Best Kneaded Eraser Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

by Karen Jones

Kneaded erasers are a blessing to art teachers everywhere. The best kneaded eraser can erase the most, doesn’t crumble when you’re erasing, and doesn’t leave a smudge on the paper. This blog will explore which are the best kneaded erasers.

Coming up with an artwork can take a toll on any artist. As you rack your brain and ponder over which art form to best explore, you are bound to make mistakes. This is where having a quality eraser comes in handy as they play a critical role in fine-tuning your strokes.

Any budding or established artist quickly realizes the vital role erasers play in the final work of art. Kneaded erasers offer unrivaled accuracy in erasing shades and strokes. This is since they are made of a soft material that you can mold into the shape needed to correct your artwork. Moreover, they can work on various tools such as graphite, pastels, charcoal, and chalk. Here is further insight into the top kneaded erasers in the current market.

Our Favorite Kneaded Eraser

10 Best Kneaded Eraser Reviews 2021

1. Faber Castell Kneaded Erasers

Faber-Castell Knead Erasers - Drawing Art Kneaded Erasers, Large Size - 4 Pack (Assorted Colors)
Faber-Castell Knead Erasers - Drawing Art Kneaded Erasers, Large Size - 4 Pack (Assorted Colors)

You can always count on Faber Castell to come up with top-notch art supplies. Similarly, their kneaded art erasers are no exception. It comes in a set of multiple erasers that should last any enthusiastic art creator out there quite a while. Notably, the multiple erasers come in an array of colors. This gives you the freedom of setting apart different erasers for different tasks. These different colors do not serve any extra role. The erasers, moreover, come in cases that block out any dust or debris from gathering on them. Their most unique feature is their malleability that allows you to knead it into any desired form.

This makes erasing those hard-to-reach areas no hassle whatsoever. Afterward, you can mold it back before encasing it. Some artists use Faber Castell Kneaded Erasers to create an astounding shading effect. Therefore, apart from removing errors, it may be what you need to add that much sort after unique touch. Essentially, these erasers are at the pinnacle of reliability and yet quite affordable. 


  • It comes in a 4 in 1 combo pack of kneaded erasers.
  • It can work on pastel, charcoal, watercolor, and graphite.
  • It is durable while still maintaining its elasticity throughout its lifespan. 
  • It does not leave any debris behind. 


  • Its colors do not play any unique role.


2. Prismacolor Premier Kneaded, ArtGum, and Plastic Erasers

Prismacolor Premier Kneaded, ArtGum And Plastic Erasers, 3 Pack
Prismacolor Premier Kneaded, ArtGum And Plastic Erasers, 3 Pack

Prismacolor Premier Kneaded, ArtGum, and Plastic erasers are a combo that takes up our number 2 spot on the list. The pack firstly comprises a kneaded rubber eraser that is easy to mold to meet specific erasing needs. Secondly, there is an ArtGum eraser that is unparalleled in absorbing graphite and cleaning dry media. Thirdly, the pack comes with a latex-free plastic eraser that is quite tidy in cleaning up messes.

This combo offered the perfect assortment for both budding and established artists. Prismacolor kneaded eraser is popular among artists as it ideally works on charcoal, pencil, and chalk. It achieves erasure without leaving any smudges. Rest assured that you will achieve a tidy, smooth, and bright surface finish. Moreover, the tool is perfect for shading, lightening, and blending different shades. This is while there being little to no risk of peeling or tearing of surface material. Art teachers often find a use for it teaching different shading methods to their avid and bright-eyed learners. 


  • The combo pack is ideal for artists that work with an array of materials.
  • The kneaded eraser is easy to mold and remold. 
  • Artists can use it for highlighting, shading, and blending of shades.


  •  Artists that strictly work with some materials may not find any use for the other pack components. 


3. Prismacolor Design Eraser Kneaded Rubber

PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser, 1224 Kneaded Rubber Eraser, Grey (70531) (3 Pack)
PRISMACOLOR Design Eraser, 1224 Kneaded Rubber Eraser, Grey (70531) (3 Pack)

One of the main virtues of this brand of eraser is its ability to deal with different forms of art medium. This nifty kneaded eraser is designed to cleanly erase and highlight chalks, pastels, charcoal, and colored pencils. Moreover, it can adeptly and neatly erase most shades of pencils, starting from the lightly shaded ones to the deeper 4B type. It comes in a large 4-pack with the large eraser measuring 1-3/4by 1-1/4 inches.

