How to Reset Brother Printer Drum

by Anthony Clark

Printer drum reset is a common practice for Brother printers. The printer can run out of ink rather quickly if it isn't used often, and the drum must be replaced when this happens in order to continue printing.

This guide will help you reset your brother printer's ink cartridges so that could keep printing without experiencing any issues with the quality or lack of color on paper.

Brother printers are a common household printer and often come with the ability to print in color. However, like any other piece of technology, they will need maintenance from time to time.

One such maintenance task is resetting or replacing your drum unit when it runs out of ink. If you don't know how this works, our team can walk you through what needs to be done for this relatively simple process that shouldn't take too long at all.

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Steps to to Reset Brother Printer Drum

  1. Turn off printer
  2. Open the front cover and remove the toner cartridge
  3. Remove the drum unit from its slot, then carefully pull out the drum unit caddy from its slot in the middle of your printer
  4. Unplug power cord from back of printer for a few minutes to discharge any static electricity that may have built up inside it before touching anything else
  5. With both hands, remove all four screws holding on top cover and set them aside
  6. Carefully lift off top cover and set it aside with all other removed parts.

MFC-L8900CDW - Reset the Drum Counter

MFC-L8900CDW - Reset the Drum Counter
MFC-L8900CDW - Reset the Drum Counter

The MFC-L8900CDW has a drum counter that counts the number of pages printed. If this reaches its maximum, you will need to reset it so the printer can continue printing. The following instructions show how to reset your drum counter in order to use your printer again.

How do I Reset my Drum Counter?

  1. Turn off power and unplug the power cord from outlet.
  2. Open front cover by lifting up on both sides until it locks into place.
  3. Remove any paper or jammed media in tray 1 or tray 2 if applicable
  4. Press down on tab A and pull out drum assembly
  5. Push down on tab B and rotate anticlockwise.

"replace drum" message on my Brother laser printer?

The Brother printer I have is so old that it has a replace drum message. The only problem with the printer is that it doesn't know what to do when there's no drum in the machine.

Steps for replacing drum on Brother laser printer:

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug it from power source. 
  2. Open up the toner cartridge compartment at the front of your printer by releasing its lock with a screwdriver, then pull out the tray to remove old drum unit 3. Take new drum unit out of its packaging and remove protective film from both sides of head 4. Slide one side into slot in toner cartridge compartment, then push down firmly on other side until you hear a click confirming it's locked in place 5. Plug in your printer to turn back on.

Brother DR820 Drum Reset Instructions

The Brother DR820 Drum Reset Instructions are for how to reset the drum on a Brother printer. The steps are easy and quick. First, make sure you have access to a power outlet and paper roll or toner cartridge. Next, unplug the printer from the wall and turn it off by pressing and holding down both buttons on the right side of your LCD screen until all lights turn off.

Then take out cartridges in order: black cartridge first, then color cartridge last before removing any other parts such as covers or trays. Lastly press "reset" button at top left corner of your LCD screen with a pencil or pen that is not metal (anything made of metal can damage your head) while plugging it back into an outlet for around 5.

Why does my Brother printer keep saying replace drum?

The Brother printer is a great machine, but every now and then it starts saying replace drum. The first thing to do when you see this message is to press the cancel button on the panel. If that doesn't work, turn off your printer for 10 minutes before turning it back on again. This should fix the problem!

If you're reading this, it's probably because your Brother printer keeps saying replace drum and you don't know why. If that's the case, we can help! You might be thinking: "Why does my Brother printer keep saying replace drum?" Well, let us tell you what the problem is and how to fix it.

The process of fixing a Brother printer with an error message can vary on which model you have. In most cases though, there are two easy ways to fix this issue on any Brother printer- one being replacing the ink cartridges or just resetting the machine altogether.


Why is my brother wireless printer not printing?

Since your brother's printer is wireless, you need to confirm that it has a strong signal. If not, try moving the printer closer to the router. If there are other devices using the network at this time, move those devices away from your brother.

Why can't My Brother printer find my WiFi?

Your Brother printer has to be connected through a wireless network. Make sure that your LCD screen is on, then press the "Wireless Setup" button. Follow the instructions and select WPS for easy setup or manually type in your WiFi's security key.


If you are getting an error message indicating that your printer drum is out of toner or exhausted, there might be a way to reset the drum. This will allow it to work for another two thousand pages before needing replacement.

The first step in this process is to remove any paper from the tray and unplug the power cord at its connection on both ends of the printer and then wait for one minute before plugging them back into place.

Finally, turn off and restart your device by pressing "cancel" followed by "power" buttons simultaneously until it turns off again.

Pressing these buttons should trigger a countdown timer where after three seconds, your machine should start up as normal with ink levels restored.

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