How To Print With Photo Paper

Clicking pictures with high-end devices is OK. However, printing photos are a bit hard if you choose to print on your own. How to print with photo paper is the first question that hits your mind at this point.

A photo is not just a photo. It is an art and also reflects your memorable moments. Printing a photo is not easy. You need to handle your printer and photo paper cautiously. If you do not know the proper process of printing, no matter how hard you try, you will fail. A proper guideline can make this task easier for you.

In this article, I will discuss every detail of photo printing. Here you will find tips for printing photos and handling a printer. Besides, you will learn how to set a printer before printing.

So, let’s start.

Importance of quality printers for work

Knowing the process of printing and having a good quality printer – both are necessary. A poorly printed photo damages your happiness, excitement, and impression. Be it family photos, academic projects, or business materials, and a good quality printer protects them from any damage.

If you are a concerned person, you must need a high-quality printer. Your business materials bear the identity of your business. Your business idea is fantastic, but your printable materials are inferior in quality. Consequently, you will be down.

In a business, to reach the target audience and gain profit, you should make your strategies effective. As a part of the strategy, a high-quality printer is inevitable.

If you own a good quality printer, you do not have to go to a print shop anymore. This will save you time and money. All you require to do is, store a suitable type or type of photo paper along with your printer.

Tips for printing photos

  • Use a high-resolution camera for clicking pictures. Captured photos with a high-resolution camera come out good while printing.
  • Check the PC monitor first before printing. Fix the display color if necessary. Set the color settings as default. You can use any calibration tool to set the color accuracy.
  • Be careful about setting color, brightness, contrast, etc., before printing.
  • Do not make mistakes while placing a photo paper in the photo feeder.
  • Use good quality photo paper. For a better experience, you should use photo papers made by the printer companies themselves.
  • Different types of photo paper serve different functions. So choose wisely which type of paper you want for printing.
  • Avoid printing multiple photos at a time; print one by one. Do not rush while printing.
  • After printing a photo, keep it in the open air and let it dry. Otherwise, if you touch the photo right after the printing, the ink will smudge.

Types of photo paper

  • Glossy paper – Best match for professional-looking photos. This type of paper causes distraction yet creates a significant impact on a photo. Another disadvantage is, it delivers poor finishing.
  • Matte paper – Good for scrapbook graphics. It provides good contrast and fine details and does not create any distraction.
  • Canvas paper – A photo printed on canvas paper looks more vibrant than matte paper. In terms of quality, the canvas is near to matte. Canvas enhances the color of a photo. As having a rough texture, canvas requires more care.
  • Luster/satin paper – Typically, this type is a top choice for photographers. What attracts them is its vibrant colors. Satin is also semi-gloss, lessens glare and shine, and makes the photo easier to see at any angle.

Maintaining photo printer

→ Place your printer in a clean and dry place where the airflow is normal.

→ Clean your printer regularly to avoid any damage and lousy performance.

→ A fresh piece of cotton cloth is a must to clean the printer.

→ Avoid using any oily, much old, or non-cotton cloth.

→ Do not use any kind of liquid while cleaning the inside of your printer.

→ Do not forget to clean the outside too.

→ Keep the photo tray clean always.

→ You can utilize vacuum cleaners to clean the dust stored inside.

→ Dried ink blocks the nozzles up and damages the printing. To remove dried ink, you should regularly print, even if it is a page.

→ You must use suitable ink cartridges. You can either use the original ink cartridges or the compatible ones.

→ Horizontal white lines on your printed photo indicate the problem of the print head. Apart from professional help, you can solve this problem by leaving your printer on.

→ Be careful while operating or using your printer. Do not try to fix it if any problem arises unless you have enough knowledge of mechanisms.

Printing from different OS

In Windows 10 Without Photos app

  • Locate the photo by using ‘file explorer.
  • Right-click on the photo.
  • Now, a pop-up window will magically appear; click the print
  • Another pop-up window will appear again. Click printer to select the printer.
  • Next, click the paper size button to choose the correct size.
  • Go to the right, to choose quality.
  • Then click on the paper type beside to choose the type of paper.
  • If you want to print your photo without any cut-off, click fit picture to frame below.
  • Click copies of each picture to specify how many copies of your photo you want. If you want more than one copy, then increase the number.
  • At last, click Print.
  • If you want to customize your photo more, then click Options at the bottom-right side before clicking
  • Another pop-up window, titled printer properties, will appear. Here you will find more options.
  • After setting all these, click OK, and printing starts.