In addition, the Prismacolor design eraser is easy to mold and shape with minimal deftness. Any artist can thus use it to get rid of those annoying in between the line-markings. However, cleaning the eraser after use is sometimes a headache when it comes to some eraser types. Luckily, you can gently knead it in your hands to eliminate any residue dirt clinging onto the eraser with this one. This keeps the eraser fresh and clean in readiness for next use. The eraser also comes in a large variety whose dimensions are 4×1.54×1 inches. It is usually grey in color and is made of rubber. 


  • It comes in 1- and 4-unit packs.
  • It allows the artist to clean both small and large canvases.
  • Its smart dimensions make it easy to grab. 
  • It is easy to clean by simply kneading it on the palms. 


  • Its price point is not the lowest of the prevailing market. 


 4. Pen Kneaded Eraser

Mr. Pen- Kneaded Eraser, Erasers For Drawing, 16 Pack, Artist Eraser, Kneaded Erasers For Artists, Kneadable Erasers, Drawing Erasers, Art Erasers, Putty Eraser, Erasers For Sketching, Rubber Erasers
Mr. Pen- Kneaded Eraser, Erasers For Drawing, 16 Pack, Artist Eraser, Kneaded Erasers For Artists, Kneadable Erasers, Drawing Erasers, Art Erasers, Putty Eraser, Erasers For Sketching, Rubber Erasers

This assorted kneaded eraser comes in a set of 16 multicolor erasers. Its primary colors include blue, yellow, pink, and green. Renowned artists ideally use it in lightening and erasing pastel, charcoal, and pencil works of art. It also plays a critical role in cleaning up the slide and adding the final drawing touch. In addition, the Mr. Pen kneaded eraser is the perfect eraser option for sketch pencil artists.

This is since it deftly deals with and lightens graphite and colored pencil markings. Apart from being extremely kneadable, the eraser uniquely happens to be absorbent. This is a must-have drawing tool as you can mold it into any desired shape as long as it gets to the hard-to-reach art markings. Its high absorbance ensures that no rub markings get spread all over your master while rubbing. On the other hand, the markings can be quite frustrating if you create more art errors while erasing previous ones. 


  • It is highly kneadable and absorbent to deal with hard-to-reach markings. 
  • It comes in an array of colors that allows the artist to allocate tasks better. 
  • The 16 erasers allow for a longer duration of use since they come in one set.


  • The array of colors does not serve any unique role other than better organization.


 5. The Raymond Geddes Wacky Whiffs Scented Kneaded Eraser

Raymond Geddes 68122 Snack Attack Scented Erasers For Kids (Pack Of 36)
Raymond Geddes 68122 Snack Attack Scented Erasers For Kids (Pack Of 36)

“I started young!” This is what any grown-up artist would attribute their love for drawing to. The wacky, colorful, and cheery nature of the Raymond Geddes kneaded eraser set is just perfect for kids exploring art. It is uniquely scented, which is quite rare if you’re talking about basic kneaded erasers. The scents vary from popcorns, hominy, brownies, cotton candy, marshmallows, pizza, crispy bacon, donut, cinnamon rolls, pine tree, lilac to honey. These 12 flavors come in 6 units, thus making up 72 erasers. This makes it the perfect gift by school art teachers to their multitude of bright-eyed students.

The overall outlook of the Geddes Wacky Whiffs is to make drawing more fun, thereby grabbing the learner’s attention. Apart from the Wacky Whiffs set, there are two other forms that the erasers come in, which are namely Mash-Ups and Snack Attack. Each eraser in the Wacky Whiff set is packed in its own case to keep in the scent and features a scratch-n-stuff sticker. The Snack Attack variety features a kneaded eraser, scented eraser, fun stationery, and eraser assortment. Meanwhile, the Mash-Ups variety is quite similar to the Snack Attack one, with the major disparity being the number of erasers present. 


  • Its scented and multicolored nature is appealing to children.
  • It features a decent dimension that is palm-friendly to kids.
  • It has a good market price. 
  • It comes in 72 units of kneaded erasers.


  • It does not have a lot of appeal in the adult market. 


