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by Anthony Clark

Many users have asked us what is the difference between Printify and Printful. From there, our experts have put together such a comprehensive guide to clear all the confusion of the concept, difference, and applicability of each term. Do let us know in the comment section or contact page, any other questions you may have. We will go extra miles to answer each query individually for everyone here.

What is Printify?

What is Printify?
What is Printify?

Printify is an attempt to make the order automation process as simple as it can. Like its top competitor, Printify lets you choose from a library of pre-designed fonts and then generates the mock-ups for you. It doesn't get much easier than this. It's an incredibly simple, easy-to-use toolset that is enormously friendly to beginners-colors for your artwork. With Printify, you can even select from a huge selection of Pantone colors. That way, you'll be able to make sure your final product looks great no matter what color monitor someone is using to view it.

Benefits of Printify


Printify strives to provide the best possible quality for its customers. The performance of any marketing campaign is the quality/consistency of the media used.


A great way to improve your customer service and get better margins is by offering a money-back guarantee. Your customers will feel more secure buying from you because they know they can get their money back if they are unsatisfied. There are many competitors. Their prices are so high it would be impossible for them to make a profit.


Order routing lets you save on that important production and delivery time. Send your orders to multiple print providers if necessary. For example, if you have a warehouse close to your customers, you might choose to route there and then send the job to another print provider, which is farther away if necessary.


the catalog has over 300 unique products, so you're sure to find something to add to your existing product offering. And since we sell directly to the consumer, you can offer your buyers a wide variety of products they haven't seen or heard of before. Our low prices coupled with our industry-leading customer service make us the perfect eCommerce partner for your business. Your business will be set up for success when you use our shipping infrastructure, marketing expertise, fulfillment capabilities, and much more.

Disadvantages of Printify

Production time

If you want to make a really big profit in the Internet marketing / online marketing business, you need to understand what makes POD profitable. In this issue, I will explain what it is, why it's so profitable, and how you can use it to make huge profits for yourself.

1. two main factors determine how quickly your customers will receive their product:

2. How long it takes you to pack and ship your product... and...

3. How long it takes you to receive payment from your customer... and... process and ship your product.

The biggest factor when choosing a print-on-demand company is how quickly they can produce your product. When you factor in shipping time, the options become more limited.

Production locations

It's a good idea to let your customers choose where your books are printed, particularly if they are printed outside your own country. The proximity between your customer and your product and the transaction becomes more personal.

If someone is going to buy your product or service, they want to get it as fast as humanly possible, at the lowest possible price, and with no hassles. Giving them all three of these benefits in one fell swoop is a game-changer.

Content Policy

You cannot use certain words or phrases in your print or internet advertising without getting permission from the owner of those words or phrases. You must not use the platform to sell anything against the law or hurts anyone's feelings. Also, you must not post any content that promotes illegal activities or expresses hatred towards any group of people.

What is Printful

Print is the world's leading outsourced marketing service for newspapers and other printed media.

Once you're connected, you need to choose a printer and set up your orders, so they are printed and sent directly to you. It's very simple. Amazon has a feature called "FBA Shipping. All the packages you ship until your orders are ready to be packed and shipped out.

Benefits of Printful


When you multiply the item's unit cost by the number of units you will sell, you will arrive at your unit profit. Especially important when you're operating in a highly competitive market. How long it takes for your order to be shipped.

Streamlined Fulfillment

Print is a super-fast, low-cost solution for online retailers who want to take their eCommerce business to the next level. It cuts out the middle man by doing all the fulfillment for you. It is an easy-to-follow 3 step process to have your product listed for sale on Amazon in less than 30 minutes. Other than wait for the money to roll in.

Pricing plans of Printful

Printful has a reasonable price for all your needs. You can even have the double-your-money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. You may choose any number.

1. An inside label is made up of three primary elements:

2. the garment's size,

3. the material from which the garment is made and

4. The tag or logo of manufacturers.

With print on demand, you have the option to personalize the label with your text. That way, when a customer sees your unique POD label, they'll know and was customized for your store!

POD stands for "print on demand" and is an online service that lets you create personalized product labels. You may choose from a variety of designs and sizes, add your own text, and then have labels printed and shipped to you within 24-hours. You simply assemble the garments, apply the labels and send your package off to the post office. Amazon handles all the details of fulfillment and shipping, so all you have to do is wait for the money.

Disadvantages of Printful

What not to like about Printful

While the product quality is superior to its competitors, the pricing of Printful is just a tad higher than competitors. This "tad" adds up to huge savings for their customers over time. You should investigate your customers to see how much they are willing to spend on branded products. May it will give you an idea of the profit potential for your business.


Yes. Print ships to any country in the world. All you have to pay is the cost of shipping and handling. International orders are fulfilled. Therefore, orders from the following countries are not eligible for international shipping and are handled by China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and the United States. Print sends to all countries except Syria due to legal restrictions.

Comparison Between Printful and Printify (Printful versus Printify)

Printful Printify
  1. 1. Printful's pricing plans
  2. Print pricing plans allow you to create a design that captures your logo and prints it on the packing slips for free. You may also customize the size and position of the print and add a message if you want. All marketers use this option to communicate with their customers. It's vital to know your customer's needs, problems, and desires. Once time you have this information, you can craft your messages in such a way that will make your customers purchase your products or services.
  3. 2. Printful's Branding
  4. Printful lets you create attractive, branded packaging for your products. It provides the ability to add a custom printed label on the outside of the package and an optional printed return address label (also known as an "inside label") designed in front or behind the package. It's very flexible. You can wear it on your head, or you can tie it like a scarf, wrap it around your arm or stick it in your back pocket. The possibilities are endless.
  5. 3. Printful Order Fulfillment
  6. Printful offers two fulfillment options: "Print-On-Demand" and "Full Service." They also have a helpful diagram to explain the differences between POD and FSS. The estimated time for print-on-demand order fulfillment is 2-7 business days for apparel products and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products. At the same time, the warehousing fulfillment service offers same-day shipping for orders that have been submitted by noon, keeping only warehouse items that you already stored.
  1. 1. Printify's pricing plans
  2. The most basic plan, which is $19.95 per month, enables you to have two prints every week and one full-size photo every month. All of these benefits are included in each package delivered to the customer by the drop shipping merchant.
  3. 2. Printify Branding
  4. With Printify, you only pay for the orders that contain printed material. This means you only have to deal with one type of printer (your print provider), and you can not save money if you buy orders that don't contain printed material. All their partnered print providers let you add print only on the front or the back of the page, not both. It isn't very clear to most people. Almost nobody realizes this, but it turns out this is an important little feature
  5. 3. Printify Order Fulfillment
  6. It's easy-to-use, it's affordable, and gives you complete control over the process. Please give it a test run with the small project for the Hoot Suite blog and see how easy it is to use.
  7. There isn't much difference between Printful and Printify when it comes to print-on-demand fulfillment. Both range somewhere between 2-7 business days. But wait! It gets worse. Printify has another advantage over Printful, and that is they offer a 30-day hold.
  8. Unlike Printful, it doesn't provide you with any print-on-demand service. It outsources your print-on-demand orders to third-party print-on-demand vendors.

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