Best Chalkboard Eraser Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021

by Anthony Clark

A chalkboard is a multifunctional tool, allowing us to express our ideas. Chalkboards are a fantastic addition to any home and are both attractive and useful. Whether you plan to make murals in your kitchen or to-do lists in your office, you will need a high-quality eraser. But, if you don't have the best chalkboard eraser to maintain the chalkboard clean, it will all turn into a mess.

Hence, keep in mind that we are not talking about a dusty old classroom eraser. The perfect chalkboard eraser will give you a fresh start without any mess. The eraser should be durable, comfortable to grip, and easy to put. A good quality chalk eraser will get a bonus point if it has aesthetically pleasing as well. But there are so many chalkboard erasers available in the market. So, let us assist you in finding your top choice in the chalk world.

Top Chalkboard Eraser and Buying for 2021 by Editors

Top 10 Best Chalkboard Eraser

1. Quartet 804526 Little Giant Economy Chalkboard Eraser

Quartet 804526 Little Giant Economy Chalkboard Eraser, Felt, 5w X 2d X 1h,Black
Quartet 804526 Little Giant Economy Chalkboard Eraser, Felt, 5w X 2d X 1h,Black

This Quartet BoardGear chalkboard eraser's felt six strips of dense. You can clear chalkboards without the need for cleaning with spray. It can effectively absorb the chalk residue. You will not find any textures on the chalkboard after erasing. Quartet 804526 is suitable for all types of chalkboards, including peel and stick. You can also use it in your home on dry-erase boards, classrooms, or offices. Daily use of the chalkboard eraser is safe in multiple environments.

Having a chalk absorbing capacity, the eraser cleans even the smallest bit of chalk spot. A powder cleaning feature ensures maximum safety of eyes and stops the particles from reaching your nose. You can effortlessly scrape off hard-to-erase scratches from all-black surfaces or a chalkboard.

Key Features

Easy to hold

The Quartet 804526 weighs about 1.12 ounces and features soft fabric. Having a soft outer layer, the eraser gives you a fine feeling on your hands. Besides, your hands will not feel stressed in any way, even on regular use.

Good Quality

With a fine rubbing layer, the eraser is totally off the hook. It guarantees you longevity and excellent chalk absorption every time. It turns out, washing it once gives you an identical out-of-the-box result.

Made of sturdy materials

Using a wool fabric and a synthetic outer layer, the eraser is non-toxic and easy to use. Indeed, you can work in any environment, avoiding ghost writings at all.


  • Easy to hold.
  • Good Felt quality.
  • Sturdy chalk absorption.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Uneven first round.

2. Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Ultimate Stationery

Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Ultimate Stationery Dry Erase Chalkboard And Glass | 2 Pack Classroom, Home And Office Use
Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Ultimate Stationery Dry Erase Chalkboard And Glass | 2 Pack Classroom, Home And Office Use

If you are suffering from losing chalkboard erasers, then a magnetic eraser might help you. It has a strong magnet making a good grip in hand for attaching with the magnetic whiteboard. This chalkboard eraser is multinational and works well with all popular chalkboard brands. You can clean your chalkboard in the office, on your desk, in the school, or classroom with ease. Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser is a great help for students and teachers.

This eraser has variations in colors under the brand of Ultimate stationery. Magnets are at the bottom of the eraser. Perfectly the eraser will tend to attach with the whiteboard or the surface you will write. Stay attached to the board, but it also works fluently in eliminating any type of marks from the board. Having a great impact by giving a proper product as described in the time of marketing.

Key Features


The eraser has a magnetic field, which allows it to stick to any metallic surface. So, you will not lose it at times of need. You can even attach the eraser on the edges of chalkboards, which have a metallic outer shell.


Having no harmful chemicals, the chalkboard eraser is highly eco-friendly. There are many erasers, which smell bad and will cause allergic reactions. But this eraser holds a good reputation for being user-friendly and is also a good chalk remover.


The problem people face when removing chalk marks is the lack of eraser functionality. But with the Magnetic Ultimate Stationery eraser, you can remove stains from anywhere you want. The eraser is usable in Wood, paper, and so on.


  • Strong magnetic field.
  • 2 Pack of erasers.
  • Easy to use.
  • The Safest chalkboard eraser.
  • Multifunctional use.
  • Easily removes dry-erase surface.


  • Magnets are too weak.