 6. Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser

Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser Replaces Gum Rubber Vinyl And Kneaded Erasers - Individual
Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser Replaces Gum Rubber Vinyl And Kneaded Erasers - Individual

Without a doubt a revolutionary new eraser that replaces a whole line of outdated erasers. Developed by the renowned Acurit, the Vanish 4 in 1 eraser uniquely offers unrivaled flexibility. Its composition enables it to erase anything ranging between charcoal, pastels, graphite to colored pencils. Plenty of artists praise it for being strong enough to erase sharp graphite lines while being gentle enough to erase charcoal strokes. You, therefore, no longer need to have an entire box of erasers to deal with different art marking.

In this respect, the vanish ends up outdating hard rubber erasers and gum erasers. Other erasers that have been put to retirement include soft kneaded erasers and vinyl erasers. In addition, the Vanish eraser not only cleans up pencil markings but also tidies up after itself. It thus leaves behind a clean erasure strip after use. It measures 2.5×0.75×0.75 inches and is thus easy to grip. You also have the option of slicing it into wafers that allows you to tidy tight spots using a clean corner. This is a must-have eraser for those neat picky artists that are looking for Latex-Free erasers. 


  • The eraser does not smear graphite.
  • It does not damage expensive paper since it is gentle. 
  • It also does not leave any eraser crumbs behind. 
  • It helps cut the cost of buying other erasers as it works on an array of art tools.


  • It is not kneadable, and thus one has to resort to slicing it into wafers. 


 7. Geddes Mash Ups Scented Erasers

Raymond Geddes 69836 Mash Ups Scented Erasers For Kids (Pack Of 24)
Raymond Geddes 69836 Mash Ups Scented Erasers For Kids (Pack Of 24)

This Raymond Geddes product is one of three recommended eraser sets that are ideal for kids. It comprises 24 erasers in a pack and thus roughly weighs about 1.4 pounds. The eraser uniquely features a kneaded eraser. These pressed erasers comprise a durable rubber that aids in erasing pencil markings. Funny enough, the term mash-up arises from the fact that we can mash the kneaded erasers together to come up with an amazing new scent.

This makes it a fun accessory for kid artists that are exploring every facet of their creativity. Apart from removing pencil marks, the eraser is great for shading and blending methods that kids love exploring. The erasers often come in pairs in a single case. This allows users to pull and twist them if they want to create a clean eraser surface with new scents. The Geddes Scented Eraser pack comes with an array of primary enticing scents. These include ice cream, sandwiches, pancakes, S’mores, sundae, and so much more.  


  • It leaves a lasting impression on kids owing to its scented nature.
  • The scents are not limited to those available in the pack, as they can be mashed up to new ones.
  • It is easy to knead and thus erasers those hard-to-reach markings relatively easily. 


  • It is not ideal for adult artists. 


8. Sergeant Art 36-0009 Set Kneaded Eraser and Vinyl Eraser

Sargent Art 36-0009 Set Kneaded Eraser & Vinyl Eraser (2 Pack)
Sargent Art 36-0009 Set Kneaded Eraser & Vinyl Eraser (2 Pack)

This nifty pack comes with 2 different types of erasers which include vinyl and kneaded erasers. The kneaded variety is easy to manipulate into any desired shape. This allows us to deal with those hard-to-reach drawing spots. In addition, it comes in a natty plastic case that keeps away the dirt and dust. Meanwhile, the vinyl eraser also referred to as the plastic eraser, is ideal for perfecting and cleaning artwork.

Moreover, it does not tug or damage the canvas during vigorous rubbing. Finally, it comes in its sleeve that serves to keep both the eraser and your hands clean and tidy. Both the vinyl and kneaded erasers work efficiently on charcoal, pastel, and graphite artworks. 


  • The kneaded eraser is ideal for those tough-to-reach spots.
  • The vinyl eraser is ideal for the careful erasing of delicate art forms and thin canvases.
  • Both erasers come in some form of casing or sleeve to keep both the user and eraser clean.


  • Due to its malleability, the kneaded eraser can get sticky at times.


9. UPlama Kneaded Rubber Eraser

UPlama 24Pcs Kneaded Rubber Erasers For Drawing,Cleaning,Charcoal,Pastels,Moldable Putty Rubber,No Smudge Eraser Perfect Choice For Art And Sketching Supplies,Brighten Your Sketches And Drawings
UPlama 24Pcs Kneaded Rubber Erasers For Drawing,Cleaning,Charcoal,Pastels,Moldable Putty Rubber,No Smudge Eraser Perfect Choice For Art And Sketching Supplies,Brighten Your Sketches And Drawings

This package from UPlama features 24 pieces of kneaded erasers that are easy to mold into any shape that you see fit. This often depends on the shape and size of the markings you are erasing. The kneaded eraser works best on the charcoal pencil, chalk, pastel, graphite, and colored pencils. This makes it an amazing option when working on a wide range of art forms. It is also awesome at correcting and cleaning blotches or lines drawn by the mentioned art tools.

