Steps to Sublimate Mugs

You want to sublimate your own cups from the comfort of your home, is on the right website, we have the best tips so that you can start already sublimate your own cups if no problem.

The sublimated cups are very original and very original products add value to the cups. Thanks to the sublimation printing, you can decorate and personalize the cups with the desired design, for example with a favorite photo.

The sublimation technique is the most used method to print any type of design on the cups, due to its ease, low cost and printing quality. Sublimation consists of transferring the ink from the paper to the surface of the cup, by means of the heat transferred by the thermal plate.

What specification must the cup have to sublimate

The first thing you must take into account before starting to sublimate cups is that you have the right materials. You can not sublimate any type of cups, it must be a special cup for sublimation, in order to sublimate a cup this must have a polyester coating.

It is recommended that the cups be made of ceramic and that you have the measurements that your iron sublimates, the designs are better in white cups. The color of the design you are going to print should match the color of the cup well.

Equipment and Materials to Sublimate cup

If you are looking for information to start in the sublimation business, the first thing you need to know is the equipment and materials and supplies you will need. Here I leave you.

A machine to sublimate cups

The first thing you need is to acquire an iron to sublimate according to your needs, there is a wide range of brands and prices so you can choose the most suitable for you. There are thermal presses to stamp single-season cups ideal for those who only have in mind to sublimate a single cup at a time is not recommended for business.

You can also find machines that can engrave your design in several cups at the same time and that also allow you to sublimate other products such as shirts, caps and plates. On our website we put at your disposal a wide catalog of machines to sublimate with different functions according to your needs.

A printer for sublimation

The ideal printer for sublimation is the Epson brand, it is the most used printer because it gives the best results, it prints perfect with sublimation inks and its price is very accessible if we compare it with the performance it provides. To sublimate a printer with inkjet or inkjet technology is needed, laser printers do not give good results.

Special inks and paper for sublimation

The ink that is used to sublimate is special ink, not the normal ink, similarly the type of paper must be special paper for sublimation. It is important that you use ink and paper of the best quality to improve results.

Sublimation Cups

The sublimation cups must have a Polyester coating which can be noticed if the cup is carefully removed. You will be able to find several sizes of cups in different colors, the size you should buy should be according to the specifications of your thermal press. On our website you can find the cheapest sublimation cups of the market and the best quality.

Thermal adhesive tape

The high temperature adhesive tape must withstand temperatures above 180 ° C and are generally made of a material called polyimide, the tape helps you to fix the design on the cup so that it does not move during sublimation.

How to sublimate cups step by step

The sublimation process is a simple process that consists of 3 steps:

Designed and printed the image

The first is to create and retouch the design you are going to print, make sure that they are good quality images and that they are not blurred photos in low light. There are many free programs that help you edit an image in a simple way.

Once you have the design ready, print it in high quality and you must print it in mirror mode, for this you must look in the options of your printer. You must use special paper and ink for sublimation. The printer must be Inkjet or inkjet and not a laser.

Place the printed paper in the Cup

Once you have printed the design, cut it out and proceed to locate it in the section where it will be printed, to hold the design you must use the thermal adhesive tape. The design should be well fastened and centered.

If the printed design does not look the same as the original color, do not worry it’s normal, the colors look pale but once sublimated it will recover its brightness.

Place the Cup on the Iron or thermal press and Sublimate

The last step is to place the cup on the heating plate. First you place the cup and the fixed ones with the suitable pressure, for this you must realize tests adjusting the knob. Second You adjust the temperature and time in your machine, the recommended parameters are 180 ° C for 90 seconds.

Once the time is over, wait for the cup to cool to remove it and then remove the sublimation paper and voila your cup will be sublimated.

How to sublimate a cup inside?

If you need to sublimate cups on the inside to offer your customers more innovative products you should keep in mind that you can not do it with a conventional thermal press nor with the normal sublimation kit. Since normal thermal plates can only sublimate the outer surface.

The first thing you should buy are ceramic cups with internal sublimable coating, then you must have a 3D sublimation oven with vacuum system. Additionally you will need the printer, sublimation paper and ink, thermal adhesive tape and a pair of safety gloves.

Now you can create your own decorated Cups

Decorated cups are ideal gifts for very special occasions, sublimation allows you to customize your cups according to the occasion. Surprise that special person by giving him a cup decorated with those images of special moments and a good allusive message.

Decorated cups are widely used for events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas season, Valentine’s Day, souvenirs and advertising campaigns. You can also accompany your cups decorated with sweets for children’s birthday celebration

How to sublimate Magic cups

The magical cups are very original, colorful designs, their magical effect is when they are filled with a hot liquid they change their color discovering their main design. They are ideal to surprise a special person, the design is made according to your personal tastes and according to the occasion.

Magic cups are a great original product with very positive ratings by users. It is very common for the rate to be black in cold and once hot turns white and shows the design. The design is very durable and does not fade when being washed.

To create magical cups you must buy a sublimation cup with a special coating, you can find them in different sizes, styles, quality and prices. The change is due to the type of ceramic with which the cup is made.

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