3. Amazon Basics Dustless Chalk with Eraser

Amazon Basics Dustless Chalk With Eraser, Assorted, 24 Pack
Amazon Basics Dustless Chalk With Eraser, Assorted, 24 Pack

This product measures 7.09 x 5.91 x 2.36 inches; a perfect size makes it one of the best items seen on this list. After you hold it, the eraser will fit perfectly in your hands. They guarantee you a quick cleaning over the chalkboard with just a few swipes. Amazon Basics Dustless eraser is as sturdy as it is durable. Even if you fall it to the ground, the material is tight enough to resist the force. When talking about its performance, the eraser will manage to leave a clean surface quickly and easily.

Inside the Amazon basics, there are different colors of chalk which are twenty-four in numbers. Moreover, there is an eraser too. There are variations in the colors of chalks. They make a great marking on whiteboards. The markings are easily removable through the Amazon basics eraser or duster. The eraser you will get with chalks is quite like a duster; it is a basic or normal duster available in the market.

Key Features

Any surface use

The chalkboard eraser is usable on a wide range of surfaces other than the traditional blackboard. You can remove chalk marks from Wood, plastic, etc.


With foam and a plastic outer layer, the eraser is sure to last decades. If you don't lose it, there is no way you can damage it by rough use.


Coming with a full-packed feature of colorful chalks, the set has everything that you need. Then again, you will get a 1-year warranty on the eraser if anything happens to it.


  • Removes markings from surfaces.
  • Suitable size for easy use.
  • It comes with colorful chalks.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • It leaves markings.

4. BAZIC Premium Colored Chalk and Eraser Bundle

BAZIC Products Colored (12 Pcs) + White (12 Pcs) Chalk + Premium Chalkboard Eraser Bundle, Non-Toxic Kids Art Office Classroom Store Home, 1-Pack
BAZIC Products Colored (12 Pcs) + White (12 Pcs) Chalk + Premium Chalkboard Eraser Bundle, Non-Toxic Kids Art Office Classroom Store Home, 1-Pack

The chalk and board combo comes with BAZIC 12 color and 12 white chalk with an eraser set. If you are looking for a chalkboard eraser with a longer lifespan, then this eraser is the perfect fit for you. The following set of an eraser and premium chalk would be a worthy acquisition for many. Having a wood and pine combo, the eraser offers top of the art features and feel. It doesn't matter you do it fast or slow; a simple hand movement with this eraser gets the chalk out.

The materials used in this eraser give you another advantage, which is user comfort. When you hold it in your hand, the erasers feel pleasant. So, it allows you to use them without any struggle. The wooden handle increases the quality of this eraser by a lot.

Key Features

Easy to hold

The eraser has a perfect body-to-weight ratio, and the thickness is just awesome. With the perfect thickness, you can remove any chalk residue and hold with effortlessly.

No harmful side effects

Generally speaking, some chalkboard erasers have harmful chemicals, which can irritate you at times. Allergic reactions may happen if they are not cautious. However, there is no such issue with this chalkboard eraser; it's totally eco-friendly.

Fine dust absorption

When it comes to dust absorption, you can remove even the slightest ghost-writing from your blackboard. The eraser absorbs fine chalk particles into their porous structure and gives you that flawless result.


  • Perfect thickness and size.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Removes markings quickly
  • Safe in all boards.


  • Residue remains after cleaning.

5. BAZIC Felt Chalkboard Eraser

BAZIC Felt Chalkboard Eraser
BAZIC Felt Chalkboard Eraser

The Bazic Felt Chalkboard Eraser is both simple and highly user-friendly. It features a non-toxic, durable, and soft material for everyone to use. Kids or adults can use it for its size and strong grip. The size is 11.5 x 5 x 6 inches in diameter, making it perfect for little hands. The chalk eraser, with its dense felt, offers excellent chalk absorption for all chalk types. The eraser gives you a longer life span and a high cleaning power with a strong fiber structure.

So, when you are taking hold of it, you will feel a pleasure moment. Also, after a long time using it, the eraser will maintain its condition. It's a benefit that comes handily. Despite the eye-catching pattern, the text printed on the wooden handle section doesn't look so nice. Just the brand logo would have been enough.

Key Features

Ghost-writing removal

The Bazic Felt eraser is the best chalkboard eraser in the market for ghost word removal. It has a strong build when you want to remove all visual issues.

Soft fabric and Wood

Having a foam like fabric with a wooden handle, the chalkboard eraser feels right firm and rigid. It turns out you will not feel any irritation while using it and the experience is just fantastic.

Chalk absorption

Due to the wooden handle, you can apply more pressure during usage and remove most writings. The feature makes the eraser fine for education institutions and offices.


