Best T Shirt Printing Machine

T -shirt printers are the most modern textile marking technique and offer a new opportunity to enter the garment personalization business. Like any new technique, comparisons with all other techniques are inevitable and a constant reason for debate among professionals.

If you have a printing business or just want to give a service of shirts designed today I will talk about the best options in the market in the article we will discuss the  10 best sublimation heat presses of 2019 , these tools will allow you to carry out a job of stamping on t-shirts or even some in cups.

As you can imagine some types of businesses can innovate their products or services having this type of machines that will allow you to do the work for yourself.

10 T Shirt Printing Machine Reviews

Ridgeyar Heat Press

Our first option is the Ridgeyar which is a professional press that will allow you to work on any type of printing. 
It has an aluminum plate that gives a lasting and uniform heat that will allow you to have finishes on your most professional shirts.

The Ridgeyar will indicate when the work is finished with a notification on your screen, which is perfect for when one is not pending all the time and to know just when the job is ready will prevent you from having possible accidents.

Its intelligent integrated screen is digital and consists of a temperature regulator, which will allow you to control the heat that we give to work, remember that not all materials can carry the same intensity of heat.


The truth is that its colors are very elegant and its structure designed for a comfortable cleaning, colors in black and red that are two colors that give an image that you are using a professional press.

When you compare it with the others in this list, you will notice that it is very simple in itself, which can be a point against it.

At first glance this first press is not very sophisticated, and as you continue to see the options on this list you will notice that there are other things that are missing, but it is a very good option as regards its price.


It is one of the cheapest options but given all its characteristics and its easy handling thanks to its design, it is worth assessing if it is for you. As it was supposed to be one of the simple ones we can conclude that the price should not be high compared to all the others.

If you already have another rough press and what you want is to buy an economical one with which you can double your level of work, the Ridgeyar is the perfect option for you.

What we like:

  • The notification on digital screen.
  • It has a pressure regulator.
  • Antioxidant work table.
  • Thermostat.

What we do not like:

  • It does not rotate 360 ​​degrees to avoid burns.
  • Manual in English
  • It is very simple compared to the others.

Autovictory Press

Now it is the turn of the Autovictoria a press that can be used on shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, cups, cup holders, mouse pads, puzzles among many other options. You can transfer images and characters of your liking or that of your clients.

As you can see, it is one of the most complete presses in the market, and you can expand your range of materials on which you can print, imagine the infinity of materials you can make for all kinds of occasions.

From cups to shirts and many things you can make with any image, you can give material to give to your customers or prospect, just imagine that a customer or prospect takes a shirt or cup to your home, you can have your brand present in the home of Many people and everyone who sees this material will remember your product and service, preventing you from being forgotten by making them decide to buy or buy again.

The importance of a quality result is not something we can leave aside, even if it is only to give as a gift, the quality of the work will tell you a lot about you or your business, that is why it is of the utmost importance to find a press that I know what you’re looking for.


As for the design, it resembles the previous characteristics, however, the colors change and the design of the structure becomes a little simpler, this will allow both the use and the transportation of the press to be much easier.

The design is one of the most complete and comfortable. With its digital screen it will allow you to have more control of the production process.


The price is below the average price of all on this list, but just a little below this means that its price for its full features, make it worth the price.

If you want to invest well but without spending much, this may be one of the most interesting options for you. It has two options, the option 5 in 1 and 8 in 1, is in your decision if you want less or more attachments, always taking into account that the more additions, the price increases but not excessively.

With the multiple options that it gives with the attachments, you can play to find a balance between the price that you like and that gives you the tools you need.

What we like:

  • It has a wide range of possibilities.
  • It is made of teflon material which makes it very resistant and durable.
  • gives you two purchase options.
  • Thermostat.

What we do not like:

  • It does not rotate 360 ​​degrees to avoid burns.

PixMax Heat Press

The press PixMax presents a new and fun way to design your shirts, you can forget about simple and finished results that in a short time fail or deteriorate, you can mark any type of clothing with the ingenious PixMax.

Using ink for sublimation, transfer or vinyl you can print different colorful designs on t-shirts, including larger designs of A4 size.

The heat distribution that will allow you to produce perfect designs with bright colors every time.

When you buy this press you will include 10 free sheets of paper that will be used for sublimation.

Account in its structure with a knob that will be the one that allows you to regulate the pressure, since many times the pressure influences the finish by the type of material you occupy.

For your safety, it has several good points, on its feet it has rubber bands that give the press an extra stability.


This article is elegantly designed, it has for your comfort a comfortable handle that will allow you to press without much effort.

Its red color is very popular, although color is not a determining factor for the final product, it is always good to have equipment that shows your workplace, clean, elegant and professional.