With Photos app

  • Right-click or double-click on the photo.
  • A pop-up window will come. If photos are your default viewer, then just click open. If not, then click open with and select Photos app.
  • After you open your photo with Photos, find and click the print button in the top-right corner.
  • Again another pop-up window will come. Select printer, choose orientation, copies, paper size, paper type, and photo size. In the photo size menu, you can choose the size and margin.
  • Click Print to print.
  • You can customize the print settings here too. Click more options before clicking Print.
  • After finishing, click Print.

Edit before printing

You can crop, rotate, add 3D effects or animations to your photo. To edit the photo before printing, just follow the steps written below –

  • Open the photo with photos.
  • Find the edit and create icon and click.
  • Select the edit
  • Here you will find options like filters, adjustments, light, color, clarity, vignette, spot fix, etc., to improve and fix your photo.
  • Finish the editing. Click save as a copy
  • Then click the print

Printing and customization are the same as before. Just follow the steps written in the previous sections and Print.

In Mac

  • First, open the Photos app.
  • Select the photo you want to print.
  • Click File at the top.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, then click the print
  • Now select the printer added to your computer. Also, choose paper size, print layout, and ink
  • Click Print to finish the process.
  • Now, if multiple printing photos on a single sheet of paper is your choice, click a paper size and select others.
  • There are multiple layout options you will find. Choose the layout you like.
  • Click Print at the bottom corner.

If your photo is not located in photos, you can open the photo with this app.

Printing with different printers

No matter if you use HP or Epson, or Canon printers, the printing system is the same with any of them. Here, we will notify you of how to set the printer for printing.


  • In an Epson printer, you will find an edge guide on the upper side. Slide that to the left first.
  • Take a piece or a stack of photo paper; load that on the right side of the sheet feeder. Make sure to put the printable side up.
  • Next, slide the edge guide to the right or at the left edge of the paper. Do not slide it too tight.
  • Always place the paper vertically, not horizontally.
  • Follow the capacity order of the printer and do not load extra paper by force.
  • You must flatten the photo paper before putting it into the sheet feeder.


  • First, you need to pull out the upper paper cassette.
  • Then adjust the paper guides to load the paper stack.
  • Place the paper stack keeping the printable side down.
  • Next, place the upper paper cassette back into the machine.
  • Open the paper output tray next.
  • After setting the printing process in your computer, click Print, and get out precious photos coming out of the printer.


  • In the main paper tray, load a photo paper in the correct way. If the printer has a rear load tray, put the printable side facing up. If it has a front-load tray, put the printable side facing down.
  • You must load the paper vertically.
  • Set or customize the printing process, and click Print.


Which printer is the best?

People commonly use HP or Canon printers. Besides them, Brother and Lexmark printers are suitable also. Epson printers work well also, but not as much as HP, Canon, or Brother. To know which printer is the best, compare between all the brands first. See the functions and print cost of all brands and decide to buy.

How do I print two-sided photos?

You cannot print on both sides if you use photo paper. A photo paper consists of one printable side only. Yet if you want to print photos on both sides, use a regular sheet then. To print on both sides of a regular paper, select Print> more settings > duplex printing > Print on two sides.

How can I print photos from my phone without a printer?

To print a photo, you must use a printer. If you do not have a printer, try emailing the photos you want to print to yourself. Next, go to a store and directly print the photo there. To print photos directly from your smartphone, at first, you need to connect and add a printer to your phone. Then select your photo and send it directly to the printer by using WiFi.

What paper do professionals use?

Professional photographers commonly use glossy or semi-gloss papers for printing photos. Photobook makers use matte papers. Graphics designers prefer matte papers too.

Fine art paper is best for drawing. As canvas papers are entirely different, professional artists use them specifically for oil painting and acrylic painting. Backpack makers use canvas papers for making backpacks. Travelers make tents from the canvas.

Which is better between inkjet printer and laserjet printer?

Comparatively, laserjet printers are better than inkjet printers. You better use an inkjet printer for printing colored photos or school project photos. Laserjet printers work best for text-based documents. Inkjet printers cost much, whereas laserjet printers cost less. Deskjet printers are the older version of inkjet. They cost a little more than inkjets and are best for small to large industries.


This is all about printing with photo paper. I have tried to write everything simply and step by step. I hope you understand all of them. Now, if you follow these to-do-steps, you will be able to print any type of photo you want. In a word, you need to be cautious in this matter.

A photo represents more than it shows. A simple mistake in the printing process affects the significance of a photo deeply.

So never ignore the tips of qualitative printing. Before buying a printer and photo paper, do proper research and buy the best and compatible one. Print diligently, and feel the joy.

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