  • Available in sets, individually.
  • Good-looking.
  • Decent absorption power.
  • Suitable size for all.
  • Soft consistency for use


  • Uneven wooden text.

6. School Smart Premium Chalkboard Eraser

School Smart Premium Chalkboard Eraser, 5 L X 2 W X 1 H In, Felt, Black/White - 009219
School Smart Premium Chalkboard Eraser, 5 L X 2 W X 1 H In, Felt, Black/White - 009219

With an excellent build, School Smart Premium Chalkboard Eraser outshines everything it's capable of doing. It features reliable felt construction, and you can clean the chalkboard effortlessly. Having a rebound fabric, it also manages to maintain a good shape for a long time. Unlike many other erasers, this product also sells as a single unit instead of sets.

However, the price is worth it as you will have a double-stitched build for good strength. So, it feels capable and powerful and quite simple simultaneously. You can use it to be a handy cleaning tool that classrooms would enjoy. The only drawback, though, is the writing board restriction. Using the board on anything out than a whiteboard leaves spots and writing marks. The school may have a sweet tooth for the eraser as it is highly user-friendly.

Key Features

High Quality

The School smart premium has a fine felt structure, making it great for schools and universities. Due to the high build quality, the eraser will last for a long time and work just a great.

Removes ghost writings

Ghost writings make it difficult to work on a chalkboard more than twice. In general, you need to wash the board with a cloth to start a new project. However, with the School Smart Premium eraser, you can remove any old writing issues.

Good Strength

Having a double sewn build, the eraser will not tear or fall apart any time soon. The structure also makes the chalkboard wiped clean in mere seconds.


  • High-quality at an affordable price.
  • A double-sewn build guarantees strength.
  • Felt construction for better cleaning.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • It makes the chalkboards wiped clean effortlessly.


  • Uneven first use.

7. Sparco SPR1 Chalkboard Eraser

Sparco SPR1 Chalkboard Eraser, All-Felt, Dustless, Black
Sparco SPR1 Chalkboard Eraser, All-Felt, Dustless, Black

The Sparco SPR1 is a straight-point chalkboard eraser. Using it will give you a perfect chalkboard as if your board is new. Just because of this, it is a reasonable product that has gained its place. Also, the size of this product is still another advantage while using this eraser. Having a firm handle space, you can effortlessly hold the SPR1 on your left or right hand.

A noise cancellation feature allows you to erase and avoid all disturbance silently. Working in the library or at a quiet place is now sweet as a muffin, and work progress will just improve with time. It turns out the dust absorption is just off the hook, giving you all the dust protection you need.

Fitting the eraser in your hand feels like air due to its 0.02-pound weight. You can barely see any remaining board writing, giving you a perfect rewriting experience. However, the eraser is quite flimsier than other brands, but for the price, you will win indeed.

Key Features


Weighing just 0.02-pounds, the eraser is extremely light. If you want to gift your kid with light and effective eraser, then try this one out. Indeed, great for kids.

Noise reduction

When you are in a library or writing on your office chalkboard, the Space SPR1 should make a fine alternative. It has a noise reduction feature and letting you work in all workplaces.

Convenient for all

Nowadays, the marketplace is full of erases, but can a 6-year kid use it? The Sparce SPR1 is small but effective for people of all ages. Both children and adults will find it useful.


  • Efficiently dust remover from the chalkboard.
  • A convenient size for children and adults.
  • No noise while wiping the chalkboard.
  • Decent felt build with a professional look.


  • No dustless feature.

8. Premium Magnetic Dry-Erase (Best Chalkboard Eraser low price)

Premium Magnetic Dry Erase Erasers | 12-Pack | Magnetic Whiteboard & Chalkboard Erasers | Dry Erasers For White Boards | Perfect Erasers For The Classroom, Home Or Office!
Premium Magnetic Dry Erase Erasers | 12-Pack | Magnetic Whiteboard & Chalkboard Erasers | Dry Erasers For White Boards | Perfect Erasers For The Classroom, Home Or Office!

Premium Magnetic Dry-Erase Erasers, due to their strong build and fabric, offer you a long lifespan. Having a plastic and pine layer, this premium eraser has almost zero errors. With the easy swiping feature of the eraser, you can combine everything in one go. Whether you wipe it fast or slow, a simple hand movement with this eraser gets the chalk out. The materials offer another benefit, and that is a comfortable arm grip.

High quality plastic handle certainly improves the quality of these products by a lot. Generally speaking, the dimension of the eraser will fit your hands perfectly, removing all arm fatigue. The size and the thickness feel much good when you grab the erasers.