Like the previous one, this one enters the top of the 3 with the highest price in this case, position 2 of the most expensive, but think about it if you can invest. As its price is somewhat high, this may scare you but always remember my advice, do not buy just for the price. If a time you like but the price is high, evaluate how much you could try to make more investment that in some way or another you can recover.

What we like:

  • Good heat distribution.
  • Rubber feet for greater stability.

What we do not like:

  • The price is very high for what it offers.

Zerone Heat Press

Touch the turn of the heat press Zerone, before I start to describe it I must clarify that this option only works to print on cups, you are wondering why I decided to put it on the list if it does not offer the option to print on shirts, it is because the rest It includes printing on cups and I like to give you a comparative or an option that only offers one of the features so you can compare prices and features.

In this thermal press you can carry out impressions in two cups at the same time, which will save you time.

Nowadays the world of cups is very demanded, since they are something that in all houses are occupied and companies choose to give them to make indirect advertising and not only that in many countries it is customary in events to give a commemorative cup as to be celebrating, this can give you a broader idea of ​​the market you have.

The fact that you can print in two cups at a time will help you reduce costs, as we can notice that each time you print a cup, you spend one electricity among others, the fact that you can do it in two at a time , it will allow lower expenses and lower costs to give better prices to your customers.


The design is what you like most about this press, its ergonomic and easy to use design is perfect for doing quality work and more fluids.

You may not like it so much because it only serves for cups, but as I explained, I wanted to put an option of this style for those who want to save money and only want to work with cups.


The price is compensated by the quality and exclusive characteristics of this press. As you can imagine the price is not going to compare with the others since it only works to make cups and all the others are used for multiple jobs so comparing the prices would be disproportionate.

What we like:

  • It has very good design.
  • Comfortable to work.
  • The quality of the result is good.
  • The price is very low but because it only has one function.

What we do not like:

  • You can only work with cups which limits you.

Zeyi Heat Press

With respect to the Zeyi Press I will have several points to talk to you, this not only includes the press for shirts but a 5 in 1 package that will give you greater possibilities to expand your product catalog.

It has three options, the first one is the normal thermal press for T-shirts which, in structure very similar to the others, also includes its digital board that gives you necessary information to be able to control aspects of the work.

Your second option is the press for cups which will allow you to print jobs in one cup at a time but that will give finishes with a superior quality.

The third option is the fiber or glass ceramic plate which has a curvature that will allow to work with materials that have the same shape without problem or fear that the pressure will break the material.

Very simple and casual but it is a comparison option that you can include in your options, although it is a bit simple compared to others its intermediate price.


The design in very basic colors in the same way, but if you are not the ones who cares about the design and leans more to buy complete products and that really satisfy your need this could be a great option for you.


It is one of the intermediate prices so it serves as a comparative for you to take. I think like many other people that being simple things, their prices must be considerably lower than those that have much more additions, that is why it is left much to be desired because of its high price in terms of quality.

What we like:

  • It has a pressure regulator.
  • It has an intermediate price.

What we do not like:

  • It does not offer many additional features like others.

Cueffer Thermal Press

The next in the list is the press cueffer which is very complete in terms of printing possibilities. This press is a digital combination of 6 in 1 sublimation, it has a double timer which tells you that it is professional enough to help you with any task that comes your way.

This product is made of quality materials of aluminum alloy, Pvc and PP, its structure is totally solid which will give you a greater durability in the useful life of the equipment.

It has 2 presses hat or cap that will allow you to make impressions in caps which is also very popular today for advertising.

With a press for cups like the others and another for ceramics, among others this will expand your catalog of options so you can meet the demands of the market.

If you have your own printing business, I highly recommend this option because it is one of the most complete and solid in the market.

As you can see in the technical data, the filter reaches a temperature of 200 ° on its plate, which indicates that it is a thermal press that works for the most difficult jobs, with the materials that most need heat to be able to be carried to another type of material.


Just the day I write this article I went to a place of impressions and saw a thermal press for shirts, it was one of the oldest and I noticed that compared to these, working with these modern machines makes work much easier and faster.

How can you imagine how difficult it was to occupy the oldest presses the effort that endured to use them and what in many occasions the final result was of low quality.


The price this one between the intermediate ones, is not neither so expensive neither so of low cost reason why it can be considered an intermediate option with many good characteristics.

Similarly we find an intermediate price for one of the presses that gives less additional instruments, but as I said before if you are looking to double your production capacity and do not mind the additional instruments because you already have them, you can take into account this option.

What we like:

  • It has a good price.
  • With its two handles it is easier to use it.
  • The materials with which it is made

What we do not like:

  • It does not rotate 360 ​​degrees to avoid burns.
  • Its control screen is simple.

Akolanda Thermal Press 

The next on our list is the akolanda, the truth is that this press is not much different from the others, but I decided to put it because it has a different price and I want you to have varied options to compare in terms of features, but also in price, so that purchase decision is much more successful.