Expert artists recommend its use in developing and improving highlighting as well as shading skills. The available 24 pieces are enough for carrying numerous trials and errors that will most definitely improve your highlighting prowess. The kneaded rubber erasers measure 0.4×1.3×1.7 inches, which is the perfect size for fitting in between an artist’s digits. The eraser was created using an eco-friendly putty that does not leave behind any trace marks after use. In addition, you can clean the eraser by carefully kneading it in between your palms. 


  • It is simple to clean by gently kneading it with your hands. 
  • Since it comes in 24 pieces, it is awesome for developing various art skills like highlighting. 


  • The kneaded erasers can get sticky after extensive periods of kneading and absorbing sweat. 


10. Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser Extra Large

Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser Extra Large (SAN70532)- Sold Individually
Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser Extra Large (SAN70532)- Sold Individually

This large rubber variety of kneaded erasers by Prismacolor measures 2.5×2.3×4.3 inches. It is gray in color and is an awesome tool for dealing with smudges created by pencil, chalk, charcoal, and pastel. It is also awesome for highlighting different art forms by leaving surfaces smooth and bright. In addition, established artists happen to use it in blending and shading different art forms. You are sure to love this versatile kneaded eraser that easily molds into any desired shape for erasing the tricky and in-between markings.

Elasticity is another of its amazing virtues that are worth mentioning. Being relatively large, the lack of elasticity would mean it would likely break under after applying a bending force. Its rubber component gives it just the right amount of elasticity for better use and shelf life. It comes in a plastic cover that you might find tricky to remove on the first try. But once this is done, it’s now between you and the eraser. The eraser is the ideal companion for artists, architects, planners, and professionals. 


  • It can erase and highlight pastels, charcoal, chalk, and pencil. 
  • It normally lacks any PVC making it relatively eco-friendly. 


  • Its plastic packaging is often tricky to remove and is usually not replaceable afterward.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Kneaded Eraser

Precision in Erasing

Find out how much effort is needed to erase a shade of stroke of the medium. It sounds quite tedious if you have to rub over an area using an eraser continuously. A good kneaded eraser should have the ability to erase pencil shades by only pressing it against the mark.


Despite the eraser being elastic enough to form and deform into any size, the initial dimension still has great significance. You don’t want a tiny one or a huge eraser. None will be comfortable to hold in your palms or use effectively. Instead, look for one that is neither too small or large for your fingers. A general rule is that erasers with a length of 1-5 inches, a breadth of 0.5-1.5 inches, and a thickness of 0.1-05 inches offer maximum comfort.

Medium Compatibility

You have the freedom to make use of any medium on any kind of paper while making art. However, the question is, is your eraser versatile enough to support them all? Therefore, to achieve precision while crafting, it is wise to pick an eraser that can handle the materials available. It should be able to deal with pastels, graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, or any other medium that you choose to paint with. Else, you’ll end up having different erasers for different mediums.


Kneaded erasers surprisingly have a super-elastic capacity. We mean that you can mold them into any shape by twisting, stretching, pinching, bending, or turning. You name it. This eraser obeys your every hand’s command. It thus gives you liberty in making the eraser either become flat or pin-point or literally any shape you desire. Therefore, you should ensure you get an eraser that fully exploits this capacity.

Number of Units

Once you are done selecting the ideal eraser for you, would you want to purchase one piece at a time? I am guessing no. So, certain erasers come in 2, 4, 5, and even 72 pieces of erasers in a single box. Buy the whole set in case you intend to make regular use of them. Otherwise, you’ll end up rushing to the store constantly to buy more.

Crumb Generations

Crumbs are something every artist hates. They end up dirtying a paper with pieces created from an eraser. The good news, however, is most models available in the market don’t create crumbs. Make sure yours is among them.

Difference Between a Regular Eraser and A Kneaded Eraser

Crumb Generations
Crumb Generations

Not all erasers are created equal. The available variations are the regular erasers and the kneaded erasers. Here is a highlight of the unique features that distinguish them apart.