Having a colorful outer layer, the eraser is just what your children will want for their studies. The color also gives it a vivid appearance in offices and schools. If you have any problem using a magnetic eraser, just rinse it in water, and you will have the perfect swipe every time. The best part is, you can just stick it on a metal road and prevent losing it.

Key Features

Compact design

The thickness and overall design of the eraser fit perfectly on your hands and makes cleaning works easy. If you are a teacher, you can quickly use the eraser and start writing all over again.

Highly safe

It turns out the eraser isn't harmful to your skin or doesn't cause an allergic reaction in any way. You can gift it to everyone with a medical condition and find no side effects.

Fine Chalk removal

With a rigid foam fabric, the eraser removes even the smallest chalk particles. So, no ghost-writings and no errors in the final result.


  • It has a good size with perfect thickness.
  • Easy to use.
  • It's safe for various types of boards and surfaces.
  • Removes chalk from the chalkboard quickly.


  • Dust issue occurs.

9. Plastic Chalk Holder And Chalkboard Eraser

Plastic Chalk Holder And Chalkboard Eraser (5pcs Chalk Holder + Eraser)
Plastic Chalk Holder And Chalkboard Eraser (5pcs Chalk Holder + Eraser)

This set includes 5pcs Chalk Holder and an Eraser. So, you can place your chalks on the holder. Both chalk holders and erasers are made from plastic. But don't worry, the quality of this plastic is very high. If you fall any of the holder or eraser, then nothing will happen.

The quality of the plastic will resist breaking or bending with time. And another plus point of this chalkboard eraser is that it has magnets. So you can place your eraser on the chalkboard. These colored chalk holders are made of good quality polypropylene. So it is durable and will not easily lose shapes, non-fading and odorless. The eraser can last for a long time.

Key Features


When you hold the eraser, you will feel the urge to use it again. In fact, the comfortable design feels great on your hands, and the final result is always fine. If you hold it in your hand, the erasers will feel pleasant and struggle-free.

Long-lasting and magnetic

Having a strong build, the eraser can withstand multiple washes with soap and water. To be honest, you will get an out-of-the-box experience every time after washing. With a magnetic material, you will hardly lose the eraser any time soon.


The plastic foam has to bend resistance and so it will not bend or cramp. Squish it or use it as a therapy ball without worrying about it at all.


  • User-friendly build materials.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable to grab by children and adults.
  • Cleaning only requires water and soap.


  • Uneven first-time use.

10. Maosifang 30 Pack Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser

Maosifang 30 Pack Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Bulk Chalkboard Cleansers Wiper For Classroom Office Home(3 Colors, 1.97 X 1.97 Inch)
Maosifang 30 Pack Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Bulk Chalkboard Cleansers Wiper For Classroom Office Home(3 Colors, 1.97 X 1.97 Inch)

The materials of this Maosifang 30 Pack Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser are foam and felt. A lightweight structure gives the eraser its signature durability in all situations. The best part is, you will not hurt the environment in any way as it is highly eco-friendly. There is no unpleasant smell coming from the eraser, which is often irritating.

Many children, especially kinder gardeners, will feel comfortable while using it. The eraser is washable, rinse, and so on. The erasers are a perfect combo for your office, school, and even home use.

Key Features


The eraser has a magnetic base, which sticks to any metal surface you have. This feature helps to find the eraser when you need it the most. Just place it in your freezer, and you will never have trouble finding it.


Unlike many premium erasers with the same features, the Maosifang 30 pack is quite cheap. You will get a total of 30 unit erasers and have fun using them.


The best part is, you can wash the eraser multiple times and have the same quality to work. It truly wipes everything clean.


  • Strong magnetic suction.
  • Long-lasting.
  • High-quality cleaning tool for an affordable price.
  • It gets the chalkboards wiped clean effortlessly.


  • Not an utterly dustless chalkboard eraser.

Best Chalkboard Eraser buying guide

Buying a Chalkboard Eraser for your home, school, or office can be tricky when you don't know what you are dealing with. To get the best outcome while writing on a chalkboard, you need a good-quality chalkboard. The things you need to consider are,

Feel of the eraser

Chalkboard erasers are not small like your traditional rubber erasers. In fact, it is kind of like Sponge Bob fixed on a box. If the eraser doesn't feel good in your hands, getting them would like spending money on a dead cat. Nowadays, there are tons of erasers having the upper hand on comfort and user experience.

A normal chalkboard eraser may cause an allergic reaction due to the presence of toxic chemicals. That is why you have to buy an eraser with a soft feel and no toxic chemicals. Often the feel of the eraser can tell you whether it is dangerous or not.