It offers as other 6 work elements a platen press, a hat press, a cup press, sheet metal press and the normal one for t-shirts.

This as some others offers a 360 degree swing of the oscillating arm, which is what creates the pressure on the material, this allows the heating element to move safely to one side and when you decide to withdraw the work do not suffer from some accident record.

This machine has an adjustment knob, which gives you greater autonomy in terms of the pressure force that is going to exert on the material, this serves because many presses that can not be adjusted, come from the factory with a lot of pressure and therefore, when using them, the materials receive more force and can damage the final finish.


In terms of design we really like the colors with which it is played and other arm if you can move 360 ​​degrees.

As I said the design in these presses are not the most popular point for buyers, I like to write about the design of the products because always the image of all your business and the tools you use say a lot about your way of to work.


The price is intermediate very similar to the previous one, only a few euros above, as I said, you will have several options to compare and decide.

You can bear in mind that as far as the price, depends how much you want or can invest, always remember that buying this type of equipment for your business or company is an investment, and as any investment is recovered by using it and creating products for your customers.

What we like:

  • Offers a 360 degree turn.
  • It has 6 additional systems.

What we do not like:

  • Its screen system for control is very simple.

Hehilark Thermal Press

In this press we want to talk to you a little more about its characteristics, since its price is something high if not the highest, but its justification is its characteristics:

The temperature is precisely controlled by its digital control screen, which will give you a more uniform finish, in terms of processing time is also controlled by the screen and the highlight is that when finished the whole process emits a sound that Indicate the audit of work, this will allow you to do more precise work and while this process is taking place the machine you can occupy that time in other activities, always without worrying that time passes then you will hear in the moment.

The countertop is covered with a heat resistant cloth, so it has a long shelf life and will be much easier to clean.

It has a heat-resistant silica gel sponge on the motherboard so that the printer can print on several types of products with different characteristics.

As for the heating of the press, the heat pipe is connected directly to the cooking plate so that the work surface can be heated uniformly very quickly, this makes the press much safer and more durable.


In the same way, the design is very basic, similar to the previous ones, but in definitive very basic since it does not incorporate as many comfort attachments as others. Also the fact that it is simple is not all bad, you may look for something to do jobs from time to time and you do not want it to be so sophisticated this may be your choice.


The truth is that this is your point that makes you fall in the comparison ranking, its price is extremely high for the little it offers and its structural simplicity, but if you want to invest and have it ahead.

When we find products so simple to look at and with such a high price, we can determine that the materials with which they are made are resistant and durable so it can be a plus point.


I can recommend that if you are trying to open a business, start exploring the companies near your premises that are interested, create an article like a shirt or hat with your logo and take it to the appointment, close a deal where you can have exclusivity for every time they want material to give away.

Guellin Thermal Press

We are before the press as the best price with respect to what it offers and its quality, as you may have noticed in the previous the maximum of attachments included in the package was 6 this time the Guellin press is 8 in 1.

Your plate is covered with Teflon, material which we all know is good enough has a two-armed handle which will allow you to use both arms and the effort is much less than just occupying a hand.

This press can be used for shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, mouse pads, puzzles and other materials.

If you think that I am repeating the position number 6, it is not like that since the Guellin gives you two options of purchase that I will specify you in the price section.

Like some of the previous ones, the rotation of the arm is 360 degrees which allows that when you finish working you separate the hot part of where you are going to remove the finished work preventing you from suffering any burn or any other accident.

It is always recommended that you take care of where this iron is directed, since other people who are nearby may pass without realizing it and suffer serious burns.


In this article we can not talk about the designs very extended because it is not a feature that the creators of this machine see as a priority therefore I recommend that we only see the details that the differences of the others, in this case their two handles What you have to move is a differentiator that, as I said, will allow you to make less effort.


As I mentioned earlier in this section I will explain that when buying you will have two options to choose from:

8 in 1: this option is the one that we highlighted at the beginning and it has a quite acceptable cost compared with others that only reach 6 or less.

6 in 1: these options are the same as the previous ones, but if the cost of 8 in 1 was low this still more.

It is enough to decide if you buy more accessories or save more with less.

What we like:

  • It has good size.
  • Good control system
  • Good price below the average of this whole list.
  • Give option 6 in 1.
  • Includes option 8 in 1

TryESeller Thermal Press

The last, but not the least, the TryESeller is a press that, like the previous one, offers 8 in 1, it also offers you two options to choose from that will be detailed in the price section.

The surface where you will put the shirt to put the decoration you like is quite large 12 “x 15”, this large surface allows you to create shirts of different sizes.

In the same way as the previous ones, it has a 360 degree rotation capacity that, as already mentioned, is very useful for your safety and ease of handling.