All erasers do the same job, but some do it better than others. For example, a kneaded eraser works by lifting graphite or charcoal of the paper. It thus reduces the risk of smudging while removing or lightening areas. Meanwhile, a regular eraser works by rubbing off the graphite from a piece of paper. In this case, the risk of smudging is high since the rubber may smear the erased graphite over the paper.

Paper Trauma

Erasers come in different levels of hardness. This may affect how the paper appears after trying to erase something. A kneaded eraser uses only a little pressure as dabbing seems to be adequate to remove a mistake. However, a regular eraser may require significant pressure to cause the same effect. Couple this with tough rubber, and the result is scuffs and even holes on the paper.


Most erasers leave some kind of a mess as they rub the paper. The sloughing off of pieces of a regular eraser allows exposure of fresh areas that erase more effectively. However, this may accumulate to form a big pile of crumbs that may not appear tidy or easy to clean up. A kneaded eraser has the advantage of not crumbling. It, however, picks up the graphite and charcoal from the piece of paper while it erases.

FAQ about Best Kneaded Eraser

How Long Do Kneaded Erasers Last?

Kneaded erasers tend to outlast your normal regular eraser. It could take years before you have no option but to either replace the old kneaded eraser. You might be wondering what the indications that my kneaded eraser needs replacement are? If you notice that the eraser leaves dirty marks instead of erasing, this is a good sign of a change.

Also, when kneading doesn’t result in cleaning anymore, it means your eraser is unable to accumulate more graphite or charcoal. A neat hack to extend the lifespan of your eraser is to store it in a box or plastic away from dust and dirt.

Why Does My Kneaded Eraser Stink?

Kneaded erasers work by picking and absorbing graphite. This may work against it as it may pick up things that are non-graphite. Now picture the eraser picking up a piece of vegetable that you never noticed. The vegetable will be inside the eraser and slowly decompose while emitting an unpleasant smell.

Liken this example to any organic material that has the potential of being incorporated inside. What remains is getting rid of the bad smell. If the eraser has already been used for a while, toss it away and buy a new one. But if it is new, try looking for the organic material and pluck it away from the eraser. This will remove the source of the smell.

Can Kneaded Erasers Go Bad?

Yes, the kneaded eraser can go bad with improper handling and storage. Signs that your eraser has gone bad are hard as a rock, brittle, and black. A hard eraser has the potential of tearing the drawing paper while erasing, resulting in unamendable damages. Further, when the kneaded eraser is brittle, pieces of it fall off while erasing, leaving an unsightly mess on your workstation. It also eats up the eraser, gradually reducing it from its initial size.

Thus, it means your kneaded eraser no longer works, and it’s best to toss them in the trash. But wait, there is a solution to prevent your eraser from going bad quickly. First, find a way of properly storing it. For example, you could toss the kneaded eraser in a sealed container once done with it. Alternatively, you could wrap it in a little cling film for safekeeping. These two options prevent the kneaded eraser from drying up or gathering dust that accelerates the process of going bad.   

Can You Wash a Kneaded Eraser?

No, you can’t wash a kneaded eraser, especially with soap or dishwashing liquid. Remember, this tool is made of carbonated rubber and oils. Therefore, the soap will simply dissolve your eraser. However, the good news is that this type of eraser cleans itself. All you have to do is consistently stretch, break and knead your eraser. That’s all. Do this until you stop seeing black marks mixed inside the eraser as it turns gray.

This is because the cycle mixes up the collected graphite and charcoal within, spreading it evenly throughout the piece of a kneaded eraser. But with time, the eraser loses its ability to clean itself properly and will need replacement.

How Can I Make My Kneaded Eraser Faster?

How Can I Make My Kneaded Eraser Faster?
How Can I Make My Kneaded Eraser Faster?

The trick to getting the best out of your kneaded eraser is learning and practicing the different techniques for erasing. One technique is by dabbing the eraser on a page rather than dragging it across. Unlike the regular eraser, a kneaded eraser can lift off material from a page. This reduces the time needed to brush off any bits of eraser left behind. Another great trick is sculpting the eraser into any shape to suit the area intended to erase—for instance, a sharp point to erase small areas.

Final Verdict

A good eraser could spell the difference between a haphazard mess and a masterpiece. As an artist, you should acknowledge the importance of having a kneaded eraser as part of your crafting toolset. Not only does it get rid of undesirable sketches or writings, but it also introduces a different aspect of art elements through smudging or adding highlights in areas of your drawing. Having gone through this guide, you are better equipped to add the right eraser to your art arsenal.

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