Where to use and size

We don't always use a chalkboard eraser on a typical blackboard. Writing Boards come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Choosing the right eraser size will make sure you can write on any board there is. When you are not using the eraser on a blackboard, try getting an eraser with more friction. Indeed, you can avoid all ghost writings once you follow this trick.


Trying to find a chalkboard with more legibility? Don't worry. To find an eraser that will last for years is very easy. Either get a pricier one or a strong fabric polymer one. Pricer erasers have all the features you will need for any project. Then again, a strong fabric polymer eraser removes even the slightest left-out writings. In both cases, you will get the perfect quality you are searching for.

How to Clean a Chalkboard Eraser?

How to Clean a Chalkboard Eraser?
How to Clean a Chalkboard Eraser?

Do you regularly clean your chalkboard but still find that it becomes overly dusty? Then this is because you are failing to clean your erasers in the right way. Because of this, your eraser will retain all the dust that they wipe away. And it will spread it onto the chalkboard when the eraser cannot possibly soak up anymore. But these erasers are relatively easy to clean. So try to clean your chalkboard eraser regularly.

  • Get the chalkboard erasers and pound them frequently upon a hard surface like the concrete, or you can beat the erasers each other. Do this outside to prevent the dust from getting everywhere.
  • Now rub the erasers with a white towel. Because of that, you can see how much dust is removing from the felt. Make sure to wash the towel immediately.
  • Turn on a vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting and soak across the chalkboard erasers. If you use the vacuum cleaner on its high setting, then it could probably damage the eraser.
  • Now fill a bucket with some warm water and drown the eraser in. Then use your fingers gently to rub the felt of the eraser and remove any particles of dust. Take out the eraser and place it on a towel. And leave it to dry in the air. It can take a few days to soak the water properly.

After cleaning your chalkboard erasers, you might want to keep these as clean as possible for a long time. You can achieve this by regularly cleaning the chalkboard eraser. Because whenever you clean the board, some dust gets to stick with the eraser. So, clean it regularly.

How to Clean a Chalkboard Wall?

The constant white or gray haze on the chalkboard wall can drive you crazily because our chalkboard wall stretches to the ceiling. But we never write or draw on the top of it. Because of this, the wall is not still consistently gray. Alternatively, it is fine and clear on the top. But the condition starts to become horrible as we progress towards the floor, where only tiny hands can reach. No need to worry, you can clean it like a new one. Moreover, it is easy to clean. So, let's take a look at how to clean a chalkboard wall.

  • Step 1: Clean the Wall with a Chalk Eraser

Remove every dust remaining on the chalkboard wall. It will make the process easier to clean. After you start the cleaning process, you will notice the consistency of the chalkboard wall.

  • Step 2: Clean With Coke on a Sponge

It can look strange, but it works. Because of the small texture on the chalkboard wall, a sponge with a coke would probably be more effective than a rag. First, cut a sponge in half and dip it into some coke. Then clean the wall with this sponge. It will remove all kinds of remaining textures.

  • Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

The sponge will quickly become covered in chalk. So, rinse it and dip it into the coke again. Then clean the whole chalkboard wall repeatedly.

After you have finished cleaning the chalkboard wall, you will see a neat and clean surface. This is the same chalkboard wall that you bought at first.


How do you make a chalkboard look new again?

You can make a chalkboard look new again by cleaning it regularly. Using a chalkboard for a long time will make it look dusty. So, clean it regularly, and it will make the chalkboard look new again.

How do I get chalk markers off the chalkboard?

  • If a soaked towel is not removing the chalk marker, add a few tablespoons of vinegar. Add 70% water and 30% vinegar and begin cleaning.
  • If vinegar and water mixture are not removing the marker, then try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Slice it in half because you will not need the whole Magic Eraser.

Now your chalkboard will clean and shine.

Can you clean the chalkboard with water?

Yes, you can clean the chalkboard with water. It will be great if you include some vinegar with water. This mixture will surely help you to clean the chalkboard like a new one.

What is the best way to clean a chalkboard?

According to some sources, vinegar and water mixture is the best way to clean a chalkboard. It is affordable and easy to use. Most of the eraser available in the market doesn't work, so, this mixture is best among other methods.


Choosing a good chalkboard eraser is tough enough if you don't have any previous experience. Though there are many chalkboard erasers available in the market, not all are useful or as efficient. Ghost-writing can hamper your work and destroy your whole final result. Mathematicians, school teachers, and office workers need error-free writing every time. So, get the best chalkboard eraser and take a peek above if you missed anything.


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