As the previous one has two handles where you can occupy both arms so that the effort is much less, when the effort is much less work becomes faster, you get tired much less and this will allow you to do more continuous work, characteristic that very few we take into account and it is about efficiency when working.

It has a digital timer that will allow you to determine the time for each job according to the material that is occupying, remember that not all materials are the same and therefore you can determine the ideal time.

How you can imagine working with these materials and creating your own designs is not so complicated and you can make it an easy business where you can get a broad market.


As for the design you will like the color a lot, a reflective blue that gives a very striking and elegant finish at the same time, as you can see the design in all the previous ones was of a certain basic shape in terms of colors, this option came out from that list of basic designs with a color that makes it stand out from all the others.


The price in the same way is intermediate so it makes it one of the most interesting options on this list. With so many additional instruments you should consider paying for it a lot.

What we like:

  • Very complete as additional.
  • Design striking and well structured at the same time.
  • The surface of the iron is wide.
  • 360 degree rotation capacity.

Why Do you Need a Heat Press Machine?

You are a photographer?

Imagine that when you are hired for photos of events or of any kind, in the package that you offer to your prospective client comes the option of choosing the preferred photo and that it is delivered to you in a cup or a shirt, that will give you a differentiator with your competition

Do you like to have your own fashion?

Imagine having the right tool so that your unique designs are made by you, when people ask you where you bought them, you will proudly respond that you made them yourself.

Do you have a business that offers a product or service?

In any business advertising is important, you can make your brand known by giving away t-shirts to customers or potential customers with the logo of your brand or business.

There are endless possibilities to acquire one of these machines so you should take it easy, read this article and then decide to buy one of the ones that best suits your expectations and start the journey to new horizons.

As you can imagine in this top 10 I will put the ones that were selected after a market search and that fulfilled the necessary characteristics in a Thermal Press .

I invite you to take the time to read each of the options in detail and determine which best suits your needs.

I want in each article, to give you information that is for your total help, I hope that if you have any doubt do not hesitate to do it.

But before … for those who do not know and are wondering what the hell this is, let me give you a brief explanation:

What is a Press Terminates Sublimation?

The presses of this type are thought for different applications, they are used mainly for sublimation, this means that when applying heat and pressure on the printed object we can transfer this image to the material in which it is working whether it is a shirt or any other material of cloth.

Maybe you remember seeing hats that give away with the logo of a company, or at beach parties that give away with some image or letters, with these thermal sublimation presses the possibility of creating it arises, therefore you will have at your disposal endless options creative to use or sell.

Security Council.

If you are in your business with some of this thermal press, when you use it, tell your co-workers that the press was used so that they are prevented and thus avoid serious accidents of burns.

You plan to work at home, with greater caution you must do it, in the same way to warn those who live with you that you used the thermal press and it is at high temperatures, it is recommended that if you have children or small children at home, put the press in a position and height to which they do not have access.

Do you know the story where this press came from?

For from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, manuscript copies to the modern press have been many factors that influenced so that today we had this type of printing methods.

In China, thanks to the need to make copies of the Buddhist prayers, this evolution had a great influence, creating a search for more suitable writing materials since the papyrus and parchment were too fragile and fine.

Now that we have been able to relate our products with history, I tell you that I have professional studies in business and marketing area and for various studies, research that we have carried out we determined that the gifts that are given with logos such as shirts mostly or caps generates a sense of loyalty in consumers of 70% of the total number of consumers.

As an expert in marketing, I am convinced that creating a bond between the client and the brand, not only the product but also the brand, which allows that as soon as you want to bring new products to the market, this sense will allow the clients to not hesitate to try your new products.

Business tips:

From this article I would like in the conclusions, write you some ideas or business advice that you can apply yourself, any questions or suggestions you want to make of this section, I will gladly answer

As a business advice, when you go to buy work equipment, many times we think that saving a few pesos is something that will benefit the company or the business, but ends up being the opposite for that, always think that invest a little more than money to your business or company regarding the work team, it will give you better and longer lasting results.

As soon as you start and want to open a business that eventually starts to be profitable, I recommend you print one or two work samples, so that when you or your salesperson decides to visit clients they have physical work to show, remember that the customer is more open to accept when you see the work done, that only if you ask him to visualize it.

Your business is already on track and what you want is to expand the offers in your product catalog, you must expand your machinery, so you can do a variety of jobs, making your potential customers prefer you to the competition.

If you liked this article I hope you leave me your comment and any doubt do not wait any longer and you can do it.

I hope you can make the best decision and enjoy your purchase !!!


We have reached the end of article 10 heat sublimation presses in amazon 2019 , we have seen 10 very good options in the market whether you dedicate to this as something specific, that your business is the role of printers or that you want to acquire it to create material as a gift for customers or prospects, here you will surely find your option.

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