over the surface of the screen.

Screen printing has the ability to create stunning graphic pictures. There are several limits to the procedure. For instance, a single color may be shown on a single screen. For this reason, if you've had a work with multiple colors, then you will need multiple displays. The procedure requires a significant amount of time and effort. On the plus side, the outcome is superior to that of a heat press machine, and the design lasts for a long time.

Which one is preferable?

The heat press is a more cost-effective alternative to a screen printing machine when it comes to fast output and cheap budget. Heat Press devices are less complex and less difficult to operate than other types of presses. The design possibilities are practically infinite, and the costs are less expensive. The ability to create huge numbers of designs at a quicker pace is available.

Consider the following factors before making a purchase:

  • The dimensions of the printing machine: Determine the volume of space you have available as well as the size of your goods.
  • What is your goal?
  • Materials you want to make use of
  • The anticipated amount of output that you anticipate
  • Budget

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which technology offers the most value for money?

Whenever it comes to creating t-shirts, screen printing will be the most cost-effective technique to choose from. This technique allows you to rapidly and cheaply manufacture large quantities of t-shirts with simple designs. You will not be able to print in various colors, though, so keep this in mind while selecting your machine.

So, which model should you choose for business purposes?

Whenever it comes to producing shirts of the finest possible standard, the F2C Heat Press Machine is setting a new standard option. This machine has the ability to create complex and extremely detailed patterns in vibrant colors, making it a great option for customers looking for a high-quality product.

Is it possible to print on sweaters and fabric handbags with this kind of equipment as well?

The F2C Heat Press Machine is suitable for printing on a wide range of various artifacts, including clothing. It is an excellent machine if you would like to extend your business beyond the production of t-shirts. In fact, this machine is so simple to set up and use that it can even be used for printing graphics on coffee cups and other items.

Buy on Walmart

F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 12x15 Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away for - Walmart Link

Cricut EasyPress 2 - Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and HTV Vinyl Projects, Raspberry, - Walmart Link

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt, 15x15 - Walmart Link

Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 - Walmart Link

4 Color 4 Station Silk Screen Printing Press Machine Screen Printer Heavy Duty DIY - Walmart Link

Buy on eBay

F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 12x15 Digital Heat Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away for - eBay Link

Cricut EasyPress 2 - Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and HTV Vinyl Projects, Raspberry, - eBay Link

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt, 15x15 - eBay Link

Digital Textile Printer MT-TA3 - eBay Link

4 Color 4 Station Silk Screen Printing Press Machine Screen Printer Heavy Duty DIY - eBay Link


Finally, identifying the finest t-shirt printing machine that is suitable for your needs is a difficult undertaking. Before you purchase one, you should conduct thorough research on the subject. We hope that this post has given you a better understanding of the finest heat press machines available on the market, as well as the process of purchasing one. Will it be used for personal purposes, such as entertaining family and friends, or will it be used to launch a new company? Machinery for use at home and in the workplace are distinct. Please look for the item you need, learn about its characteristics and warranty system, evaluate your financial situation, and then make your purchase. Wishing you the best of success with your next commercial venture.

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